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Teaching, sympathy and the art of Kintsugi – lobworth.

360 leadership

(In)Visible Leadership: The Headteacher's Conundrum - lightbulbmoment. A Guide to School Finance – The Secret Headteacher. We always hear about how schools are underfunded and that cuts have to be made.

A Guide to School Finance – The Secret Headteacher

Twitter abounds with the tales of experienced, upper pay scale teachers finding themselves unemployable due to the fact they simply cost too much. Adverts have started to appear asking for applicants that are just M1 – 3. Decisions may be made about contracts and appointments based on salaries rather than teaching skills. Persistent problems: Finding the purpose for expert school leadership. In this space, the ‘hero-paradigm’ (Gronn, 2003) has prevailed where leadership has been defined by personal traits: the charismatic, dynamic, inspirational leader.

Persistent problems: Finding the purpose for expert school leadership

These are not the words most leaders would use to describe themselves – and, when put under scrutiny this description is lacking in substance, as Tom has argued before. By comparison, what’s rarely discussed is the work of leaders: the way they spend their time, how they actually do the jobs they’re tasked with and, crucially, why. Three Bridges Primary School_ LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK (2).pdf. The Big Picture: Key Concepts Leadership is defined as the exercise of influence on organizational members and other stakeholders toward the identification and achievement of the organization’s vision and goals.

Three Bridges Primary School_ LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK (2).pdf

Leadership is “successful” when it makes significant and positive contributions to the progress of the organization, and is ethical (supportive and facilitative rather than persuasive, manipulative or coercive). 2020: A new perspective for school leadership? Key idea: Although educators face universal persistent problems which require common bodies of knowledge, we must recognise that these problems manifest themselves in different ways depending on a school's context.

2020: A new perspective for school leadership?

Occasionally I hear context becoming shorthand for ‘level of deprivation’ and I think it’s important that we consider a broader definition, considering the many different contextual threads such as: geography, position in the school improvement cycle, demography, experience of staff people and issues like funding or school structures. Fundamentally similar challenges such as curriculum design, professional development or teacher recruitment all require nuanced responses tailored around the people and the place. As Matthew Evans writes in ‘Leaders with Substance’: "Be a student of your school. It’s interesting that lots of claims made about school leadership often include pithy statements such as ‘leadership starts with vision’.

School development plans

Writing Your SEF for the New Education Inspection Framework (EIF) All schools prepare Self Evaluation documents/forms (SEFs) to health check their schools, with the twin goals of being ready for inspection and to inform their school development planning (SIP/SDP).

Writing Your SEF for the New Education Inspection Framework (EIF)

The new Ofsted framework, in place since September, requires old SEF formats to be revised to accommodate the new approach. Your SEF should be organised to provide evidence in the same structure as the EIF and laid out in the following fashion: Context A brief opening that clearly sets out the school’s context. This is mostly points of fact (e.g. proportions of disadvantaged and SEND) but also evidence of the complex challenges that pupils and, therefore, the school face. Collaborative planning and teaching – Victoria Hughes Ed. A way to save time and deliver the best teaching and learning?

Collaborative planning and teaching – Victoria Hughes Ed

The context Collaborative planning actually started to happen in my department as a result of my need to up-skill in IT. How more informed parents affect student absenteeism. 5 Reasons You May Not Be the Instructional Leader You Think - Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground. Instructional leadership is one of the most researched forms of leadership over the last 50 years.

5 Reasons You May Not Be the Instructional Leader You Think - Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground

It happens when those in a leadership position focus their efforts on the implementation of practices that will positively impact student learning (DeWitt. 2019). In John Hattie's synthesis of meta-analysis around leadership, which includes 17 meta-analyses involving over 600 studies, it is the form of leadership that provided the biggest impact to student learning. In fact, Robinson et al. (2018, p. 23) writes, "The more leaders focus their influence, their learning, and their relationships with teachers on the core business of teaching and learning, the greater their likely influence on student outcomes.

" Recently, the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) published a 10-year study focusing on leadership. What Drives Collective Efficacy? ELC final report. Why we need a ‘Big Education’ - Trust Journal.

Appraisal / performance management

HT jobs. The Seven Most Powerful Words In Education. What can I do to help you?

