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New Friday Fun: 19 Situations That Will Make Library Lovers Smile. Friday Fun: “Do you pine for elegant, well-organized walls of books?

New Friday Fun: 19 Situations That Will Make Library Lovers Smile

Do you dream of vast, quiet spaces filled with books? 5 Minute Librarian: New Library Trend: Organizing Books by Color and Size! An amazing new trend has been popping up in libraries across the nation.

5 Minute Librarian: New Library Trend: Organizing Books by Color and Size!

Librarians are ditching their fiction's author alphabet system for the new and improved Aesthetics System. We were intrigued, so we went to our local library to see how it works. The Head of Circulation, Mr. Roy G. Biv, was very willing to meet with us to discuss the changes. The result was a major success! - Advocacy Organizations. How Charlotte Mecklenburg Library convinced 13,000 people to come back - Charlotte Agenda. An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian) Dear Principal, I know you're busy, so I won't mince words: Hiring and supporting awesome people to work with the students who go to your school is the most important part of your job.

An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian)

Period. It's not school safety. It's not community outreach. An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian) Today's librarians more than keepers of books. Michele Lind doesn’t fit the image of the librarian sitting behind her circulation desk muttering “Shhhh!”

Today's librarians more than keepers of books

Every few minutes. In fact, she says she would be thrilled — not embarrassed — if her principal walked in while kids’ chatter filled the library. Patron of the Arts by Donalyn Miller. During our recent move, we gave away almost 500 books.

Patron of the Arts by Donalyn Miller

At one point, Don and I joked that our books were reproducing because we couldn’t see a measurable difference after giving away so many. I know that we are a little over-the-top in this regard, but we love buying and owning physical books. As Anna Quindlen said, “I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”

Growing up in homes with limited means, Don and I consider ourselves prosperous because our bookshelves overflow. School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian. Palfrey: The library of the future must be digital + physical. At a time every smartphone offers fast access to an immeasurable pool of information, many question the need for physical libraries.

Palfrey: The library of the future must be digital + physical

But public libraries are far more than free providers of information, which alone is an essential service for communities and democracy, argues author John Palfrey in his new book Bibliotech: Why Libraries Matter More than Ever in the Age of Google. The challenge ahead — Palfrey suggested Monday night at Miami Dade College’s Idea Center — is to create a hybrid that embraces both the physical and digital formats while updating the role of public libraries in this new information age.

'Check It Out' is the perfect library-themed Taylor Swift parody. Education Week. National Library Week Challenge: We’re In This Together - Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution. School libraries need a revolution, not evolution.

Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution

Brainz! How To Survive The Zombie Librarian Apocalypse! - Presentations & Professional Development. The Evidence-Based Manifesto for School Librarians. If school librarians can’t prove they make a difference, they may cease to exist Every fall, School Library Journal hosts a national Leadership Summit that brings together a mix of school librarians, administrators, other educators, researchers, and university professors, as well as policy makers and elected officials.

The Evidence-Based Manifesto for School Librarians

While the topics change, the Summit always focuses on an issue of critical importance to school librarians. Our goal? To jump-start the conversation and create a ripple effect throughout the profession. The 2007 Leadership Summit, “Where’s the Evidence? Much of what follows draws upon the Summit’s closing session, which Todd led. QRv30n2p24.pdf. How to Assess School Librarians. Youth librarians were very much part of the picture at the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting, with key topics including diversity and underserved youth, technology legislation, and the ongoing buzz about the 2014 Youth Media Awards announcements on Monday morning.

How to Assess School Librarians

But it was all nuts-and-bolts at the Saturday, February 25 panel “School Librarian Evaluation: How Do We Rate?” During which library supervisors shared their process of creating and implementing new evaluation forms now required for school librarians in many districts across the country. School librarians have not been traditionally included in evaluations, so many supervisors have had to build systems to measure the efficacy of the work that they do, according to the panel. Participants shared how they and others have created state-by-state assessments, taking cues from the widely used Marzano Evaluation model as well as the Danielson Domains system of teaching assessment. Children's Authors from A to Z.

Archives - #MOedchat. Aasl13_Ask_Create.pdf. Literacy Resources. Explore and Use RIF Resources: Literary Resources offers a wealth of support and information about reading and children.

Literacy Resources

The myriad choices reflect our determination to provide teachers and parents with current trends in education, down-to-earth suggestions on reading in the home, and no-nonsense strategies to improve children’s reading. The Activities section features scores of learning opportunities for every age group and skill level through various activities, such as cultural heritage, drama, and writing. Our Booklists provide topic suggestions—from Early Literacy to Multicultural Books and Motivating Young Readers. The Articles section is a treasure trove of insight and inspiration for teachers and parents, exploring diverse literacy topics such as reading aloud, having fun at museums, and creating home libraries. Our Brochures are easy-to-read guides offering tips for reading with preschoolers and choosing the right books for youngsters. Seven Most Critical Challenges That Face Our Profession.

The Seven Most Critical Challenges That Face Our ProfessionTeacher-Librarian, May/June 2002 It certainly seems like our profession is in a state of crisis! Various places in various parts of the country are: • Reducing school library programs and cutting professional and clerical staff,• Providing minimal budgets for library materials, • Supplanting “library programs” with “technology initiatives,” • Closing university library programs, and• Establishing “teach to the test” curricula.And you can probably add to the list. NCSU_AVI-SPL-Case-Story.pdf. Show me the data! We Spiced Up The Shelves....And Ditched The Dewey. Something really big has been happening in the Van Meter School Elementary Library over the last few months. We are always doing things within our library, school, and community to get our young people reading, learning, thinking, collaborating, and creating.

Exploring Genrefication in the School Library with Tiffany Whitehead - Elementary Librarian. Missouri Extends Protection of Library Records Data to Digital Materials. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. Missouri library patrons can now rest assured that their library records for checkout of digital materials will remain private. The Missouri State Legislature introduced two related bills aimed to update its existing privacy laws to include records for materials including ebooks, electronic documents, streaming video, music, and downloadable audiobooks, as well as the use of using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.