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Raspberry. Raspberry Pi - Projects 2. XBMC. Raspberry pi projects. RaspberryPi. 6 Android Apps Every Raspberry Pi Owner Should Use. Ever found yourself plugging a keyboard into your Raspberry Pi because you could be bothered to boot your PC to SSH, or found yourself desperately trying to remember the tiny computer’s IP address on your network?

6 Android Apps Every Raspberry Pi Owner Should Use

There are a whole host of Android utilities that can be used by Raspberry Pi owners to make life easier, including a couple that are custom designed. We’ve collected six of them together, all of which are free to install to Android phones and tablets. AndFTP It’s not often necessary to move files to your Raspberry Pi, but if this is something you require, AndFTP is a free app with a paid upgrade supporting FTP, FTPS, SCP, and SFTP.

Install Motion-MMAL. The objective of this guide is install a special binary of Motion software compiled and build by the RPi community with support for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Install Motion-MMAL

If you don’t know what the Motion software is then have a look here Until now there not an official support for this camera module by the Motion software. Before we start First of all be sure that the Raspberry Pi camera module is connected the proper way with the RPi. Next update and upgrade your version of Raspbian. Finally, have a look if the module is enabled from the configuration window. Sudo raspi-config Find the Enable Camera and press enter Select Enable using your left-right arrow keys from your keyboard and press Enter. Instal Motion-MMAL After the reboot process ends, open again a terminal session with the RPi and type: Properly Mount USB Storage on Raspberry Pi. This guide will show you how to properly mount storage drives on Raspbian and Raspbmc.

Properly Mount USB Storage on Raspberry Pi

Many guides use a simpler, less robust method that can cause issues if you use multiple USB storage devices. I will walk you through mounting USB sticks and USB hard drives on your Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. This will enable you to use your external USB storage for media, games or whatever your Pi’s heart desires for XBMC or a home media server. I am assuming you only have 1 external hard drive connected to the Pi. If so then it should be attached to /dev/sda1. Raspberry pi Controlling Led over Network. 16 Raspberry Pi Model A+ Projects: Perfect Uses for the Slimmer, Cheaper Computer. The newest member of the Raspberry Pi family is here, and it's cheaper and thinner than its predecessors—though it's missing a few ports.

16 Raspberry Pi Model A+ Projects: Perfect Uses for the Slimmer, Cheaper Computer

Our friends at Gizmodo's Field Guide have rounded up some great projects perfect for this puppy. The new Raspberry Pi is smaller, cheaper and more energy efficient—not a bad way to update a best-selling device. Whether you've taken the plunge on one of the new units or you want to put the original model to good use, we've collected together some of the most fun Pi-based projects on the planet for you to have a crack at. IoT Remote Configuration w/ Arduino & Raspberry Pi - PubNub. We have connected homes, connected cars, connected watches, and connected clothes, so we need control.

IoT Remote Configuration w/ Arduino & Raspberry Pi - PubNub

Remote configuration is paramount when it comes to connecting IoT devices. How can we control our garage doors, lights, and toasters from outside the home, anywhere on Earth? The answer is remote configuration. At PubNub, we decided to make remote configuration a reality, and in doing so, we came across two major issues. The need to detect the devices that are online/offline in realtime.The state of the devices connected to the cloud. The first one can be easily solved using PubNub’s Presence API. Raspberry Pi Model A+ RASPBERRY PI MODEL A+ ON SALE NOW AT $20. Source : Raspberrypi dot org “When we announced the Model B+ back in July, we said that we’d also be producing a lower-cost variant, analogous to the original Model A”, says Eben Upton.


Since then, James has been beavering away, and today we’re pleased to announce the release of the Raspberry Pi Model A+ at a new low price of $20. Like the Model A, the Model A+ uses the BCM2835 application processor and has 256MB RAM, but it is significantly smaller (65mm in length, versus 86mm for the Model A), consumes less power, and inherits the many improvements that we made to the Model B+, including: More GPIO. Raspberry Pi Model A+ out now. 20% cheaper, 24% shorter and 42% thinner! You can buy a Raspberry Pi Model A+ right now.