The Seven Most Powerful Words In Education

These words are hugely powerful and tragically underused at every level of the education world. In the classroom, teachers have been taught since the dawn of time that they should be clear about their expectations. This is excellent practice; let the student know exactly what you want from her. If she has trouble meeting that expectation, be certain that you are explaining the expectation clearly. A New Approach to Action Planning and Monitoring. Estimated Reading Time: 5.0 minutes Word Count: 1198 Background Teaching and Learning Cycles are well established now and the school’s year flows around these nine weeks.

A New Approach to Action Planning and Monitoring

At a time where I wanted to give greater autonomy to the learning areas and encourage more collaborative planning it felt right to follow this nine week pattern. This case study outlines how we plan to run our line management meetings, department time and monitoring in 2017-18. Schools need to boost staff and governors' data literacy, research finds. Headsmart…….Reflections of a Headteacher. Reflections on schools, teaching and education. 10 essential discussions to have in any teacher team.

Towards the end of last academic year, I wrote a post outlining what might be in a typical school’s development plan: Here’s your school development plan – no, really, don’t thank me.

10 essential discussions to have in any teacher team.

All of those ideas are still relevant for next year. But what about at a departmental level or a year level in primary? Here are 10 discussions that teams should be having – not all at once, obviously, but over time, involving everyone. PP for GAL HR session draft 1. Indg240. What I learnt from picturebooks…My Top 10 tips for leading a school. When Gaz Needle asked me if I’d like to present at #PrimaryRocksLive I jumped at the chance. Having attended the year before I knew it was an education event not to be missed full of fun an energy and most importantly an evident love for primary teaching. I randomly threw out a jokey title and then thought no more about it really… well that was until I saw it on the program. Then I was stuck and had no choice but to see it through. I have to say I think I managed to get away with it.

Setting up a Knowledge-rich School…. Part II – Midland Knowledge Hub. Can Teaching Prepare You for Headship? 7 Deadly Skills That Helped Me. Reflections on schools, teaching and education. Continuous Slides Cluster Session Four. Five solutions for teacher retention and development. The numbers quitting teaching are becoming a full-blown crisis. David Weston presents five solutions that might stem the tide As a basis for a strategy to attract and keep teachers in our schools, Professor Dylan Wiliam’s approach, “love the ones you’re with”, is bang on.

We certainly need some overarching strategy to deal with, what the Public Accounts Committee noted last week as the “growing sense of crisis” at schools struggling to retain and develop their teachers. The government needs to create a “coherent plan” by April, they recommend, plus set out what represents an “acceptable” workload, say more about the teacher vacancy service, take a more “strategic” role on teacher housing, address regional differences in teacher quality, explain how CPD will improve, and give more detail on the opportunity areas. The very best advocates for recruitment are teachers themselves. Securing Headship as a Member of SLT. I’ve blogged on quite a few aspects of my role as a member of two senior leadership teams: from data to line management and human resources, from Ofsted to Teaching Schools, from Student Leadership to Pedagogy.

Articles > The truth hurts - Leader Magazine. One of the key characteristics of leadership outlined in a speech last year by Steve Munby, chief executive of the National College, was the ability to hold “courageous conversations”. Our School Development Plan 2014-5. Here’s your school development plan – no, really, don’t thank me. #SLTchat. This much I know about…treating teachers well and helping them manage their workload. Y6 and Y11 take too much strain: up the ante from Y3 and Y7. ‘Schools have forgotten that fun is crucially important’ This much I know about…why job satisfaction matters. Laker and Hill: 9 ways to know a headteacher is effective.

Where did it all go right… again? – Teaching it Real. Advice For Schools Leadership Teams. On Scrutinising Scrutiny and The Coaching Model. Always Learning! I'll probably talk about children's books at some point as well. No marking, no grading, no planning… – primarytimerydotcom. Inspiration Trust - Teaching and learning. Appraising Teacher Performance and Talent Management Policy September 2015.

Vision, Values, Ethos, Beliefs, Mission

Why SATs Must Change – Time to Act – Old Primary Head. Wellbeing in Alternative Provision  Some Perspective on KS2 SATs Data… The nonsense of OFSTED, League Tables and Funding in Education… Teachers set "crackers" performance targets they can never meet. 'Stop killing teachers with planning and marking'