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Dewey/Genrefication Powtoon. Dewey vs. Genre for School Libraries Video. 11624A Genrefication CS 0516. We Spiced Up The Shelves....And Ditched The Dewey. Something really big has been happening in the Van Meter School Elementary Library over the last few months.

We Spiced Up The Shelves....And Ditched The Dewey

We are always doing things within our library, school, and community to get our young people reading, learning, thinking, collaborating, and creating. One of the ways that we can encourage all of these things within the library is to take a look around and see what changes we can make. I looked at the way our collection was organized, where and how our students browsed in the library, what books they looked at and checked out, and the books and sections they were not looking at all. Last year when we put all of our Graphic Novels together, this quickly became the most popular place to go in the library.

Dewey. Library Classification 2020. Ditching Dewey – Mighty Little Librarian. The Dewey Decimal System is Old. Genrefication - Out With Dewey. Dewey in Your School: Yea or Nay? December 10th marks the birthday of Melvil Dewey, the American educator who invented the nation’s most famous library classification system.

Dewey in Your School: Yea or Nay?

More than a century of work has gone into making Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and its many variants indispensible to school and public libraries—and a fixture of elementary education for students. But in an age where computer searches have successfully supplanted card catalogs, more and more schools are asking: Do we need the Dewey Decimal System?

The Background: Competitors to Dewey DDC has faced competition since almost its earliest days. Un-Deweying a School Library. Project Management: Book Labeling & Re-shelving: Amanda Lanza - ODL Specialist; Justin Hennaut, Valerie Schaffer, Ben Wagner, Jennifer Weaver - ODL Resource TeachersAmanda Amrhine, Library Media Specialist - Chesapeake Terrace Elementary & Kara Sheppard, Library Media Specialist - Bear Creek Elementary Scanning copies and setting Destiny Sublocations: Donna Gruzs & Remi Thunga, ODL Clerks Edgemere Elementary School is a K-5 public school in the Baltimore County Public Schools, the 25th largest school district in the U.S. and 3rd largest in Maryland.

Un-Deweying a School Library

Exploring Genrefication in the School Library with Tiffany Whitehead. Share on Facebook20 shares on Facebook Right Click here to download podcast episode.

Exploring Genrefication in the School Library with Tiffany Whitehead

Show Notes. Genrefication…Ready, Set, WAIT! Where Do I Start?! After learning about genrefication and the effects it can have on student ease and circulation numbers, I was on board. Our circulation numbers have declined slightly each year the last 2 years and I wanted to make a change. Another reason this project was so enticing is because when a student would state that they enjoyed a particular genre it required a lot of thinking/research to locate a book of their liking; now we can take them to the section and help them browse that single area.

I looked into Tiffany Whitehead’s genrefication plan a little deeper and started to form a plan of my own. I did not want a whole lot of genres, because I didn’t want to over complicate the system for our students. I decided 9 color coded genres was perfect; Action Adventure-red, Science Fiction/Fantasy-Purple, Realistic Fiction-Blue, Historical Fiction-Grey, Romance- Pink, Inspirational-Yellow, Mystery/Suspense-Burgundy, Sports- Green, and Classics-White. Genrefication - A Primary School Librarian's Experience. When Michelle Simms, Library Manager at Te Totara School read an article by Jennifer LaGarde, she was inspired to transform her fiction collection by shelving it by genre.

Genrefication - A Primary School Librarian's Experience

The inspiration for the genrefication project My name is Michelle Simms, Library Manager at Te Totara Primary School. Te Totara is a contributing primary which opened in 2008 to cater to a rapidly growing area in the north of Hamilton. We now have 800 students from a range of backgrounds. My decision to shelve our fiction section by genre came after reading the article, Five more conversations [about school libraries] that I don't want to have anymore.

Five more conversations [about school libraries] that I don't want to have anymore (pdf) — article by Jennifer LaGarde from Collected magazine, November 2013, p.5-6. Selecting the range of genres Pixabay Sorting the fiction by genre - the process However, nearing the end of Term 1 I was already running out of patience. One Easy Decision: Genre-Classified Fiction. To Dewey or Not to Dewey - That is the Question: A Study on the Genrefication of Middle School Classrooms - Research Proposal by Jennifer Sell. Ditching Dewey Video. Genrefication Debate: Dewey has worked for 150 years. Why change it now? When Dewey created the Dewey Decimal System in 1872, all books, including fiction novels, had a specific location within Dewey.

Genrefication Debate: Dewey has worked for 150 years. Why change it now?

My college library, which used Library of Congress cataloging instead of Dewey, housed all fiction on the fourth floor, in the 800 section where Dewey has placed fiction novels since 1872. Genrefy Your Library. Why Genrefy? The Hows and Whys I Decided to Change. I want to preface this by saying that genrefying a library isn’t a science or an art.

Why Genrefy? The Hows and Whys I Decided to Change

It’s based on loose parameters and how a librarian personally wants to shelve and separate. This, more than anything, is what drives some librarians crazy because there isn’t a logical or standard sequence. But for those who have blazed this trail, it can be a very rewarding experience. There is one person I’d like to thank for creating that spark in me, and that is Texas librarian Jennifer Turney ( ). 5 Steps to Ditching Dewey. If your library has not been heavily weeded lately, take this as an opportunity to do so.

5 Steps to Ditching Dewey

Books that are not being checked out are taking up valuable real estate in your library and may be keeping students from finding the books they want to read. You’re taking the time to lay your hands on each and every book; make the most of that process and decide if that book should still be part of your collection. For many books, the genre is obvious based on the cover and title. The subject headings on the copyright page (or in your library catalog) are a great tool for determining a book’s genre. Some books may fit easily in several different genre locations. Step 3: Make the Move This is where things might feel a little overwhelming (and chaotic).

Before long, sections will start coming together and you’ll begin to see the magic of how the new organization of books will be viewed by your students. The Effects of Fiction Genrefication on the Book Selection Process.