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Gartner’s 2022 Top Strategic Technology Trends. Old Problems. Old Trends. New Names. Author Talks: Azeem Azhar on closing the exponential gap. In this edition of Author Talks, McKinsey Global Publishing’s Raju Narisetti chats with Azeem Azhar, creator of the Exponential View newsletter.

Author Talks: Azeem Azhar on closing the exponential gap

In Azhar’s new book, The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology Is Transforming Business, Politics and Society (Diversion Books, September 2021)—in the United Kingdom, Exponential: How to Bridge the Gap Between Society and Technology (Random House Business, September 2021)—he explores the widening gap among AI, automation, and big data, and our ability to deal with its effects. An edited version of the conversation follows. Why is it a good time for a book like this? I have been thinking about this for a while. I felt that there was something missing in the public discussion about technologies, their opportunities, their costs, and the questions of power that emerge around them.

Are we in an ‘exponential age’ now? When I started to write the book, the app TikTok didn’t really have an impact. The technologies shaping society. Open-source e-commerce: The next wave of value for the enterprise. Customers of a large advanced-electronics manufacturing business were having trouble finding and ordering products on the company’s website.

Open-source e-commerce: The next wave of value for the enterprise

The solution? Customer service told them to email their orders to their sales reps, who would then enter them into the site themselves. Report: Bespoke for billions: Digital meets physical Creating human experiences at scale. The Future of Business Technology. Seven key lessons on technology and business. In the past year, the COVID-19 crisis has made clear the business imperative of making technology-driven changes, which are more ubiquitous now than ever.

Seven key lessons on technology and business

Indeed, our latest McKinsey Global Survey on technology and the business suggests that even in the crisis’s earlier days, respondents were reporting progress on their integration of technology and business—and that these efforts were creating tangible business value across four measures, including new revenue streams and lower costs. The results also suggest that, on average, some transformation activities result in more impact than others (namely, those related to talent and capabilities). How to fix the mistakes leaders make investing in tech that's causing the Great Resignation. Here are 3 ways to fix it. The top technology trends. 5 visions of the future from our Global Technology Governance Summit. Technology will power the global recovery from COVID-19.

5 visions of the future from our Global Technology Governance Summit

But it must be properly regulated to avoid negative impacts. The World Economic Forum’s Global Technology Governance Summit explored how to ensure that a tech-driven future benefits everyone. Listen to the podcast: Radio Davos. The new technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will be key to the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic – but only if they are harnessed properly. That was the message from the World Economic Forum’s Global Technology Governance Summit 2021, where leaders gathered virtually to discuss how we can ensure emerging technologies are designed and used responsibly.

Tech Trend: Diminished Reality. Beyond Good: How Technology is Leading a Purpose-driven Business Revolution (30 March 2021) by Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer. The Future Today Institute. The cataclysmic events of the past year resulted in a significant number of new signals.

The Future Today Institute

As a result, we've analyzed nearly 500 tech and science trends across multiple industry sectors. In our 14th annual Tech Trends Report, we have published 12 separate reports with trends grouped by subject. We are including what we've called Book Zero, which details our methodology and shows how we did our work. Discover critical insights for business, strategy, government and strategy leaders. See what strategic action you can take on the future, today. Explore our 2021 Tech Trends at your own pace. Future Scenarios. Seven key lessons on technology and business. Altimeter's Top Trends for 2021 in Digital Transformation. Every year the Altimeter analyst team publishes predictions around which digital trends will have the biggest impact on business for the coming year.

Altimeter's Top Trends for 2021 in Digital Transformation

This year, analysts Charlene Li, Susan Etlinger, Omar Akhtar, and Ed Terpening offer their thoughts. Altimeter's Top Trends for 2021 in Digital Transformation. 9 Tech Trends for 2021: What Leaders Should Think and Do About Them. How to become ‘tech forward’: A technology-transformation approach that works. For executives looking for lessons in the wake of COVID-19, one has emerged clearly: every company needs to become a tech company.

