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Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework. CSS Basics.


Excel. Online Learning: A Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum. Introduction [Update: See also the follow-up post to this piece, An Intensive Bachelor's Level Computer Science Curriculum Program.]

Online Learning: A Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum

A few months back we took an in-depth look at MIT’s free online Introduction to Computer Science course, and laid out a self-study time table to complete the class within four months, along with a companion post providing learning benchmarks to chart your progress. In the present article, I'll step back and take a much more broad look at com-sci course offerings available for free on the internet, in order to answer a deceptively straightforward question: is it possible to complete the equivalent of a college bachelor’s degree in computer science through college and university courses that are freely available online?

And if so, how does one do so? The former question is more difficult to answer than it may at first appear. Yet, this does not mean that all the necessary elements for such a curriculum are not freely accessible. Introductory Courses. Dive Into HTML5. Gardening/Community Gardens. Herbs and Spices - Health Benefits of the Spices at Chances are you sprinkle cinnamon into your morning oatmeal or add a dash of oregano to pizza without giving the spices much thought.

Herbs and Spices - Health Benefits of the Spices at

But did you know your favorite flavors can actually do your body good? According to Christina Suarez, master herbalist and owner of, while spices are only effective when eaten at least daily, each has its own specific health benefits. Read on to find out which additives can burn fat, ease a sore throat or help you get to sleep, and how you can incorporate them into your daily diet.

Cardamom Fruit of the Elettaria cardamomum plant in the ginger family. Health Powers: Eases belching, flatulence and indigestion; treats respiratory conditions like coughing, asthma and loss of voice; aids in the elimination of toxins through your skin. Daily Dose: Stir a few freshly ground pinches of cardamom pods into a shot of OJ or your morning fruit salad, or mix it with white or brown rice before you boil it. Photo by Shutterstock. Cayenne Cinnamon Cloves Nutmeg. Citizen: Planet Earth.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Blend Swap. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. 6 Excellent Free HTML5 eBooks for Web Designers - Detechter. HTML is a fundamental programming language and HTML5 is the latest version of HTML.

6 Excellent Free HTML5 eBooks for Web Designers - Detechter

It has multiple new and fresh features to make your website more attractive and alive. HTML5 is bringing modern web standards to everyone. HTML5 is packed with powerful functionality which supports true semantic capabilities to Web documents, augmenting their human-readable content with machine-readable data and metadata. In last few days, there have been release some attractive and latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and many more.

These latest version of technologies always helps to fresh and advance web designers both. I hope web designers will appreciate this useful stuff for free. 1. 22 Core Exercises. The core muscles are the most important muscles in the body for movement.

22 Core Exercises

Not only do strong core muscles look good but they connect the top half of the body to the bottom half. A good well functioning core means more power, a well protected spine and a tight midsection. You don’t need all the latest gadgets and gizmos to exercise your core muscles just some sensible and scientific bodyweight exercises. # 1 – Bird Dogs A fundamental exercise that everyone should include in their workout program at some time. 100 No-Equipment Workouts. 100 No-Equipment Workouts Different workouts, some are more challenging and some are easier than others, will ensure that your muscles don’t get used to the same regime, giving you more in return, and also help you stay active and not get bored with the same routine.

100 No-Equipment Workouts

Visual workouts are designed to guide you through the routine, as you go from one exercise to the next, in an easier fashion than in a video. Just follow the guides and have fun! You don’t have to work through the entire book; you can pick the workouts you like most or randomly select one and make it a workout of the day. Download | High Resolution .PDF | 45Mb | MediaFireDownload | High Resolution .PDF | 45Mb | GDrive This collection is complete and it is absolutely free - no strings attached.

25 Superfood Smoothies to Power + Fuel. Green smoothies are a part of my everyday routine.

25 Superfood Smoothies to Power + Fuel

I use them to fuel my body and power my brain and that’s why I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite superfood smoothie recipes out there on the interwebs. I’ve divided these naturally gluten, dairy, soy, egg + refined sugar free superfood smoothies into three categories: Green Superfood Smoothies, Berry Superfood Smoothies + Chocolaty Superfood Smoothies. Inspired by and compiled especially for my clients in my Lean + Green program, but to be enjoyed by all. So grab your blender, whip up some superfoods + sip your cares away. Oh and be sure to check out the bonus section at the end of the post where I talk about my five favorite superfoods – you’re gonna wanna stock up on these bad boys for spring! Law of Attraction User's Guide.

Learn Spanish online. With our podcast, learning Spanish is easy. 13 Free Online Books and 17 Free eBooks (PDF) Tutorials For Web Designers. Few months back when I posted a huge list of HTML5 tutorials, it got a lot of buzz and many of us bookmarked and shared it.

13 Free Online Books and 17 Free eBooks (PDF) Tutorials For Web Designers