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The Khan Academy Finance Mindmap. If you have not heard of the Khan Academy you are really missing out on something special.

The Khan Academy Finance Mindmap

This is one of the most revolutionary learning websites you will ever experience. It’s a website that’s helping adults and children learn a wide range of subjects, including: Science (biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, cosmology and astronomy),Mathematics (arithmetic, developmental math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra)HistoryFinance (core finance, banking and money, valuation and investing, venture capital and capitalism, credit crisis, and Paulson bailout) The master teacher behind the Khan Acedemy is Salman Khan.

The TED website provides a great bio on Salman Khan highlighting some very significant reasons why you should listen to him: Arthritis - Map of Medicine. The Map of Medicine is used by doctors throughout the NHS to determine the best treatment options for their patients.

Arthritis - Map of Medicine

NHS Choices offers everyone in England exclusive and free access to this cutting-edge internet resource, which lets you see exactly what your doctor sees. The information in the Map has been approved by the UK's leading clinical experts, is based on the best available clinical evidence, and is continually updated. To take advantage of this unique resource go to: Map of Medicine: seronegative arthritis Map of Medicine: septic arthritis Map of Medicine: osteoarthritis Map of Medicine: polymyalgia rheumatica Map of Medicine: rheumatoid arthritis.


The Cartography of Kitchenware. Over 200 tools, machines, and manipulators--from mandolines to microwaves and ramekins to ravioli pins--used in the construction of delicious foodstuffs. 24" x 36" Each print is signed and numbered by the artists, and comes packaged in a Pop Chart Lab Test Tube.

The Cartography of Kitchenware

See below for finishing options, and note that framed prints require an additional 3-4 business days of processing time. Using 100 lb archival recycled stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, this poster is pressed on an offset lithographic press with vegetable-based inks in Flatlands, Brooklyn. Behavioural Dynamics Institute. Learning To Build Concept Maps for Beginners. Welcome to Moviegalaxies - Moviegalaxies. Vídeo mostra neurônio funcionando em tempo real - Ciência.

Cérebro Neurônio em ação: no vídeo feito pelos pesquisadores, é possível ver o fluxo de proteínas se movendo entre axônio e dendritos (Don Arnold e Sarmad Al-Bassam/Divulgação) Usando uma proteína de medusa que é capaz de emitir brilho, um grupo de cientistas iluminou um neurônio e capturou imagens do movimento de proteínas em seu interior (assista aqui).

Vídeo mostra neurônio funcionando em tempo real - Ciência

Nas imagens é possível ver como as proteínas – que são consideradas como os "tijolos" dos neurônios – são direcionadas para essas células com o objetivo de renovar suas estruturas. "Seu cérebro está sendo desmontado e renovado todos os dias. XMind - Mind Mapping and Storming. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Mind maps. Mind Mapping Visual thinking. Mind Maps for Accountants - accountantscoach. So what an earth is a Mind Map?

Mind Maps for Accountants - accountantscoach

Well this is a superb of example of how valuable the art of Mind mapping actually is; words cannot adequately express the essence of a Mind Map. The best way to explain is to look at one. Click on this example. And for those who like the words as well as the graphics, I would describe a Mind Map as a ‘thinking tool’; ‘a diagram which places a key idea in the centre of a page and uses words, pictures and linking lines radiating outwards from the centre to present connecting ideas, knowledge and information’.

So how would an accountant use a Mind Map? That’s just a little taster of how valuable Mind Maps can be to accountants and I will come on to more uses shortly. We all know that we have a left and a right brain. Now I would never for one minute suggest that we accountants are more likely to fall into the former stereotype! Mind Maps give us a very simple technique to make the most of our brain’s full capabilities. And there’s more. Here’s an example. Gestão de Pessoas, liderança e Mapas Mentais. - Luis Perdomo.

Na gestão de pessoas contemporânea, o objetivo do gestor é (ou deveria ser) o contínuo desenvolvimento das capacidades de seus colaboradores e o senso de equipe.

Gestão de Pessoas, liderança e Mapas Mentais. - Luis Perdomo

Neste sentido, uma das ferramentas que tem demonstrado grande utilidade no entendimento das motivações e limitações das pessoas é o uso do Mapa Mental. Mapas mentais de deficientes visuais como suporte ao design da informação urbana na Web - Geisa Golin, Ruth Nogueira, Gabriela Alexandre e Josiane Cabral. ☼ textos didácticos Mapas mentais de deficientes visuais como suporte ao design da informação urbana na Web Geisa Golin, Ruth Nogueira,Gabriela Alexandre e Josiane Cabral.

