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Codea Studio – Creative Agency. Grams Design. Paul Belford Ltd. Projects – Caserne. Club Kombucha Identity, Packaging2019 Metafilms Digital2019 Souk (at) Sat — Take 15 Print2018 Cruises Montréal Identity2018 FTA — Nos jours de fête Miels d’Anicet — Millésime 2018 Packaging2018.

Projects – Caserne

ANAKIN. Perq Studio - Integrated Brand & Design Consultancy. Fishfinger Creative Agency. Hello Monday. Case Essential The Rise of a Small Giant Essential is proof that you don’t have to be big to do something big.

Hello Monday

In fact, being big can inhibit you from being innovative or conquering a market. Hollow 10,000 trees made digital Artist Katie Paterson’s work is about natural phenomenon like time, the universe and volcanoes. Witness Change Fighting forhuman rights In My World is a collaboration with photographer Robin Hammond. Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning. Luxury Brand, Design and eCommerce Agency London. Here Design. Fearless Partner in Creativity. Noeeko – Design Studio. Resn. Infecting your screen for your enjoyment. Mind design. Studio Dumbar: Visual Branding, Online Branding. Branding & Design Agency.

About Us - Design Agency Studio AIRPORT. Ermolaev Bureau Visual Branding, Packaging Design. French creative agency located in Caen and Paris. There is always another way. Blok Design. Vault49. Hey. Our work - Leeds and London. HOME — Motion + Design. Jigyasa is an interactive installation that incorporates augmented reality to explore the notions of curiosity and discovery and encourages participants to look beyond what they see at the surface.

HOME — Motion + Design

The piece is structured like a planet, which is peppered with quirky characters and various flora and fauna. The participants have to explore various regions of Jigyasa to see what each character reveals about itself and discover what hidden surprises lay buried amongst the trees. It’s a playful piece that helps create a sense of community as everyone participates in a collective quest while individually being able to explore different areas of the same planet. It also attempts to recreate a childlike desire to interact with fantastical creatures in an imaginary world and see a painting come to life. Identidade, Comunicação e Design. We design meaningful, smart and seductive brand experiences. SomeOne. This is what we’re good at...


Brand Strategy There’s a lot of waffle spoken about strategy. We prefer to call it a plan. A plan that defines what success is for your product, service or organisation, and how you are going to get there. Develop a Position not positioning What’s your opinion? Every world-class brand has one… but it can only be one… so we help you be bold and choose carefully. Design Ownable Moments Brands only exist where there is competition, so what moments, experiences and ideas can you own to create a monopoly? Nomenclature The posh word for naming. Create BrandWorlds We don’t create new logos for advertisers to pop in the bottom right hand corner of an old poster. Internal engagement We are experts in helping the people who power the business feel empowered. Stop bad things from happening Brands never stop evolving, they adapt, change, flex and face unexpected challenges. Saffron Brand Consultants.

Hingston Studio. Fashion, Beauty, Packaging, Design, Branding Agency. Marketing and Advertising Agency. Visual Communication ProsHome - Carve Branding and Design. BVD — Simplify to Clarify. A.H.A. Design. Graphic Design Agency / Brand Consultants Midlands. Serial Cut™ - Making images. Just images. ExtraBold. Our Work. Spin. Metric - The Metric System. Creative Studio. Big Active - art direction, graphic design, creative consultancy and representation +44 (0)20 7739 5601. Moxie Sozo Design + Advertising. Conceptual Branding. D8 - A Creative Agency. High Tide.

High Tide is an independent design studio creating compelling visual narrative through innovative and interactive media tools.

High Tide

By partnering with a visionary group of photographers, illustrators, and developers, High Tide creates timeless design that conveys a unique identity and emotional resonance. From branding and marketing projects to limited edition publications and site-specific installations, High Tide communicates a vision that pushes the boundaries of traditional design. A native New Yorker, Danny Miller received his B.F.A. from UCLA before returning to New York to work as an art director at Atlantic Records. In 2009 Danny founded the Bear Cave, a creative agency that worked with global brands such as Nike and Heineken, helping to establish a creative vision for Warby Parker and others. e:

Illustration — Work - Scandinavian Design Group. HORT. (c)1994-2012 durch HORT Die hier bereitgestellten Informationen wurden sorgfältig geprüft und werden regelmäßig aktualisiert.


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Alle Angaben auf der HORT Webseite können ohne vorherige Ankündigung geändert, entfernt oder ergänzt werden. Inhalt, Struktur und Gestaltung der HORT Webseite sind urheberrechtlich geschützt. HORT Inhaber Eike König Hagelberger Straße 52/HH 10965 Berlin Deutschland. Home. Taxi Studio // Fearless Creativity - Design agency. Design Bridge. Imagination is an independent, creative communications company that transforms business through creativity - Global - Imagination. Shop at M/M (Paris) The Deep End. Lava Graphic Design, Amsterdam. Chacha.