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Learning basic English. Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans. Resources for the MFL classroom. English As a Second Language Websites for Children. English as a second language (ESL) websites for children can teach and reinforce important skills.

English As a Second Language Websites for Children

Benefits of ESL Websites for Children ESL websites for children can help the child in several ways: Build vocabularyTeach correct spellingTeach correct pronunciation of wordsAssist with basic grammar such as understanding sentence structure, parts of speech, tenses, and singular and plural word forms. ESL websites for students contain a variety of educational tools and resources including: Interactive games and activitiesInteractive storiesOnline quizzesChildren's vocabulary videosPrintable worksheetsPrintable flashcards When selecting an ESL website for a child you should look for sites which have the tools and resources listed above as well as features that present these tools in ways that make learning fun and productive. Interactive - Many of the ESL websites are interactive. Resources for ESL, ESOL, EFL, TOEFL. English Cheat Sheets. Heads up English.

Useful English. LearnEnglish Teens - British Council. English as a Second Language (ESL) for Teachers and Students. Your English Source. Comprehension Worksheets. For the Teachers – Connecting educators to what works. Improving English language skills outside the ESL/EFL classroom. Learn English with Antri Parto. English Interactive worksheets. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

English Interactive worksheets

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. More info Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law About this Make interactive worksheets F.A.Q. Log in Register terms of use Privacy policy Contact. Free Worksheets, Activities, Songs, and Videos. English Worksheets. ESL EFL Teaching Activities Worksheets Games. Mobile Learning Games for Phone Browsers. FREE worksheets/ create worksheets, games. Online grammar exercises. Everything for Teachers of English.

PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Free English Materials. Sheet for Teaching Basic Verbs & Verb Card Games (Beginner ESL/EFL) Sheet for Teaching Verbs to Beginner ESL/EFL Students Level: Beginner (Children, grades 1-3) Focus: Teaching basic English verbs Description: These verb/action cards can be the first step in teaching verbs to young students of English.

Sheet for Teaching Basic Verbs & Verb Card Games (Beginner ESL/EFL)

I found this material at the Japanese elementary school I teach at. I do not own the copyright and I am unsure of the source. Free Printable. ESL EFL Teaching Activities Worksheets Games. Excellent ESL 4u. Language Arts. Cambridge English. Teaching And Learning Resources.

Learn English online. - Extensive Reading needs. ESL free materials for teaching and study. Daily Teaching Tools. ESL Activities for Kids & Adults. Below is a growing compilation of activities and games that teachers can implement in the classroom.

ESL Activities for Kids & Adults

Many of the exercises could be used as warm-up activities, extensions for a lesson, or even as the primary focus for what you plan to teach in your class for the day. The activities are divided into four main categories for developing core skills in English, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. We have also added a collection of interactive exercises for vocabulary building, kinesthetic learning, and other fun ESL activities for kids and adults based on popular TV game shows and classic board games.

ESL Activities. English usage. If you're trying to improve your conversational English, you're in the right place.

English usage

The sections below include a variety of references on everyday English usage from an American English perspective. Whether you need to expand your vocabulary, master some new idioms, or pick a good English name, these pages will serve you well. Vocabulary Building your English vocabulary is an essential part of learning to speak English. These lists will help you spend your time strategicallly. English learning and teaching resources. Worksheets. Free ESL EFL English worksheets, lessons and resources for teachers and adult learners of ESL – English as a second language.


Our free English lesson resources are designed for teachers and adult language learners of English as a second operating language. The context and topics used in the free ESL lesson plans, worksheets, printables and grammar exercises on our site are specifically designed around either business themes, or topics that have real day-to-day context for adult students of English. To access the materials on our site, there are a number of ways to find what you are looking for. The easiest is to select Free ESL Lessons on the top menu to access all our resources. You can use the Search Box in the sidebar, which is available on every page, or select from the list of Categories, or pick a topic from the Tag Cloud.

Language Arts for K-12. Exam English - Free Practice for IELTS,the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests and the Cambridge English exams. Lesson Plans For Teachers. Cambridge English exam preparation. ESOL Courses - Free English Lessons Online. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English. Complete Guide to Asking Questions. English learning, teaching and testing. The Learning Network. Worksheets. Woodward English. The Find English Lessons Guide. The EFL SMARTblog.

TEFL English Teachers. The Teacher's Guide. Preparing ESL students for success. The Best of English. Teach them English – Adam Simpson's Blog. Super-Fun Reading and Writing Skill Builders. Skype English Lessons - American British Australian. ReadWriteThink. Learn Vocabulary and Grammar. Perfect English Grammar. Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans - Learn English Online. My English Page. Resources for Students and Teachers. Learning English Online. Grammar, vocabulary, conversation. English Online Free.

Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Tests, Games. Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Exercises, Lessons. English Activities and Exercises. Learn English with us. LearnEnglish Teens. Learn English. Learn English. Learn English. Language Learning Base. Language worksheets. Internet TESL Journal (For ESL/EFL Teachers) Interesting Things for Students. Free Worksheets, Activities, Songs, and Videos. Good Grammar.

Grammar Instruction with Attitude. It's All About Grammar! For the Teachers – Free Teacher Worksheets. English as a Second Language. Free English grammar & vocabulary exercises and tests online. Lesson Plans to Download. This page was originally designed to share my materials with other English teaching assistants in France, especially those who have no experience in teaching ESL yet.

Lesson Plans to Download

I've also included worksheets that I used for private English lessons in France as well as some of the materials I used in my ESL classes in the United States. Feel free to use them as you'd like. Some of the lessons listed under the Assistant section can also be used for private lessons and vice versa. There is a page of English grammar if you need a review.

If you want to use videos with subtitles in your classes, Yabla and FluentU offer many videos on a variety of topics. Tons of Language Activities.