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Voice Notepad - Speech to Text with Google Speech Recognition

Voice Notepad - Speech to Text with Google Speech Recognition

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FREE 10+ Sample Dot Papers in MS Word Printable Dot Paper templates are not hard to find. But we offer the widest variety of dot papers which include the number of dots per square inch, the number of dots per square centimeter etc. The sample templates come in various sizes as well and can be morphed into different shapes. A4, legal, letter and designs can be downloaded in Doc formats.They can be edited on any version of MS Word.Simply select, copy, paste and repeat to increase the total number of dots on one page.Print-friendly versions save a lot of time and effort for all. Video Backgrounds for Teachers (FREE Download) Who would have thought we would be in this world of managing digital learning? There are so many new skills and programs that teachers are having to navigate, learn, and utilize to provide the best possible education for students learning from home. Schools are adopting and repurposing a number of platforms for home learning, such as Microsoft Teams, Seesaw, Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, and even Teach Starter’s very own Lesson Builder program. Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

Blueprint for Crafting your first DIY Escape Room Challenge 1: Figure out how to open the stone door. For this puzzle, I decided to give players a set of “stones” that needed to be arranged in the correct order to find a numeric code. The stones became game pieces that could be cut out with scissors and arranged on another image. Once players found the numeric code, they’d receive a cipher puzzle using hieroglyphics. The solution to this earned them the next set of cards. Story Dice - a creative storytelling tool from Dave Birss As you can see above, you get five story dice (or nine dice, if you prefer), each with a random image on it. Your job is quite simply to turn these prompts into a story. I recommend you try to work with the order they appear on the screen but if you’re finding it tough, you can do some swapsies. You also don’t need to take the image literally. You can use the dice metaphorically or as representations of other concepts.

Function Worksheets Domain and Range of a Function Worksheets The domain and range of a function worksheets provide ample practice in determining the input and output values with exercises involving ordered pairs, tables, mapping diagrams, graphs and more. Identifying Functions Worksheets Which of the relations are functions? Try to spot functions from ordered pairs, mapping diagrams, input-output tables, graphs and equations with this unit of pdf worksheets Function Table Worksheets Kapwing Studio - Online editor for images, GIFs, and videos Resize and Arrange Upload images, videos, and GIFs to create original content or arrange them on a canvas for social media. Embed Text and Images Put captions, logos, labels, calls to action, stickers, and more on your photos and videos. Powerful media support

Thinking Mathematically We learn better when we are curious, resourceful, resilient and collaborative. Here are some collections of mathematical activities designed to help you develop these characteristics. In this film (available here if you live outside the UK) the mathematician Andrew Wiles talks about his personal experience of seeking a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Crossword Puzzle Maker Language Arts Worksheet Makers - Worksheets In Seconds - Over 30 Types Of Sheets View Generators Instant Puzzles Makers In Seconds! - Create 100s of Puzzles and Worksheets - Endless Printables View Makers Text Analyzer - Find the CEFR level of texts from Copy and paste a block of text into the box below and click SUBMIT to analyze it. longer vocabulary list What does the Text Analyzer do? The Text Analyzer can rate the difficulty level of a text according to the Common European Framework, or CEFR Levels.

Teaching B1/B2 exam classes – The TEFL Zone I’ve taught B1 and B2 Cambridge exam classes for about 5 years; mainly teenagers going for either PET or FCE. I thought I should share some of the things I’ve learned about teaching exam classes. In this post you will find: tricks that worked well for my studentsweb tools you and your students can uselinks to blogs with useful infodownloadable templates such as self/peer assessment tools Teaching speaking 1.Extended/long turn (part 2)

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