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Data visualization

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Information Is Beautiful. Waveform - bleep, techno and rave silkscreen prints. by Alex Szabo-Haslam. A series of beautiful, unique, silkscreen printed A2 posters visualising classic techno, bleep, and rave tracks.

Waveform - bleep, techno and rave silkscreen prints. by Alex Szabo-Haslam

“Superb.” – Sheffield Bleep “Amazing.” – Mark Archer (Altern 8)“Really cool.” – Eraserhead"Unusual and poetic. " – Protein"Very cool. " – Darkfloor"Get involved. " – Hyponik My name is Alex, and I'd like your help to create a series of unique silkscreen printed posters. Each poster visualises soundwaves generated by some of my favourite bleep, techno and rave tracks. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silkscreen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by me.

The 12 prints. The paper. Each white waveform is printed onto a weighty stock: 270gsm Colorplan by GFSmith. Screen printing. Silkscreen printing is a traditional, versatile technique that uses mesh to create a stencil for artists to print their work onto almost any surface. Strictly limited edition. Only 25 of each will be produced in this series. Online. Infographic App & Presentation Tool. Create and share visual ideas online. Create infographics & online charts. Data Publica, your data services partner. [Boîte à outils] 5 applications pour créer sa propre infographie   Esthétiques, claires, efficaces et surtout très virales, les infographies en tous genres envahissent la toile.

[Boîte à outils] 5 applications pour créer sa propre infographie  

Très sollicitées pour mettre en avant les chiffres clefs d’une études, les principales tendances d’un marché, elles sont utilisées par un panel d’acteurs : agences, cabinet d’études, blogueurs, médias, etc. Surfant sur cette tendance, plusieurs startups ont mis au point des web applications permettant à n’importe quel internaute de créer tout seul une infographie en ligne, en y insérant ses propres données. Pour l’heure, une majorité de ces services (en anglais) sont encore en version bêta et donc perfectibles. A moyen terme, ces plateformes pourraient néanmoins venir concurrencer les métiers de web designers ou tout au moins réinventer certaines collaborations. Tour d’horizon des 5 principaux outils actuellement disponibles. 1. En mars dernier, la plateforme de datavisualisation a lancé une nouvelle fonctionnalité baptisée Create. How to become a data visualization ninja with 3 free tools for non-programmers. We noticed many times between the lines of this blog how data visualization is in the hype and how this trend is growing and growing.

How to become a data visualization ninja with 3 free tools for non-programmers

That’s good news guys! It’s fun and it’s … success! But as more and more people join this wild bunch we have to take care of those who are not as skilled as we are yet. There are many people out there who love data visualization but they think they are out of this business because they are not able to code. I personally think that this is a problem and that we have to be as inclusive as we can. As data visualization develops we can expect to have people developing tools that are more accessible and easier to use also for non-programmers. By the way, if you are one of those wannabe non-programmer-data-enthusiast I have a good news for you: the future is here! Download Tableau Public. Raphaël—JavaScript Library. 33 Creative Infographics For Inspiration at DzineBlog. 15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts.

InShare11 Plotting your data can serve as a replacement to tabular data, and is also a great way to add practical graphics to your web page or application.

15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts

There are many ways you can plot data, but here I have included 15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts In Your Sites/Blog Pages which serves as a easy Charting solution. Hope you like it. FusionCharts – Delightful JavaScript Charts for your web & mobile apps FusionCharts Suite XT gives you delightful JavaScript charts that work across devices and platforms. Website: Trial: RGraph: HTML5 & Javascript charts for your website RGraph is a charts library written in Javascript that uses HTML5 to draw and supports over twenty different types of charts. RGraph is free to use on non-commercial websites such as personal blogs, educational or charity sites.

Website: Some of the features of RGraph: TufteGraph Make pretty graphs with javascript, using jQuery. Website: dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library Some of the features of dygraphs: 75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP. Most people would agree that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is also true for web based solutions.

75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

There should be no discussion – Charts and Graphs are ideal to visualize data in order to quickly deliver an overview and communicate key messages. 50+ Free Resources for Charts and Graphs Solution. A chart or a graph is a visual representation of data, in which “the data are represented by symbols, such as bars, lines, or slices”.

50+ Free Resources for Charts and Graphs Solution

These symbols can represent tabular numeric data, functions or some kinds of qualitative structures. For one reason or another, a lot of freelancers use Charts and Graphs to display the meaningful data visualizations. As a full-time freelancer and part-time geek, I really like to display my data analytics on pie charts and graphs too. Nowadays, there are over hundred thousands of resources available on the web. Instead of spending time on researching for the ones you needed, we pick the top and intelligent ones for you. Charts And Graphs: Modern Solutions - Smashing Coding. Advertisement Charts are supposed to visualize data in order to give a more profound understanding of the nature of a given problem or recent developments. Whatever type of data presentation you prefer (pie charts, bubble charts, bar graphs, network diagrams etc.), you can create charts in graphic editors manually or use special desktop-software instead.

In both cases you have a major problem: once you’d like to update an old chart, or create a new one, you have to run the application and create new images over and over again. That’s not flexible. That’s also not usable — e.g. if you’d like to update your chart live. 6 excellent charting libraries for php. Charts are an indispensable part of any data visualization work.

6 excellent charting libraries for php

People can grok visual representation of data easily than a textual variety. Today there are a huge number of free chart libraries available to display visualizations on websites. Below is a small list of some of the libraries available for displaying charts using php. 1. Online Charts Builder. Hohli Online Charts Builder Charts Hohli Donate Author Blog Load From Image URL: Chart Data can't equal to original, but very similar to it.

Online Charts Builder

Interactive charts online! Online Chart Generator. Flash graph editor/viewer component. Visual editor. Create A Graph. SWF Charts > Introduction. XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data.

SWF Charts > Introduction

Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool's flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.) XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality. Features: Quick generation of charts and graphs from static or dynamic data (any scripting language) Full updates and data streaming without reloading the web page. Testimonials I just wanted to pass along how well your script worked for our stock performance page. Good work! AmCharts: Flash and JavaScript charts, stock charting software. KISSmetrics Web Analytics - Event Tracking, A/B Testing and Conversion Funnel Software.