How to become ‘tech forward’: A technology-transformation approach that works

How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point. In just a few months’ time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business.

How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point

According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. 2020 Global Technology Leadership Study. During this time of unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, technology leaders have an opportunity to help guide their organizations.

2020 Global Technology Leadership Study

Not only can they hone strategies for managing the crisis at hand and the recovery ahead, but they can also prepare for and lead tech-driven transformation that could help their businesses thrive as they and their industries adapt to the new norms of the postpandemic world.3 Tools may include a technology visionary’s outlook, an appetite for growth and transformation, the willingness to make audacious bets, and the tenacity to stick to their convictions. Their leadership skills can help them influence business strategy, develop the next generation of talent, and integrate technology into the fabric of the business.

“For a business to grow, it has to let go of some old ways and habits and cultivate others in order to move forward. Antipatterns that are derailing technology transformations. Most major organizations today have embarked on transformation programs in response to changes in customer, competitive, and regulatory landscapes.

Antipatterns that are derailing technology transformations

Whether the transformations are labeled agile, digital, or DevOps, their fundamental premise is to build value by establishing short, iterative, and continuous feedback loops between product and customers that dramatically improve both the product and its time to market. Technology has a crucial role in enabling this faster and more flexible approach. Report: COVID-19 - Technology Trends Revisited. A new look at our 2020 Technology Vision trends When we published Accenture’s 2020 Technology Vision report, COVID-19 was not yet a global pandemic. Can HR tech help build company values? Gone are the days when a company could get by without a sense of purpose.

Now employees want to find meaning in their work and to know their organisation contributes to wider society in some way. “That doesn’t mean we all want to put on a [superhero] cape and single-handedly save the world,” says Amber Coster, a business owner who has also worked in the tech industry. But employees do want to feel they can connect to their job and that they’re working towards something meaningful.

We seek workplaces that offer us this and so those with strong company values reap the benefits when it comes to talent acquisition, employee engagement, productivity and retention, research by US insights and strategy firm Purpose Generation has shown. Coster says she works hard because she has a sense of purpose. The Rise of Hypersonics. Radar check As the aerospace & defense (A&D) industry enters the 2020s, it will likely see numerous major developmental programs become a reality. Some examples are likely to include several classified programs to take advantage of new technologies in unmanned systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence; and finally, hypersonics.

Hypersonics could have the potential to transform the industry in a manner not seen since the introduction of supersonic flight in 1947 and supersonic transport in the late 1960s. While hypersonic travel, weapons, and defenses are just starting to be discussed more frequently, it is likely that some will be ready for use within the next year. By understanding what hypersonics are, the market for it, major industry players, and the types of hypersonic products, A&D firms can better position themselves to capture their share of a sizable new market opportunity in the years to come.

How Cognitive Technologies Can Help Managers During the COVID-19 Crisis. Even in the best of times, managers face a huge roster of tasks across a wide range of priorities — handling daily operations, tracking progress toward corporate goals, planning for the future, overseeing individuals on their teams, and more. The pace of work has also grown exponentially in recent years within companies, as has the complexity. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing massive upheaval, the list of tasks has grown even longer — and, due to layoffs, absences, and new work arrangements, these tasks must often be achieved with smaller teams.

Email Updates on AI, Data & Machine Learning Get monthly email updates on how artificial intelligence and big data are affecting the development and execution of strategy in organizations. Please enter a valid email address. Is Your Technology Ready for the New Digital Reality? At the center of this approach is a modular data and digital platform (DDP)—a unified architecture that combines applications, technologies, and data to permit rapid, at-scale implementation of business use cases. Fabricating a Synthetic Future - Biology, Meet AI. The Future Today Institute. Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, we will be hosting virtual industry briefings via Zoom video conferencing rather than in-person meetings. A new management science for banking technology delivery. Technology Vision 2020. It means smart chatbots interacting with customers as they do now, but being able to better understand the nuances and underlying possibilities of a customer’s request.