Mapas mentais de deficientes visuais como suporte ao design da informação urbana na Web - Geisa Golin, Ruth Nogueira, Gabriela Alexandre e Josiane Cabral

Mapas Mentais - o caminho da aprendizagem eficaz (Parte 2) - Flávio Souza - Você Vencedor. Emocionais 1.

Mapas Mentais - o caminho da aprendizagem eficaz (Parte 2) - Flávio Souza - Você Vencedor

Mapas mentais ajudam a organizar ideias. Stanford Visualization Group. Cognitive Media. Visual Understanding Environment. CogSpace - 3D Mind Map of Cognitive Science. TOOLS. List of concept- and mind-mapping software. Concept-mapping and mind-mapping software are used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information.

List of concept- and mind-mapping software

It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning/study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note taking.[1] There are a number of software packages and websites that allow the creation of, or otherwise support mind maps. File format[edit] Using a standard file format allows interchange of files between various programs. Many of the programs listed below support the mm format used by FreeMind. The mm format is an XML text format consisting of tagged objects. Free Software[edit] The following tools are free as defined by the Free Software Foundation. Freeware[edit] The following is a list of notable concept mapping and mind mapping applications which are freeware (they are available at no cost).

Paid software[edit] The table below lists pieces of paid commercial software that allow the creation of mind maps and concept maps. Mind Maps - Mind Mapping Training from MindTools. A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking (Also known as Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping, Spray Diagrams, and Spider Diagrams) "Mind Map" is a trademark of the Buzan Organization (see

Mind Maps - Mind Mapping Training from MindTools

We have no association with this organization. Record ideas memorably with James Manktelow & Amy Carlson. Have you ever studied a subject or brainstormed an idea, only to find yourself with pages of information, but no clear view of how it fits together? This is where Mind Mapping can help you. Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving. MyVectorStore - Vector Stock Icons, Free Icons, Web Icons, Vector Illustrations. Icon Archive - Search 311,082 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons.

Icons & Icon Packs - Download Free PNG Icons. Stock Icons. Links de ícones úteis para mapas mentais. O que eu mais gosto de fazer quando estou montando um mapa mental é escolher as imagens. Às vezes gasto horas na net procurando novas imagens. Pode parecer despedício tempo, mas eu realmente gosto disso. Web icons. License Info: By accepting this AGREEMENT, you agree to the terms referred from now on and applicable to the graphical art (The "Product") given to you by IconShock .

You agree that this agreement is like any other written negotiated agreement signed by you. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please do not use The Product. Newest Iconsets - Page 2. Mapas Mentais - ferramentas da sua inteligência - Home. Transforme a notícia num mapa visual: mais uma tendência rumo à web semântica « intermezzo. A novidade já não é tão nova assim, pois foi ofuscada (justificadamente) pelo furacão Obama. O The New York Times anunciou ao final de Outubro de 2008 sua ferramenta Visualization Lab em parceria com o laboratório de pesquisa da IBM e a tecnologia Many Eyes.

A proposta do jornal e da IBM é gerar, a partir de um conjunto de dados (textos, tabelas, imagens, por exemplo) componentes de um conteúdo informativo, um formato visual que organize e facilite a compreensão da informação, especialmente em seu contexto. São possíveis formas visuais como nuvem de tags, árvore de palavras, gráficos tipo Excel, mapas concêntricos, matriz relacional, linha de palavras-chave, entre muitas possibilidades. Vejam, por exemplo, qual o peso dos grupos religiosos entre os republicanos votantes na eleição que acaba de se encerrar. Ou a árvore de palavras de um recente discurso do vice Biden. O resultado disso tudo são alguns aprendizados tanto para o profissional da informação quanto para o leitor.

Para saber mais. WikiMindMap. FreeMind - Download. Text 2 Mind Map. 99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips. So, there you are staring at that black sheet of paper again. Or perhaps it's a black Word document on your computer screen. Whichever it may be, it's obvious you're about to take notes for that big essay assignment or group project, and you're not too excited about getting started! That's where a different kind of note taking comes in to play, one that is actually fun to do and will also help you to understand your notes better. It's a technique called mind mapping, and is based around a strong visual method of taking notes. Whether your using colorful markers and paper or using state-of-the-art computer software, you'll find using mind maps are a much more interesting way to take notes than you ever have in the past!

E-learning tools and resources for schools and education. Clay Shirky's Internet Writings. Mindmapping. World Mind Map. Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Software - Mindomo. Mind Map Library. 1000s of Mind Maps in FreeMind, MindManager and other formats - Mappio. Mind-Mapping. Idea Mapping.

CmapTools - Home Page Cmap.html. Capacitação em mapas mentais. Recent Mind Maps - page 1. Search Most Viewed Mind Maps Page 1 ICT Tools and Resources for Schools Teachers and Educators Author: Jesper Isaksson Modified: 2 months ago.