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Vision, Values, Ethos, Beliefs, Mission

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Alexandra School - Mission and Vision. Aims & Ethos – Beaumont School. We will do this by helping each young person to flourish within a school community which is committed to: Providing outstanding learning opportunities within a broad and balanced curriculum;Creating a safe and caring environment in which every young person enjoys learning;Promoting equal opportunity for all members of our community, regardless of their ability, background or culture;Developing an awareness of our world, celebrating diversity and promoting a concern for the environment.

Aims & Ethos – Beaumont School

The Headteacher's Blog. It’s great to be back for a new year at Churchill!

The Headteacher's Blog

In my start-of-term assembly for each of the Houses, I outlined some practical priorities: some of the key changes to the Academy site which will be taking place this year, and reminders about our expectations of behaviour and conduct. Fairfield Primary School. Values & Ethos – Filey Junior School. David Benson, Kensington Aldridge Academy. This isn’t supposed to be a story about Grenfell Tower.

David Benson, Kensington Aldridge Academy

It’s supposed to be the story of David Benson, a poster boy for the Teach First mission, who eschewed his high-flying Cambridge-educated family’s vision of him as a lawyer, academic or media guru, and instead worked for over a decade as a teacher in tough inner-London schools until he saw, and jumped at, an advert to open a school in the deprived neighbourhood next to where he grew up. A place, by the way, that’s so deprived almost 70 per cent of his pupils have taken free meals at some point. So, yes. That was my intention as I went to meet Benson at the temporary site the Kensington Aldridge Academy now occupies, after its former home – metres from the Grenfell tower – had to be abandoned after the fire that stunned the country this summer. Do school visions really matter? As a fan of the television show ‘The Apprentice’ I always enjoy the bit at the start of the series where the two teams come up with their team names and explain how their team name fits the culture of their team.

Do school visions really matter?

It never ceases to amaze me the nonsense that these, so called professionals come out with, meaningless stock-business terminology like ‘endeavour’, ‘aspire’, ‘spirit’ and ‘exceptional’ get thrown around and the actual team names are always a joy to behold. Previous seasons have given birth to suggestions such as ‘Decadent’, which the team actually kept for an episode before being ordered to change, because it was deemed inappropriate and ‘Impact’ because as the contestant explained “the meaning of impact is impact!”

And my personal favourite, which unfortunately did not get picked, ‘The Sugarbabes’. Unsurprisingly, the contestant who actually suggested this particular name, was fired in the first week. But how does this relate to schools? Link to Schools Week article: St Matthias School - Vision, Aims and Values. Learning to live life in all its fullness.

St Matthias School - Vision, Aims and Values

We come to school to help each other learn.... That God loves us, that we are all special and that we all matter.To think and to wonder.To understand exciting new skills and ideas.To create amazing new things.To be kinder, fairer, braver, better people.To be able to enjoy being with lots of different kinds of people.To make the world a better place. These are our central values. In the Bible we learn about the kind of people God wants us to be. 'The best schools have an "ethos" that includes everyone' At the very core of all successful schools – we're told – is the desire to continuously improve.

'The best schools have an "ethos" that includes everyone'

Unfortunately, this drive for constant improvement can bring with it very major problems, especially when it's forced on schools by their many masters. Along comes Ofsted with its recommendations, or the executive head, or multi-academy trust CEO, or the local authority inspector, or the Regional Schools Commissioner. Each with their own opinion pointing the school to yet another direction. Too often the only outcome is utter confusion. Stop…Ask yourself a question …Reflect …Act. This is a micro-blog.

Stop…Ask yourself a question …Reflect …Act.

Having had an inspiring week thanks to some brilliant challenge from @Enquire1, then finished off by a great day of learning at #LLL17. I thought I’d share a couple of key questions. These are questions for anybody in a school and they are really worth the time to stop and reflect on. What three words would be written in the middle if you cut your school in half? Supplementary question from @GazNeedle Would everyone agree? Finding those three words that act as a lens on everything you do is an incredibly powerful way of looking and judging the actions you take. Question 2 inspired by the Carter Report. If someone comes round your school what will they take away as the things that your school does well? Learning at Gipsy Hill Federation. Gipsy Hill Federation. Everyone works to provide a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere in which, as members of a culturally rich community, we provide an education free from discrimination.

Gipsy Hill Federation

Our Federation is characterised by openness and honesty.