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Let's get started. Copyright © 2015 LearnZillion. WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students. You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong. - The Washington Post. (By Charles Rex Arbogast/ AP) You went to school so you think you know what teachers do, right?

You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong. - The Washington Post

You are wrong. Here’s a piece explaining all of this from Sarah Blaine, a mom, former teacher and full-time practicing attorney in New Jersey who writes at her parentingthecore blog, where this first appeared. By Sarah Blaine We all know what teachers do, right? What it really means to be a public school educator today. Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid)

Storytelling for the YouTube generation. 5 Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Why Formative Assessment Makes Better Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Here's what happened in my classroom. "We've got this, it's easy," they said. I looked at the other students and asked, "Do you have this? " They nodded their heads furiously up and down in a "yes.

" My teacher instincts said that everyone knew it, but I decided to experiment. Unit and Lesson Ideas. How to make a fortune without ‘doing’ anything: The Uber, Airbnb story. Uber is much in the news recently, for mostly the wrong reasons.

How to make a fortune without ‘doing’ anything: The Uber, Airbnb story

One of its senior executives threatened to investigate journalists who wrote negative things about the taxi service platform. An Uber passenger was allegedly attacked by a driver. And an Uber-affiliated driver ran over a pedestrian in San Francisco. And the company’s CEO has been accused of fostering a frat boy culture. Without downplaying the seriousness of these events, I believe the fundamental issues posed by Uber have less to do with the company’s specifics and more to do with a business model that works by offloading responsibilities, something that many other platform companies—businesses that make money by making connections rather than providing a real product or service—do as well. This summer, I used Airbnb to rent a house in Claremont, Calif. Four weeks before the reservation date, I tried to reach her. Assessment Information. ELA Rubrics. Test Manuals.

Aesop's Quest. National Punctuation Day. Homepage - ReadWriteThink. 3 Strategies to Improve Student Writing Instantly. Editor's Note: A version of this post first appeared on Techie Teacher and Character Coach.

3 Strategies to Improve Student Writing Instantly

"But Miss Parrish, I can't think of anything to write! " Haven't we all heard similar lines in our classrooms? We see hesitant writers sit with a pencil in their hands and a paper on their desks, almost as if they have been handicapped by the task we asked them to do. How is it that some students have so much to say when talking out loud, but when a pencil is put into their hand they suddenly hesitate, struggle and have nothing to say? How can you help those hesitant writers eliminate the "handicap" or barrier that suddenly appears when asked to write? The answer is to simply have them produce "writing" without technically "writing" at all. Strategies That Work 1. Have your student stand up while you sit in his or her seat. 2. Identify a way that your students can audio record themselves "speaking" their essay rather than "writing" it.

Strategies for Writing a Thesis Statement: Part I. Wording - 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing. By Johnny Webber 1.

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing – A different kind of thesaurus. 2. – One quick dictionary search tool. Accounts. Audiobooks from Audible. TeacherKit. Some Useful Educational iPad Games for Your Students. August 28, 2014 A fun game can be a great way to deliver instruction, especially during a break from school.

Some Useful Educational iPad Games for Your Students

It can make education more engaging for even the most recalcitrant student. And sometimes they can be pretty fun for adults too. Tesseract The game consists of rolling a golden sphere to each surface of a hypercube. This is done by touching a door to pass through which in turn rotates the tesseract four dimensionally and brings the sphere into a new room. Fluids can move in strange and mysterious ways, often counter to what we expect. Players will race (Multiplayer mode using WIFI) or practice (single player mode) in identifying two locations (ordered pairs) on the grid, drawing a straight line from one edge of the gameboard to the other passing through the two locations identified, scoring points for each shape that his or her line touches or through which his or her line passes that are located in all four quadrants of the coordinate grid.