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Climate Depot | A project of CFACT McKitrick: 'In a private email to McIntyre, Marcott made a surprising statement. In the paper, they had reported doing an alternate analysis of their proxy data that yielded a much smaller 20th-century uptick, but they said the difference was “probably not robust,” which implied that the uptick was insensitive to changes in methodology, and was therefore reliable. But in his email to McIntyre, Marcott said the reconstruction itself is not robust in the 20th century: a very different thing. When this became public, the Marcott team promised to clear matters up with an online FAQ. Climate Depot | A project of CFACT
Geeks are Sexy Technology News | tech, science, news and social issues for geeks Apple had already agreed to settle a class action suit over children making in-app purchases without parental consent. Now it’s agreed to pay at least $32.5 million to settle a government action. The case again involves the way Apple changed its app store policies such that once you enter your password you (or more concerningly your children) can make in-app purchases during the next 15 minutes without having to type in the details again. Geeks are Sexy Technology News | tech, science, news and social issues for geeks
Download the Tom's Guide App from the AppsStore News and trends on internet / mobile / "sound & picture" / IT YesNo Click here to view more Malware, Hackers Behind Target Data Breach Tentatively Identified17 hours agoSecurity blogger Brian Krebs may have found a lead on the malware used in the recent data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus.moreComing Soon: 3D-Printed Hershey's Candies17 hours agoForget Hershey's kisses. Tom's Guide: Your High-Tech Source of Information Tom's Guide: Your High-Tech Source of Information
Solar Racers Sun Powered Micro VehiclesTake'em outside and watch'em race. $7.95 50 Years of Human Spaceflight - Regular Print Poster (12"x44") Celebrate five decades of human spaceflight with our exclusive wall poster, measuring 12”... $11.99 NASA 'Meatball' Official Logo 4.5" Sticker - Full Color NASA Logo Sticker - 4" Great for party favors, books, bikes and more. $4.95 NASA Worm Logo 4.5" Sticker - Red Get your own piece of NASA history! $6.95 Meteorite - Sikhote - Alin (Russia) Own a real piece of space. A great gift and a great space collectible. $27.95 Meteorite - Campo del Cielo (Argentina) Own a real piece of space. A great gift and a great space collectible. $29.95 NASA's Space Shuttle - XL Print Poster (18"x72") The illustrations pull apart the Space Shuttle and detail it inside and out. $19.49 Give Me Some Space Poster 'Nebula' - Regular Print Poster (24"x36") Grab your very own Give Me Some Space 'Nebula' Poster Today! Science News – Science Articles and Current Events | LiveScience Science News – Science Articles and Current Events | LiveScience
Cleantech News — Solar, Wind, EV News (#1 Source) | CleanTechnica Cleantech News — Solar, Wind, EV News (#1 Source) | CleanTechnica Cars I recently got a chance to check out Renault’s entire electric vehicle lineup at EVS27 in Barcelona. Below are most of my pics of all of these vehicles US Military We’ve written before about the US Marines Experimental Forward Operating Base (ExFOB) project, and with a mid-May demonstration event for energy harvesting systems ahead this Agriculture This is a good video from the rather famous “Story of Stuff” people. I think it speaks for itself: Clearly, we need “game-changing” solutions, but Health Originally published on ThinkProgress.
Atomic Rockets There are already a couple of novels in the works whose authors have acknowledged that this website was most helpful in providing technical information. Keep an eye out for them when they are published, I have read the early manuscripts and they are incredibly good. Through Struggle, the Stars by John J. Lumpkin. Late breaking news, the novel is now available in eBook form. Read about it here. Atomic Rockets
I’m sometimes asked what I think the next exploding star in our galaxy will be. Most people expect I’ll say Betelgeuse, the red supergiant marking Orion’s right shoulder. But Betelgeuse may not go supernova for another million years, which is a long, long time. There are several stars much closer to The End, and I recently learned of a new one: SBW1. Photo by ESA/NASA; acknowledgement: Nick Rose The star is a blue supergiant, a hot, energetic beast probably about 20 or so times the mass of the Sun. Bad Astronomy - Slate Bad Astronomy - Slate

History of Science Sourcebook Internet History of Science Sourcebook This page is a subset of texts derived from the three major online Sourcebooks listed below. For more contextual information, for instance about the Islamic world, check out these web sites. For help in research, homework, and so forth see History of Science Sourcebook
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So ends the first chapter of this brilliantly readable counterfactual novel, reminding us that America’s Christian fundamentalists have been consistently clear about their vision for a "Christian Nation" and dead serious about acquiring the political power to achieve it. When President McCain dies and Sarah Palin becomes president, the reader, along with the nation, stumbles down a terrifyingly credible path toward theocracy,... - -
Pharyngula Pharyngula Probably not. But the New York Times reports: A review of studies has found that the health benefits of infant male circumcision vastly outweigh the risks involved in the procedure. Actually, it doesn’t. Not at all. The paper is all about the frequency of circumcision in the US; this is the only real data in the paper, and notice that a good chunk of it is speculation.
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The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine How To Boldly Go Into Space lecture by Dr. Linda Spilker and Dr. Thomas Spilker Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 2 pm DRAWING ON THEIR DECADES OF WORK FOR NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Drs. Linda and Thomas Spilker give us an inside view of what goes into the unmanned space program, from the origin of a space mission, to how the funds are found to finance it, to how the spacecraft is designed and built, and to the launching and running of such a mission, often designed to last for years and even decades.
NOVA Energy LabHelp design energy systems that meet demand and save the greatest amount of carbon emissions for the least amount of moneyAstro Drone Crowdsourcing GameIf you own a Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter, you can participate in the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Astro Drone crowdsourcing game to help improve robot visionWeddell Seal Population CountHelp scientists in the field monitor the Weddell seal population in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Scientific American
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Star birth sparked at the Galaxy's edge Nidever, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF and Mellinger, Leiden-Argentine-Bonn Survey, Parkes Observatory, Westerbork Observatory, Arecibo Observatory. Gas from another galaxy is hitting our own, triggering the birth of bright new stars and adding fresh luster to the Milky Way. An article by Scientific American. Current issue Journal home : Nature
Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome Makes Total Scents: Disney Villains As Perfume Bottles This is a series of Disney villain inspired perfume bottles imagined by Pixiv artist mmmint8. If the Scar one were a real scent I would buy it because I bet that dude smells wicked evil. Killing your own brother -- that's some Cane and Abel style shit!