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BookSnaps. Although, the name BookSnap comes from the idea of using Snapchat for posting and sharing - do not throw out this idea if you are not a SnapChat user.


There are many ways to snap and share #booksnaps!​ Creating #BookSnapsTara Martin ( has several great "how to" videos and ideas for using BookSnaps. I've included one using SeeSaw below. For more ideas see this other post by Tara Using an iPad with the Photos appTake a picture of the book page (home button and power button pushed at the same time)Open in Photos app.Click on the 3 horizontal lines or "the hamburger" (upper right hand corner)Then click the circle with 3 dots (right side)Choose the toolbox "markup" - your tools will show at the bottom.Using iPhone with the Photos appTake a picture of the book page.Open in Photos appClick on the 3 horizontal lines with circles on themClick on the circle with 3 dotsChoose markup Reasons to create #BookSnap.

Pete the Cat Breakout K2. The reading notebook - Home. Literacy and AAC - TalkSense. There is a growing awareness of the importance of literacy in AAC supported by an ever increasing amount of presentations, reference materials and publications (see idea 101).

Literacy and AAC - TalkSense

“For persons who are unable to use their speech to help them in their literacy ascent, their AAC system can make a unique contribution to both the instructional scaffolding that supports their learning and the language foundation upon which the scaffolding depends.” Shirley McNaughton (Blissymbolics 2006) Literacy is important in virtually all aspects of our daily lives. It is fundamental in education, at work, in accessing the internet, in communicating with friends (e-mailing and texting for example), in ordering food off a menu ...Literacy is an important tool for AAC too.

Without it, it is impossible to access the many thousands of fringe words in a language. Without it, the Learner is limited to those fringe words that are provided by the system in use. Sorry, but this page is still under development. Literacy-Rich Environments. Introduction Reading is a fundamental skill that defines the academic successor failure of students.

Literacy-Rich Environments

As noted by Barbara Foorman from the University of Texas, Houston Medical School, "88 percent of students who were poor readers in first grade were poor readers in fourth grade" (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development [NICHD], 2000, 9). Once students reach fourth grade, most of the information they need is given to them in textual format where the focus changes from learning to read, to reading to learn. Therefore, those poor readers may have difficulty interacting with content in the curriculum (Higgins, Boone, and Lovitt, 2002). Six Picture Books for High School or College Graduation Gifts. Popular Critical Literacy Books. 200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom. Welcome to a post that grows each time I write it.

200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

I am now up to 200 ways that educators can use word clouds in the classroom. I am able to add to my number each year by further reflection and learning from amazing educators as I travel the country. I also think employing word clouds is a great way to begin technology integration with teachers, and also a wonderful way to travel around the SAMR pool. Before reading, please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. I promise you will find some great information coming your way in the posts that follow…So sign up now and please pass this on with a retweet. – Mike Gorman ( Booking Info – It is time to think about your school or conference needs. Opportunities – PBL this spring and summer -Join me at the following venues to learn more about PBL BIE Nashville Academy – I will once again join BIE (BUCK Institute) in conducting a PBL 101 workshop this April . BLC 16 …. All Subjects Science Math. Critical Literacy Activities - Critical Literacy in S.S.

I Love My School Shoes. You can download a free template for this book here or here.

I Love My School Shoes

After the images are saved to the camera roll on the iPad, you can add them into book creator to create a class book. Use the square book template for the pages to fit perfectly. You can also click here to download the .epub book template right into book creator from my blog post. Click here to see an example of one student that has been added to the book. (I used my 3 year old son as an example. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Literacy Research

Content Literacy. Academic Vocabulary. Guided Reading. Read Alouds. The Big 5. Strategies. Reading Programs. Dr Seuss/Read Across America. Critical Literacy. Adolescent Resources. Making Books Accessible. Comic Strip Resources. Digital Text Resources. Dyslexia. Literacy Apps. Book Apps. Literacy Idea Sites. Reading Resources. Adaptations, Accommadations and Modifications.