Raspberry Pi Model A+ out now. 20% cheaper, 24% shorter and 42% thinner!

It costs around $20/£15, it’s just 56mm long, 12mm thick and uses up to 45% less power than a Model B+… Model A+ Specs: Dimensions: 65x56x12mmMemory: 256MB RAMExpansion: Micro SD slot, 1x USB, 40x GPIONetworking: NonePrice: ~$20/£15Weight: The freshly updated version of the Model A does much more than simply bring it in line with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ released in the summer. Nag Free Dynamic DNS on Raspberry Pi. Static IPs on the internet usually cost extra from your ISP.

Nag Free Dynamic DNS on Raspberry Pi

Many of us have dynamic IPs which change every so often. This can be annoying if you want remote access to our Raspberry Pi our home media servers. Dynamic DNS solves this by automatically registering your new IP address with a domain like I have tried several free dynamic DNS providers over the years. Raspberry pi Controlling Led - Welcome To Hackaholic. Install SickRage Raspberry Pi for Usenet Torrent TV. SickRage is an evolved fork of SickBeard the classic automated TV downloader.

Install SickRage Raspberry Pi for Usenet Torrent TV

SickRage can send tv shows to your usenet or torrent downloader. It will even do Anime just like NzbDrone. When running SickRage on Raspbian for usenet downloads I recommend NZBGet since it works well on low powered devices, though you can use it with Sabnzbd as well. If you are torrenting you can choose from transmission, Deluge or rtorrent. A guide for transmission will be created in the near future. Adding a Real Clock Calendar to your Raspberry PI. The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a little coin-battery-powered ‘Real Time Clock’ (RTC) module, which keeps time even when the power is off, or the battery removed.

Adding a Real Clock Calendar to your Raspberry PI

To keep costs low and the size small, an RTC is not included with the Raspberry Pi. If your Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet via Ethernet or WiFi, the time/date will be automatically updated from the global ntp (nework time protocol) servers. Enginursday: Developing on the Edison. How will you be developing code for the Edison?

Here are a few methods we're exploring! You might have noticed we’ve been going crazy over the Edison lately. We can’t help it. Program Raspberry Pi Lesson 4: Display the temperatures in different cities taken from a web service. Communicatively Speaking - SuperCollider on the Raspberry Pi. Posted on Fri Nov 02 00:00:00 -0400 2012 As some of you will know, I’ve spent the last few years hacking furiously on something called Overtone which is a new language front-end to the sound synthesis server SuperCollider written in Clojure. We’ve make a large amount of progress with it and adoption is continuing to grow amongst the programming community.

Here’s an example of it in action: More recently I’ve joined the Raspberry Pi team for a few months to figure out how much I can port across to the small confines of the Pi with an eye on making something useful for engaging school children with a more modern computer science curriculum. The first step was obviously to get SuperCollider running on the Pi. First, let’s get some base dependencies installed:

SqueezePlug Version 7 available. Not sure that it's not recognized, as it shows something in "vfat" is seen at dev/mmcblk0p1? The setup option allows me to format something at /mnt/hd2, and reports it 'sucessful' Does it have anything to do with using a 64gig USB stick? (I was afraid about that, but in terms of SD card size rather than USB sticks. Program Raspberry Pi Lesson 2: Show the likes from a Facebook page on two 7-segment displays. Banana Pi - Shop Cheap Banana Pi from China Banana Pi Suppliers at SinoVoip Co.,Limited Banana PI on

How to Code Raspberry Pi to Tweet it's own Temperature - AW. In this post we will be building up on the code that we had developed in the previous post on Tweepy. We will extend our basic code so as to extract the temp information from Pi & tweet it. We will then go a bit further & set up a scheduled task (Cron Job), which will run our code at regular intervals of time. Banana Pi Review. “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery” (Charles Caleb Colton (1780–1832)) If Charles was right, the Raspberry Pi Foundation should be very flattered!

