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IttecoTracPlugin. Itteco Trac Plugin is the implementation of necessary features of agile project management, such as shared whiteboards.


Unlike available agile plugins, Itteco Trac Plugin tries to minimalistic approach of Trac itself, and also tries to keep all existing options of flexible configurations. This said, if you install IttecoTracPlugin, you still are supposed to be able to use all of the features of your previous Trac configurations. The homepage of IttecoTracPlugin is ​ See also TracBacklogPlugin, BacklogPlugin, AgiloForScrumPlugin, IttecoTracPlugin. What's new in Itteco Trac Plugin v 0.1 ¶ Go see the ​Version 1 Screenshots that we prepared. Quality status of the plugin ¶ The plugin is in private beta within Itteco at the moment. Support of the plugin ¶ The primarily purpose of the plugin is to suite the needs of Itteco.

Roadmap of Itteco Trac Plugin ¶ Bugs/Feature Requests ¶ Existing bugs and feature requests for IttecoTracPlugin are ​here. Smarter Project Management. AgileTracPlugin. Recent News ¶ 18th November 2010: ​Version 0.4.0 has been released.


Description ¶ The ​agile-trac plugin is now relatively stable. It should be usable and already provides the following new features to Trac making it more suitable as an agile project management tool. Iterations are added along with an Iterations page. Learning more and Installation ¶ To learn more about ​agile-trac and for instructions on how to install the plugin and patch please go to the self-hosting ​ website. Please note that currently ​agile-trac requires Trac itself to be patched, though this is a simple process. Documentation ¶ Documentation can be found on the ​Documentation page of the website.


Pivotal Tracker - Features Tour. Points and Velocity The conversation around assigning points to a feature is often as important as the estimate itself.

Pivotal Tracker - Features Tour

When points are determined based on the team’s estimation of how complex the feature will be to complete, they dial-in estimates that can help predict the future. This achieves the goal of steady velocity with low volatility. Story Work­flow Add stories to the icebox that are ready for prioritization by dragging them to your backlog, so they can flow into the current iteration according to your velocity. Re­lease Mark­ers When specific dates are important, drop a release marker into your backlog to stay on track for any milestone. Rational Team Concert - Projects. The Trac Project.

Agile-trac. Trac and Kanban. (Don't miss my update Trac and Kanban Redux)We use a Trac wiki page as a simple kanban board.

Trac and Kanban

It's pretty neat, especially when put on a 42" LCD TV in the project room.Here's how it looks in the browser: And here's the wiki code, all built using TickeyQuery-macros, both for counting (to keep an eye on the WIP-limit) and listing the tickets themselves. It's pretty basic, but it works well for our small team and it's easy to understand and maintain. Note that the above wiki code contains some references to custom fields (notably review_issues) that we use to manage code reviews on a ticket-by-ticket basis.

In our small team, we've decided to allow commits of unreviewed code, but require code to be reviewed before it's cleared for testing. The Agile Coaching Company. Ivan Kuznetsov › Using Trac for agile project management. By now I’ve been using Trac more than two years for managing various projects – from very small ones with just a few people involved (combining in themselves developers, testers and product owners) to large ones with more than 20 people (both in private projects and in Nokia – yes, yes, some Nokia projects are also using Trac).

Ivan Kuznetsov › Using Trac for agile project management

In agile projects, especially in large organizations, one needs to find the right balance between “post-it management” bordering with chaos and monstrous tools and processes for requirements and defect management and project documentation and reporting. Choosing the right tool can have a significant impact on team performance. There are multiple commercial tools available for project tracking in agile environment, but I still choose Trac in most of the cases for its openness, simplicity and customizability. Below I explain the reasons for this choice and highlight limitations we faced in large scale projects. Documentation Requirement management Defect management.