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India at 4.5%: Why the current economic situation may get worse. Bill Gates Explainer: A Mind-Blowing Fact. Tips to Eat Right & Sleep Less For Students - Sadhguru. Who Controls All of Our Money? Why Do Stupid People Think They're Smart? The Dunning Kruger Effect (animated) What is Wrong With Indian Universities & Colleges? Higher Education in India Explained. The Pygmalion Effect. 3 numbers will tell if you can retire early, says a man who quit his law job at 49. Sadhguru Shares a Story of King Akbar & His Foolish Brother. A Very Brief History of Indian Science - Subhash Kak - Medium. The annual Indian Science Congress, which just concluded, had its usual share of controversies about history of Indian science and I have been asked to weigh in.

A Very Brief History of Indian Science - Subhash Kak - Medium

It so turns out that I did precisely that in a brief account titled “Science” for Stanley Wolpert’s Encyclopedia of India(2005) and since that is freely available online, I shall be more selective of themes in this revision of the previous essay. This account does not include the modern period for which many excellent histories exist. Indian archaeology and literature provide considerable layered evidence related to the development of science. The chronological time frame for this history is provided by the archaeological record that has been traced, in an unbroken tradition, to about 8000 BCE. Prior to this date, there are records of rock paintings that are considerably older. The third millennium urbanization is characterized by a very precise system of weights and monumental architecture using cardinal directions. Why We Should Invest In Rat Massage. Does your job match your personality? UGC issues guidelines for recruitment of faculty in higher educational institutions.

Did You Know Sadhguru Is Writing India's Education Policy. We May Soon Find Out How Good Our PhDs Are. There are occasions, however rare, when the much-maligned University Grants Commission (UGC) deserves our applause.

We May Soon Find Out How Good Our PhDs Are

One such occasion is now. In a public notice issued on May 21, 2019, the UGC has invited proposals from interested parties to conduct a study on ‘The Quality of PhD Theses in Indian Universities’. The objective of this initiative is to review and assess the quality of all PhD dissertations submitted at India’s universities – whether central, state, state-private and deemed-to-be universities – over the last 10 years. The specific quality-aspects that are to be looked into is open. The notice states that these are to be proposed by the interested parties themselves. But why is this review necessary in the first place? It is true that the Indian government spends precious little on research.

In this context, the PhD thesis or dissertation is typically the first major research product that a prospective faculty member produces. IITian's 'smartphone microscope' to detect fake-notes costs just Rs. 2. Today, most magnifying lenses that see things at microscopic level, are very expensive.

IITian's 'smartphone microscope' to detect fake-notes costs just Rs. 2

They are created using costly techniques like grinding glass, which results in the hefty price tag for the end customer. But now, to solve this issue, an IITian has developed a robust and inexpensive 'smartphone microscope', a lens that can detect malaria, fake notes, and much more. Here's all about it. Yourstory. How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous. What they don't want you to know. Wins Best Professional Development Learning Solution from The EdTech Awards 2019. Education Reimagined Publications. You're seconds away from staying up to date on the latest news from the learner-centered movement.

Education Reimagined Publications

Education Reimagined produces three publications: Voyager Weekly—Arrives every Tuesday and includes two articles featuring the voices and work of learner-centered environments from across the country. Voyager Monthly—Arrives the second Thursday of every month. This publication will include every article featured in Voyager Weekly and our popular Bookshelf and Tools and Resources recommendations.

In Addition—Arrives every Sunday morning and features a weekly collection of our favorite reads with a unique learner-centered twist. By filling out your name, email, and selecting the publications you would like to receive, you'll hear from national leaders in education transformation (and other sectors with In Addition). * indicates required. [D] Why is the process of discovering/managing papers so bad? : MachineLearning. Quora. Nyuntam Aay Yojana: View: Congress' Nyuntam Aay Yojana simply doesn’t work.

Yourstory. Sadhguru: Academic Education Becomes IRRELEVANT In Future □□□ How Indian Police Is Tapping Into Data Analytics To Prevent Crime. #TechBytes: 6 futuristic technologies developed by IITians. 8 Open Access Resources For AI & ML Research Papers. Docear Teaser Video (v1.1) Conducting a Systematic Literature Review. Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal in a world-first breakthrough. What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Do Yoga Regularly. About. The Educational Technology Debate (ETD) seeks to promote a substantive discussion of how low-cost information and communication technology (ICT) device initiatives for educational systems in developing countries are relevant to the very groups they purport to serve – the students, teachers, and their surrounding communities.


We advance the conversation in weekly posts on a monthly topic of discussion – like these previous topics. You are encouraged to augment each post with comments, related information, and relevant news items. You can also apply to be a moderator or discussant at any time, just contact us. ETD Goals Through this monthly debate process, ETD will achieve three overarching goals: These activities can be categorized into four mutually supportive and inter-related focus areas, each building on the other to create a true industry- and continent-spanning community of practice.

There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education. Kentaro Toyama There are no technology shortcuts to good education.

There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education

For primary and secondary schools that are underperforming or limited in resources, efforts to improve education should focus almost exclusively on better teachers and stronger administrations. Priyanka Jain: How to make applying for jobs less painful. Ing Methods. Ing Methods. File:A Mind Map on ICT and Pedagogy.jpg. 10 Most Popular Programming Language Books Available On The Internet For Free. So, If you are a programmer and you are looking for quality programming language books to read, we list down 10 free ebooks for programmers of all levels for you to choose from.

10 Most Popular Programming Language Books Available On The Internet For Free

You can also check our list of Best websites to Learn Programming online. Today, books are not limited to the hardbound, softbound compilation of papers, these can also be seen and downloaded online and is often free. The remarkable invention of computers made it possible. Instead of making a large library on your house, ebooks can be stored single-handedly on a computer. Programmers are professionals who need a lot of studies and research. Why Learning Data Visualization Should Be On Every Data Science Aspirant's Radar. Yourstory.