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Lose 10 Pounds. Your secret weapon if you want to break the double-digit barrier and lose 10 pounds--or more?

Lose 10 Pounds

Strength training. Adding resistance builds muscle and helps you burn more calories during (and after!) Your workout, says Tom Holland, author of Beat the Gym. Lose 10 Pounds. Lose 10 Pounds. Shaun T’s Miracle 15-Minute Workout. Total-Body Workout: Month 1. In the first month of your total-body transformation, your goal is to build muscle and nail proper exercise form.

Total-Body Workout: Month 1

Whether you've never walked into a weight room or you merely took a holiday-season hiatus, this exclusive 12-week plan from Chris Powell was created with you in mind. It's designed to torch fat and tone muscle, while taking into consideration that you may not be in your best shape—yet. Each week, you'll complete three strength-training routines and two or three cardio intervals. During the first four weeks, your goal is to build muscle and nail proper exercise form. In month two, your workouts will be done at a faster pace to help you boost speed, power, and cardiovascular endurance. Each of these plans spikes your metabolism and keeps it revved for hours afterward—and because you'll be switching things up, you won't get bored. Most used player for workouts, articles, and cover models. 2-Week Belly Flattening Routine.

Belly workout Do 12 to 15 reps of each move in the order shown Between each exercise, do a cardio burst—2 minutes of jumping rope, marching or jogging in place, stair climbing or stepping, or doing jumping jacks.

2-Week Belly Flattening Routine

Exercises to Lift Your Butt. If you're trying to really redefine your bottom's shape, then you've got to work the deep glutes.

Exercises to Lift Your Butt

These three exercises are all performed on the ground, and they're ideal for targeting the muscles you need to give your butt that lifted look. Side Kick This side-kick exercise looks like an old-school move, but this exercise targets muscles that give your butt that lifted look: Start on all fours with hands underneath your shoulders and knees under your hips. Keeping the knee bent 90 degrees, lift the right leg until it is parallel to the floor.Keep the right thigh still as you straighten your right knee, kicking your leg out to the side. Don't let the leg lower as you kick it.Bend the right knee back to 90 degrees, and then lower the leg.

All Fours This barre-inspired move looks simple enough, but it really gives your booty a surprisingly tough workout: Start on all fours with knees placed directly under the hips and elbows below the shoulders; legs should be touching. The No Squats Belly, Butt & Thighs Workout. ‘Ski-pole’ without snow to better your health.

Womens Hiking: Walking With Poles. The Elysian Hoody from Patagonia W is the perfect top for an autumn hike Picture yourself trundling along a trail, out in the woods, climbing to reach an amazing view.

Womens Hiking: Walking With Poles

You can hear nature all around you: the birds chirping, little critters scurrying, maybe a babbling brook. Other hikers are coming along the trail too; you can hear the thud of their hiking shoes, but there’s something more … a click of metal hitting rock. What is that? Welcome to hiking with poles. You might think hiking with poles is for the “older” crowd, a way for them to keep up with the young’uns, a bit of assistance for those steep trails. Hiking with poles (sometimes referred to as “trekking poles”) actually increases calorie burn by 20 percent over regular hiking and it offers the hiker a lot more control.

Standing Abs « Tori Teaches Fitness. 3 Moves For Toned Triceps. You can thank the First Lady for this one: Toned arms appear to have replaced washboard abs as the holy grail of the female form.

3 Moves For Toned Triceps

But if you’re concerned about yours—or simply don’t know where to start to get the arms you want—don’t despair. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) did a recent study to pinpoint the most effective exercises for toning those stubborn spots on the back of your arms. And after evaluating eight common triceps exercises, researchers found that three were head and shoulders above the rest: triangle push-ups, triceps kickbacks with dumbbells, and chair dips. Blisters can be a serious matter in the Backcountry. Walking for Fitness - how to articles from wikiHow. Look Better in an Instant. Kagan Mcleod Go look in a mirror: See any problems?

Look Better in an Instant

Fix them (and look 10 pounds lighter!) Simply by using these posture-improving moves from physical therapist Bill Hartman. The Problem: Droopy Boobs A weak upper back angles your chest downward. The Fix: Face Pull Attach a rope handle to a high pulley and grasp it with both hands. The Problem: Belly Pooch Weak lower abs and a pelvis that tilts forward push your stomach outward. The Fix: Kneeling Hip-Flexor Stretch Kneel on your right knee, your left foot in front of you. The Problem: Thick Midsection Rounded shoulders compress your ribs and abdomen, making your torso appear wider than it actually is. The Fix: Lying Y Raise Lie facedown with your arms overhead in a Y position on the floor.

277252920779726762_7V33vIse.jpg 553×1,060 pixels. How to Do Basic Lower-Body Exercises. As Summer nears, our thoughts turn to what's underneath those layers of Winter clothes.

How to Do Basic Lower-Body Exercises

Exercise Finder, health - - Page 2. Videos. Kathy Kaehler: 10 At-Home Moves For A Better Backside. When asked about one's backside, it was overwhelming the response.

Kathy Kaehler: 10 At-Home Moves For A Better Backside

Everyone wants to have a better butt. More lifted, toned, tighter, curvier, smoother... what can one do? As a trainer and exercise teacher for many years, I have worked on butt exercises for as long as I can remember. Some are good, and some are really good. The key is doing them and doing them consistently.