Nick Farina - An iOS Developer Takes on Android Nick Farina - An iOS Developer Takes on Android Recently, we released the Android version of Meridian, our platform for building location-based apps. We didn’t use one of these “Cross Platform!” tools like Titanium. We wrote it, from scratch, in Java, like you do in Android.
The Key Subtle Notes From Apple’s Earnings Call The Key Subtle Notes From Apple’s Earnings Call When Apple announces their earnings, they typically do so with much pomp and circumstance. You get a superlative-laden press release, which in recent years have been more than backed up by massive numbers. But it’s the earnings call itself that is often even more interesting. Because there are other, more subtle things said, almost in passing. Like today, for example, when Apple COO Peter Oppenheimer casually mentioned that Apple would release their next major operating system, OS X Lion, tomorrow morning. Sure, everyone knew it would be coming before the end of the month, and tomorrow had been rumored this week as the launch date, but no one knew for sure — until Oppenheimer decided to disclose it during his opening statements on the earnings call.
Set Up a Home Surveillance System with Google+ Hangouts
“Make it as simple as possible. But no simpler.” -- Albert Einstein Burrell Smith was creative in more than just engineering. Macintosh Stories Macintosh Stories
Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming The most surprising takeaway from the recent Pew Research Center study, "Social Networking Sites and Our Lives," wasn't that 80% of Americans regularly use the Internet or that 60% of web users have a social network account--double the number in 2008, with the vast majority on Facebook (52%) and Twitter (33%). Nor is it that people have gone gaga over smartphones, with one in three Americans owning one. Rather, it's the idea that the Internet, in particular social networks, engender trust, and the more time you spend on them the more trusting you become. As the report put it, "The typical Internet user is more than twice as likely as others to feel that people can be trusted," with regular Facebook users the most trusting of all. "A Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day is 43% more likely than other Internet users and more than three times as likely as non-Internet users to feel that most people can be trusted."

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Birmingham is a city & metropolitan borough in the West Midlands of England. It is the most populous British city outside the capital London with 1,073,000 residents (2011 census), an increase of 96,000 over the previous decade. The city lies at the heart of the West Midlands conurbation, the second most populous urban area in the United Kingdom with a population of 2,284,093 (2001 census). Its metropolitan area is also the United Votre profil Google Plus en quelques caractères !
In Design , Technology on 15 July 2011. When Google+ launched last week, one of the most discussed features was Circles. In case you haven’t read a single blog, Tweet, or Google+ post in the last week (and yet, somehow stumbled into this dark corner of the internet), Circles is Google’s way of allowing you to group people. You can put anyone into a one or more Circles such as “Friends”, “Acquaintances”, “Co-workers”, “People I Eat Brunch With”, “Cyclists”, etc. Can We Ever Digitally Organize Our Friends? « Design « kev/null Can We Ever Digitally Organize Our Friends? « Design « kev/null
Bypass Image Filters with Img to CSS. Img to CSS lets you convert images to html/css. Email clients won't block html/css images, so you can be sure that your audience will see them. Img to Css

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What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My Mac?
This is a great idea. I bought a few hanging cable management add-ons for my Ikea desk, but they were too small for all my power supplies and stuff. My big concern (one that was raised before) is interference from other cables to things like USB or Firewire. I wonder if there's a way to get low-level stats like packet loss or noise levels from USB & FW stacks (in my case, in OSX). In any case, I'm going to head over to the hardware store after work and start on this, interference or not. Rain Gutters as Cable Management Tools - Lifehacker Rain Gutters as Cable Management Tools - Lifehacker
Hype : un outil de création HTML5 Hype : un outil de création HTML5 Hype [1.0 – US – 23,99 €] est une solution qui permet de faire des pages web animées en HTML5. Son éditeur, Tumult, insiste sur le fait que son application ne nécessite pas de connaissances particulières. Il s'agit d'un outil WYSIWYG offrant la possibilité de réaliser du contenu optimisé aussi bien pour un navigateur web traditionnel que pour un iPhone ou un iPad. L'application vous permet de créer des animations interactives assez complexes à l'aide d'une timeline. Pour donner vie à vos créations sur le web, Hype a recours au HTML5, à CSS3 et JavaScript. L'application utilise WebKit comme moteur de rendu.
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On peut avoir besoin d’établir une liste complète de tous ses followers sur Twitter. L’application pour Twitter permet de réaliser des exports à exploiter sur Excel ou sur tout autre logiciel capable de traiter des données. Pour utiliser il faudra le payer d’un tweet qui permet de faire la promotion de l’application. Exporter la liste de ses followers Twitter sur Excel

Exporter la liste de ses followers Twitter sur Excel

Google Analytics Tutorial: Determining Social Media ROI 

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Fabriquer soi-même ce dont on a besoin, réparer, au lieu de consommer des objets que l'on jette au moindre dysfonctionnement : tel est le programme des FabLabs, nés au début des années 2000 au MIT grâce au physicien Neil Gershenfeld. Dans Tintin et le lac aux requins, le professeur Tournesol invente un engin révolutionnaire : le photocopieur en trois dimensions. On met un objet d’un côté, un peu de pâte de l’autre et en un tournemain l’original est reproduit à l’identique. Une telle machine existe depuis quelques années sur un principe pas très éloigné de ce qu’avait imaginé Hergé.
L'Organisation Pirate -- R Durand & JP Vergne -- Le Bord de l'Eau Editions -- OWNI-NOVA Hack!.pdf - Fourni par Google Documents
Washington Post Review of Piracy ... In his invaluable book “Piracy,” Adrian Jones argues that the tendency of intellectual property battles to undermine privacy is not new. On the contrary, Johns, a history professor at the University of Chicago, argues that... Adrian Johns
Publipostage avec Thunderbird En fait, mon fichier de départ, en .cvs , contenait l'identifiant, le nom, le mot de passe, ... de chaque utilisateur d'un site. J'ai donc créé un nouveau document word, dans lequel j'ai créé mes champs de fusion, dont les contenus étaient définis dans le fichier .cvs. Et ensuite j'ai fait générer mes messages, qui se sont stockés directement dans la boîte d'envoi d'Outlook.
[Tuto] Utiliser les modèles (gabarit) avec Thunderbird Les modèles (ou gabarits) sont des messages prédéfinis permettant de répondre plus rapidement. Ils peuvent contenir du texte, des images, un papier à lettres, etc. La gestion de ces modèles par Thunderbird est assez basique, nous allons voir ensemble comment créer et utiliser des modèles plus complets, voire même dynamique. 1.
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