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Dr. Donna Wakefield

Donna Wakefield, PhD, is an associate professor in the Special Education Program in the National College of Education at National Louis University. Her work focuses on children with exceptional learning needs. She researches the portrayal of disabilities in children’s and young adult literature from both a literature viewpoint and a disability viewpoint. She has presented on making literacy and literature accessible to all by adapting literacy tools for individuals with special needs as well as the use of technologies for individuals with exceptional learning needs.

Questions Often Asked by Parents about Special Education Services. By Lisa Küpper, NICHCY April 2009 A legacy resource from NICHCY Read This Publication If You Want to Know…

Questions Often Asked by Parents about Special Education Services

Special Education Laws/Procedures/Bulletins. 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2017. Listen to this post as a podcast (sponsored by Kiddom): To celebrate the launch of my brand-new, fully redesigned Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I’m hand-picking six ed tech tools that deserve more teachers’ attention.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2017

These are not all brand-new tools, but I thought each one offered something pretty special for the classroom. Check them out. How to Improve Reading Comprehension in Kids. Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids.

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