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Lanzamientos y recepciones.

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Found this modified Spike Ball game for 3-5 called King/Queen of the Court! The King/Queen serves the ball, the game continues until a student misses the ball, double hit, or doesn’t hit the ball inside the hoop. Great instructional video I found here. …and yet another winner. #physed. □TAREA MULTILATERAL□‍♂️ ✅ ¿Consiguen tus chic@s 12? ✅ Distancia obligatoria de 1 metro. ✅ Aplicable a cualquier deporte. ✅ En iniciación con 1Globo□. ✅ Pase/Recepción/Coordinación. IG: @philippevergeylen.

Excellent modified task to work on striking skills with beginners. Plus Coop work. Head to Head Bowling! 11 pins set up in a straight line. Teams start with closest pin and move to next pin after knocking it down. Play until all pins are collected. Team with the most pins wins. Inspired by “Break the Chain” from @RHEPE1 and “Move the Pi. Great idea!!! Recoger aros por equipos. Pumpkin Patch Throw Down - try to pick all your opponents’ □ □. Catch a ball thrown by the other team to put a pumpkin back on the vine. Picked □□ go under the baskets. Thx ⁦@justybubPE⁩ for this idea ⁦@Wellington_Elem⁩ ⁦@LISDWellness2⁩ #GameOn.

Great, simple task to work on throwing at a moving target. Thanks. Coop work yo learn and hace fun. Derribar el bolo a diferentes distancias utilizando ambas manos y ambos pies. Coop to learn can be fun and simple. Great use of technology too. Cone Hole today in #physed Thanks to @MikeMorrisPE for the idea. Group juggling! Such a fun cooperative game. Thank you @PEbyMrsT for this activity! Step 1: create a pattern with 1 ball (gator ball or volleyball) Step 2: add a second ball. Step 3: Try deck rings. Experiment with other equipment for a challenge □. Tchoukball- Bolos. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. (572) Champions & Challengers (Gd. 3) #physed. □Bullseye□ A great way to teach depth perception. When both partners successfully land their ball in the hoop, they flip it. A different version of the original “flip the hoop” from @CoachPirillo!

Juegos de bate y campo. Twitter. Rollerball Fun warm up game for striking and fielding. Step and roll ball on the floor to a team member, get down low and use hands only to stop. Aim is to score a goal, try to not let the other team intercept the ball. No moving if you have the ball. Lesrning is easy cooperating.... and simple. Thanks for showing. Aprender es facil cooperando.... y simple. Gracias por mostrarlo.

Niveles malabares iniciación. (229) Fun Game with Cones for Sports. Here’s our version of Air Hockey with our Kindergators□ Through this activity we talked about our “Midline”, which is an imaginary line down the center of our bodies that divides the body into our left and right side and why crossing our midline and is so. Kindergarten practicing that eye-hand coordination with a bean bag and paddle #physed See all the skills they practiced on this video from @physedreview. It’s time for the annual PUMPKIN PATCH THROWDOWN! #physed □□□□ 8 Group Games Using SCOOPS in PE – Keeping Kids in Motion.

Plastic Scoops.

8 Group Games Using SCOOPS in PE – Keeping Kids in Motion

They sit in our equipment closet year after year waiting patiently for their turn, their shot at a lesson plan titled: SCOOP SKILLS! Yet, there they remain with very limited use. Occasionally, I will take them out, blow the dust off of them, and practice some basic throwing and catching challenges. Soon after, I place them back on the shelf with a little guilt, (think Toy Story) and move on to the next unit. Recently, I was scrolling through social media and stumbled across a post requesting ideas for scoops.

Scoop Shoes Scoop Shoes is based on the backyard game horseshoes. Sink the Ship/Walk the Plank Four ships are set up in each of the four corners of your space with the following equipment: 4 smokestacks (foam cylinders), cannon (scoops) for each pirate, rowboat (scooter), and a plank (foam beam). The goal of the game is to knock out each of the opposing teams’ smokestacks in order to sink their ship. When Mars Attacks One Bounce ULTIMATE. DERRIBA A LA FRAGATA.pdf. □ALIEN INVASION□Ss have limited time to defeat aliens. All space ships(frisbees) and mother ships(octopuses) need to be knocked down before time runs out (time depends on grade level)! Teamwork is key in this game! HUMANS VS ALIENS #PhysEd #elempe @Strube.

Dos equipos, lanzamientos y recepciones. Si me dan juego de rodillas, pero si la atrapo al vuelo me salvo a mi mismo. Si estoy de pie y la atrapo, salvo a un compañero.… De todas formas el Hula Hut sería algo así. SIMPLE PARTNER PADDLE challenge! 2 points - 1 partner catches a beanbag 5 points - both partners catch a beanbag. #physed… Objetivo: derribar al muñeco de nieve ⛄ #edufis. NAPOLEÓN - Los fusilamientos del 3 de Mayo.pdf. "Cazadores y liebres. 'Catapults' warm up in #physed today- 6min switch load/launch role every 1min, fewest balls on side win #SecPhysEd #KISJ (thx @MLSPE 4 idea)… Nuevas aventuras, nuevas experiencias y nuevos aprendizajes...… Here’s a look at the Fall/Halloween themed stations @BedwellSchool students participated in this week in our “Haunted Gym.” Thanks to @MikeMorrisPE for the cone hole idea! #PhysEd #elempe…

Can’t play Star Wars Angry Birds without the official stormtrooper and Darth Vader pigs. A few Kylos added in for good measure. #physed #StarWars… "Witch & Famous. Matt Eichel sur Twitter : "Playing “Free Stuff” today focusing mainly on Catching Skills - throw to a teammate in a hoop, successfully catch it and grab one item of “stuff” (added trying to collect specific stuff I.e. Most bean bags, most animals, etc) 1. Ghosts in the Graveyard- roll the deck ring, if it knocks down the pin (ghost) you put it in your ghost trap. #PhysEd @osgood_pe @LinkhornParkES… “Sink the Ship” - game idea from PE Universe ⁦@Wellington_Elem⁩ #WESRoars… Mike Morris sur Twitter : "Today in the world Games Club: We played Ringo from Poland □□. A Net/wall game that involves throwing & catching a Rubber Ring with one hand. My students loved this game! I think these Zume nets from @USGames are my fav equip ri.

3rd grade playing “Catch It, Keep It” with a partner working on throwing for accuracy & catching in #physed #Geneva304 #iahperd… Randy Spring sur Twitter : "After 4 quality days of teaching putting & chipping progressions, we cut’m loose Friday in “Chip-Putt Panorama”. We used to hesitate doing #physed stations because explaining them took too much PA time away. Now w/ GIFs fueling. Juegos Educación Física. Move The Pin worked wonderfully this morning. Thank you @physedreview !!! #physed… His face and reaction says it all.□ When given the opportunity and practice, students will truly enjoy activity, even if it's as simple as tracking a moving hoop and landing inside it! □□□□ #physed… Yolanda Silveira sur Twitter : "Juego similar al datchball y cementerio pero mucho más dinámico y participativo. “Juego infinito” donde nadie gana y pierde y nunca se acaba, pero acaban agotados □□ Cada equipo comienza con 4 pelotas.…

Liz Poliak sur Twitter : "□GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD□ A #PhysEd favorite this time of year! Ss roll deck ring to try and knock over ghosts that escaped in the graveyard. If 1 or more get knocked down, ss keep them in their ghost trap. @Strube_PE & I added p. Drew Burris sur Twitter : "Marbles! in #physed today. Ss try and roll their ball into the hoop for 1 pt. Their partner will try and roll their ball in for 1 pt, but can knock their partner’s out for 2 pts. If both of them stay in the hoop, then both partn. My double kindergarten in groups of 2-3 playing “Decorate the Cookie” in #physed today #Geneva304 #LearningTogether304 #iahperd…

Justin Cahill sur Twitter : "TOSS 12 TURBO! Partners work together to score 12 points. 1 point- ball in hoop/ cylinder still standing 2 points - cylinder falls/ ball stops outside the hoop 3 points - cylinder falls AND the ball stops inside the hoop Must. Drew Burris sur Twitter : "Bean Bag Blitz in #physed today. Ss are split into two groups to knock down the bowling pins by sliding the bean bag. If successful, they collect the pin and match it to the hula hoop on their side. If not, they go grab their be.

ROLL AND GO! A fun, fast-paced game with 1st Grade. Enhancing rolling fundamentals while raising our heart rates. #trinitylearns. #physed… Replacing the mats for poly spots from @pe4everykid, Ss played Spot On in #physed today. Partners have to make both their bean bags in the hoop to advance down the floor.… BasketballCO sur Twitter : "[□□] Mejora de la capacidad de reacción con la BRAINBALL. Debido a su forma, tras el bote sale disparada hacia un sentido diferente cada vez. (Variante: Botando una pelota) ✅Sistema visual ✅Sistema cognitivo (Vídeo - IG: neurom.

POOL SHARKS as an Instant Activity today in PE. So much potential with this activity. #physed… Mini Golf Lesson for Physical Education - S&S Blog. PE Teacher Jason Leach shares how to play Mini Golf in your PE class: If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ideas and creative solutions for physical education.

Mini Golf Lesson for Physical Education - S&S Blog

In Spring of 2015, I came across a video about a Mini Golf Lesson on Ben Pirillo’s YouTube channel. If you’re not familiar with Ben Pirillo, he is the 2016 TAHPERD PE Teacher of the Year and 2016 SHAPE America’s Southern District PE Teacher of the Year. I’m always getting great ideas from him and this Mini Golf Lesson really grabbed my attention. Not only was the activity incredibly creative, but mini golf is a fun activity that students can connect to their experiences going to miniature golf courses. As you know, we PE teachers often have to adapt activities we see to use the equipment we have on hand. Equipment used: Two 10 foot 2×4’s to outline each holePutters and Foam Golf Ball for each holeThin PinsPoly SpotsVariety of equipment to create obstacles. Day 1 – Setting Up The Mini Golf Course. Coach Ely - P.E. sur Twitter : "Had a great time sharing @OPENPhysEd with @kcpublicschools P.E. Teachers today! From plug and play to this limited equipment FAV “switch” they did awesome! Wishing them all an amazing school year! #teachershelpingteachers @

#edufis Back and forth Relay. #physed #pe @NCAAHPERDSM @ncpe4life @coachwalk. #adaptación #dodgeball #lanzamientos #edufis… #Lanzamientos #precisión… UD MANIPULACIONES (1º primaria) 3rd Grade loading up on throwing and catching repetitions while playing this game in groups of 3. Added a variety of balls with varying sizes and textures. #physed #trinitype… Here we go, field day teaching began today! So excited! Modified the grand prize game! fairview falcons #oppositefootforwardeyesonthetargetgoodsportsmanshipexerciseisfun… Yr 1’s helping the Bumble Bee’s □ fly to the flowers and then using under arm throw to get the pollen into their Beehives. Differentiated distances depending on how much Ss want to challenge themselves.… Did this today... K-2 Eye-Hand Coordination Activity in #PhysEd. Combined ideas from @justybubPE @MikeMorrisPE & @lmb329 for one of our Mr. Popper’s Penguins Read Across America Week Games. This game is called “Penguin Pool” □ □ #physed @ShaullSharks…

Kyle.PE.Bragg sur Twitter : "Slam Ball in #physed! 1v1, 1v2, or 1v3. Strategies galore in this activity similar to 4 square and @spikeball. If thrower hits hoop or outside of hoop, other S gets point. If thrown and other S drops it, thrower gets point. Th. Lanzamientos precisión!!! #edufis □□□… Preview of Tip & Take - one of my activities for IAHPERD 2018 @tmisavage #frisbee #flipitz #targetgame… Round Hill P.E. sur Twitter : "MyPlate Dice Bonk: Knock off the dice, match the # w/ its food group. If you complete your @MyPlate your group upgrades your equipment. If you roll a 1 or roll a duplicate, you run 1 lap. We’re in our □unit so we used chest. Twitter. Net/Wall Games: Small Ball - lead up to Spikeball. Grade ¾’s playing Build 1: Cooperatively - bounce together & county your rally #physed #pegeeks…

ULTIMATE TEAM PINBALL was a hit w/ 5th grade today. At least 3 passes per possession before shooting. A nice combination of team handball and Ultimate. #trinitylearns. #physed… CATCH 3 TO SHOOT! Catch 3 balls per possession for a chance to shoot at the cylinder for a point. #trinitylearns. #physed… Over 20 options for self-paced/guided progressions that can work with #plagnets #plickers for assessment, great for getting Ss into a flow and "autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Third graders working on throwing underhand at a target with reasonable accuracy. They are playing “Decorate the Cookie” #physed @Williamsburg304 #Geneva304… 5th graders playing Champions & Challengers in #physed I assess their underhand throwing technique as they play @Williamsburg304 #Geneva304… Another G2 PE/Science-Forces lesson playing Wreck it Ralph with diff size balls to focus on principle, F=MA #physed #ourvis #scichat #ibpyp… Field Day Fun with @projectphysed #MOAHPERD17… DICE BONK with 2nd grade. Number on dice represents score. Slide clothespin on the laminated score card. Add points as you go. Play to 21… Our PE version of #KanJam today. Lots of fun with 5th Grade. #physed #trinitype… Created an activity sheet for "Aerobic Bowling" based on @mrmannpe YouTube video. Get it FREE here #PhysEd… G1/2 S’s working on overhand throwing in an activity called Space Invaders from @CoachPirillo! Can you destroy all the aliens? #physed… Yarn ball toss and catch instant activity this week for Kinders! So exciting when they can catch the ball! #physed #dunbarpe…

Twitter. CIRCLE HAND SOCCER has been an awesome “plan B” with no gym and rain. 5th grade is loving it! #physed #trinitylearns… BOOM CITY! □□□Thanks @thepespecialist for the lesson idea! Ss loved it! Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Catching/Throwing, Fair play all in one!!… We went Sky Bowling today in #physed. @CapnPetesPE… Instant activity stations for 2-4 underhand unit. I added a scorecard component this year which has helped motivate students to do their best and track improvement from lesson to lesson.… Twitter. Randy Spring sur Twitter : "Took a chance with our modified Striker Ball creation from last year. Hesitated doing this with 1st grade at that time but man did they impress today! Reminded us its ok to push boundaries with our youngins sometimes. The immed. Otra variante del "paintball. Y para acabar jugamos al "paintball" conocido también como "James Bond.