(click on image for a larger version) As a baby boomer who grew up during the personal computer revolution, the Raspberry Pi “cloning” seems very familiar to me… “Compaq was founded in 1982 by Joseph R. (“Rod”) Canion, James M. You could say that the success of the Raspberry Pi just might be starting a second computer revolution. Wyliodrin. Raspberry Pi Wiring Pins Gordons Projects. Le-raspberry-pi-3 in out. Adafruit's Raspberry Pi Lesson 4. GPIO Setup. The diagram below show the pins on the GPIO connector for a Raspberry Pi Version 1 (which is what existed when this tutorial was released) Version 2 has pin 27 replacing pin 21 but it otherwise the same. How to Tweet from your Raspberry Pi using Tweepy - AW. Raspberry Pi add-on board controls entire buildings · RssLibraries. Python Tutorial - Simple XML Parsing with feedparser. Easy threading with Futures. Python Multithreaded Programming. Running several threads is similar to running several different programs concurrently, but with the following benefits − Multiple threads within a process share the same data space with the main thread and can therefore share information or communicate with each other more easily than if they were separate processes.Threads sometimes called light-weight processes and they do not require much memory overhead; they care cheaper than processes.

A thread has a beginning, an execution sequence, and a conclusion. It has an instruction pointer that keeps track of where within its context it is currently running. How to use interrupts with Python on the Raspberry Pi and RPi.GPIO. The latest big news in the world of Raspberry Pi Python GPIO programming is that Ben Croston has released an update for RPi.GPIO. Learn RPi. A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python. RPi Beginners. Back to the Hub. So you got a Raspberry Pi: now what? Coder Projects. Things to make. Stuff to learn. Looking for something to do this weekend? Coder Projects are simple, fun, and sneakily educational things that can all be made with Coder and Rasberry Pi.

Browse the list below to see what catches your eye, or if you feel inspired, contribute your own project to the site. How to create a time lapse video with Raspberry Pi. After installing a Pi camera module and capturing pictures and videos with raspistill and raspivid commands, I wanted to create a time lapse video of the nice scenery that I have in the back of my apartment. Speech Recognition using the Raspberry Pi. OpenCV and Pi Camera Board ! 40+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry PI Project.

How to Customize XBMC 12 Frodo with All the Bells and Whistles. Pi never sounded so good! Raspberry Pi. LCD. Installation. Overclocking & Overvolting the Raspberry Pi Part-1. Kiwi Electronics - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, elektronica componenten en toebehoren. ICStation R&D Department Welcomes the 1st Anniversary, All Items on Sale for 10 Days - leo.noordhuizen - Gmail. GPIO I2C. Programing Raspberry. Learn the basics. Arduino Lesson 8. Analog Inputs. Arduino UNO Tutorial 7 - Piezo Beep. Guide to gyro and accelerometer with Arduino including Kalman filtering. Arduino 5 Minute Tutorials: Lesson 7 - Accelerometers, Gyros, IMUs.

20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects. Welcome - Fritzing. Documentation - Raspberry Pi to Arduino shields connection bridge. Wi-fi on Raspberry Pi, a simple guide - RaspyFi. Raspberry Pi. RaspberryPi: Reading I2C Inputs using C. GearBest - Gadgets & Electronics Deals. Tutorial: Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins and Python. Raspberry Pi - Model B, 512MB. PcDuino, Open Hardware, Arduino. RGB-LED Lesson 5 – Creating a Graphical User Interface. Meltwater's Raspberry Pi Hardware.

Files/soldercomic/FullSolderComic_EN.pdf. Meltwater's Raspberry Pi Hardware. WiringPi. Wiring Pi. Raspberry Pi. Documentation - Raspbian. R-Pi Troubleshooting. RPi Hub. RPI- Sensors. ModMyPi. Coder for Raspberry Pi. Kivy on Raspberry Pi. RPi Beginners.

R-Pi Hub. Learn RPi. The life of Pi - clever ideas with a tiny computer. [ARDUINO + RASPBERRY PI] Switching light with NRF24l01+ Raspberry Pi at Southampton. West Coast Labs: Parallel Processing on the Pi (Bramble) Electronics. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!