For example, instead of just responding to a passenger’s question about whether they can bring crutches on board, an airline chatbot might flag the likely mobility issue, offer wheelchair assistance at the airport, and even check the itinerary to see if an easier connection is available. Reflections on technology from Davos 2020. The Right Technology Strategy for Your Business Priorities. The Right Technology Strategy for Your Business Priorities. Deloitte Report: Tech Trends 2020. Senior contributors Macro technology forces Andries van Dijk Director Deloitte Consulting B.V. Hans van Grieken Independent adviser Deloitte MCS Limited Nicholas Reed Senior manager Deloitte MCS Limited.

Fjord Trends 2020: Emerging Trends in Business. Tech Trends 2020: Executive summary. Étude TI 2020 - Bilan de l’état des technologies (TI) dans les grandes et moyennes entreprises canadiennes. The top tech trends of 2020, from AI to 5G. What are the Technology Trends to expect in 2020? Use technology to accelerate through uncertainty. There is a high level of uncertainty surrounding the pace of economic growth. The International Monetary Fund predicts that global growth will have slowed to 3.0 percent by the end of 2019, down from 3.6 percent in 2018. And although it’s currently projected to pick up a bit in 2020, it will still be slow, and forecasts are constantly in flux.

Already, growth has slowed in China and India, and some key indicators in developed economies such as Germany and Australia are dipping. How CEOs can help lead technology transformations. The Bionic Company - Combining People & Technology. What’s Hot and What’s Not. Agile ERP: A myth no more. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are a fundamental asset for most large companies, yet ERP transformations remain time-consuming and complex. McKinsey Global Institute. Unlocking business acceleration in a hybrid cloud world. Digital technologies continue to transform every facet of business.

Across industries, CEOs have a consistent top priority—harness technology to jump-start growth, speed time to market, and foster innovation. Several factors are ratcheting up pressure: investors are valuing top-line revenue growth; rising customer expectations for simple cross-channel experiences are compelling companies to systematically tear down silos; and an organization’s ability to respond to market shifts is becoming a core differentiator. Meanwhile, digital leaders across sectors have changed the competitive landscape by demonstrating that agility and velocity can beat scale. Le Cloud, un monde de plateforme ! Acte 1 : Agilité vs Réversibilité. Tipping Points: When to Bet on New Technologies.

Mark Gottfredson: Predicting the Next Tech Disruption - Tipping Points Analysis. Digital Health Tech Vision 2019. The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation (2019) by Gerald C. Kane, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky and Garth R. Andrus: A Study of More Than 250 Platforms Reveals Why Most Fail. How to build a bionic company with three new kinds of capital. Two-thirds of enterprises disappointed by cloud migration journey: Accenture. The Future Today Institute. The Agility Illusion: Do You Really Control Your Tech Stack? How to build your emerging technologies radar. Tech Trends 2019. 10 Tech Trends Driving Innovation and Disruption in 2019. Six Principles for Strategic Migrations. When Technology Gets Ahead of Society. Using IT to help develop organizational agility.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018. Seven Technologies Remaking the World. Seven Technologies Remaking the World. How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies. An executive’s guide to AI. Accelerating the diffusion of technology-enabled business practices. What to expect from artificial intelligence (AI) in 2018: PwC.

What Changes When AI Is So Accessible That Everyone Can Use It? The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution. And how to make her successful. A step by step guide to digital transformation. AI has entered the business world. What happens next? World Economic Forum 2018 - Strategic Outlook: The Digital Economy. The Automation of HR: Take Us to Your CHRO. How AI Will Define New Industries. Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in 2018. The case for automating leadership – World Economic Forum. The race to become future-ready. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab. The Convergence of Digitalization and Sustainability. Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy.