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Photoshop Troll. I Heart Chaos. Obvious Winner - So Easy To See The Awesomeness - ow. Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More - Part 4. If you love dogs, cats and cute, cuddly bunnies, then Vietnam’s Pet Café is certainly not the place for you. It exists to serve a totally different kind of animal lover. Found Shit : Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos. The Meta Picture. Environmental Graffiti. That Cute Site - Part 6. Kitty High Fives are the Best The question remains, did he train his cat to do high fives, or is the cat training him… Then and Now: Dog and Cheetah Friends These two are Kasi and Mtani.

That Cute Site - Part 6

The mom abandoned Kasi because he was the only one alive in the litter. Born in Jacksonville, Busch Gardens Tampa took him shortly before opening their new ride “Cheetah Hunt.” You've got mail!! Sad and Useless Humor Blog. Barnorama. Beef Roses of the Day. TheCHIVE - Funny Photos and Funny Videos – Keep Calm and Chive On. Types Of Facebookers. Laughing Squid.

Bringing You the Best of the Web. Featured Article. Time-Traveling Celebrities (12 Pics) OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown. Anatidaephobia is the pervasive, irrational fear that, somewhere in the world, a duck is watching you. The person believes that no matter where they are or what they are doing, a duck is watching them. The people who suffer from this phobia have suffered some sort of trauma in their lives, likely when he or she was a child. This trauma probably had to do with a duck or some sort of related water fowl, like a goose. Perhaps the person was attacked by one of these animals. Some of the symptoms of this phobia include an anxiety or panic attack.

Happy Place - The Latest Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Tweets, Funny Ecards and More! Just for Fun! I waste so much time. Pictures. Odd, Bizzare, Weird, Nature Art, Interesting. Dalily fix of entertainmet for you. latest links. Happy Mug Shot Portraits All these people seem to be so happy when smiling for their booking photograph. latest links

I wonder why. Some of them even can? T smile. Anyway, there are amusing.more... Girls with Car Accidents Photos girls car accident photos , women car accident photos , car aciident by a girl photos , skinny woman car , accident , water car accident woman , nice woman in mud with accident , car accident injury girlsmore... Cartoon Princesses Unleashed and Unedited #3 Alternative version of famous cartoon stories which were going on behind the scenes of cartoons. Photos Screaming to Be Explained - Part 2 Second part of a very very funny collection of photos that are just screaming for an explanation.more... More Actresses in the Mix for The Dark Knight Rises: Hathaway, Biel, Knightley Christopher Nolan's trilogy closer THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is easily one of the most anticipated movies coming in the next few years, so expect to see every rumor and detail given appopriate attention.more...

Videobash:Funny Videos Tube,Viral Clips,Free Jokes & Funny Pictures. Clients From Hell. Funny Images Gallery. Pick Out Your Photo, Send Back the Rest. Claim: Woman who demands her photo back from her boyfriend receives a box of pictures with instructions to pick hers out and return the rest.

Pick Out Your Photo, Send Back the Rest

Examples: [Collected via e-mail, March 2004] THE ULTIMATE RESPONSE TO A "DEAR JOHN LETTER" You gotta love a man like this ... Humor in the face of defeat. A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan. So the Marine did what any squared-away Marine would do. He then mailed about 25 pictures of women (with clothes and without) to his girlfriend with the following note: "I don't remember which one you are. [Collected on the Internet, November 1994] Consider WW-II in the Pacific. Origins: In 2007 someone posted the following anecdote to the "Revenge" section of a web site dedicated to collecting true tales of relationship. Random Facts -bubblegum. Leuke feiten, waar je niets aan hebt. Deel op Facebook Volgende Froot.

Leuke feiten, waar je niets aan hebt.

" Funny photos". ASS MY Laugh OFF. Geeky Fun.


Trending Pictures, Page: 1. Photo in caratteri ascii. Simpsonize Me. Weird Facts - Funny Videos - Stupid Laws - Optical Illusions. Barcode Yourself by Scott Blake. Barcode Yourself is a complete, interactive experience in the series of barcode art, created using the personalized data of participants.

Barcode Yourself by Scott Blake

Enter an individual's gender, weight, height, age and location, and the barcode is formed using real-world data. The individualized barcode can then be printed, mapped, scanned, even depicted on a t-shirt or coffee mug. Uber-geeks can even test out their barcodes on their next grocery run. It is in scanning a barcode that the project reveals its humor, like a banner that reads: Disclaimer! Human beings are not merely worth somewhere between one cent and 10 dollars. It is here, within the confines of an American obsession with "worth," in which the fun begins. The data entered into Barcode Yourself takes a topsy-turvy twist to its personalized end numbers, with the exception of the hard-data that correlates with "location," which tallies up in the Gross Domestic Product of each country.

More info in FAQ. Chill Out Point - Funny Images and Artwork. Odd, Weird, Strange and Bizarre Things From Around The World. Allpics4u - Best News and Pics Ever! - Funny Lolcat Pictures. Artsy Spot. SmilePanic. PostSecret. Damn Cool Pictures. Uncoached - Because Some Things Can't Be Taught. SmilePanic. Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? SP-Studio. Puns, Puns, Puns! So Much Pun in Pictures.