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5 myths about Christopher Columbus. Today is Columbus Day, time to buy appliances on sale and contemplate other things that have nothing to do with Christopher Columbus.

5 myths about Christopher Columbus

So much of what we say about Columbus is either wholly untrue or greatly exaggerated. Here are a few of the top offenders. 1. Columbus set out to prove the world was round. If he did, he was about 2,000 years too late. Columbus, a self-taught man, greatly underestimated the Earth's circumference. 7 Nuclear Weapon Screw-Ups You Won't Believe We Survived. From the 1950s up through the early 1990s, the specter of nuclear war cast a shadow over the world like a giant, gloomy mushroom tattoo.

7 Nuclear Weapon Screw-Ups You Won't Believe We Survived

Hollywood and our own morbid imaginations came up with any number of scenarios that would wipe out humanity in a series of blinding flashes: robots, Russian and American policies of mutually assured destruction. But Kubrick was probably closest when he imagined the nuclear era as a game of poker between cocky, absent-minded lunatics. Only he probably didn't go far enough. After all, he could have never imagined ... #7. During the Cold War, American and Soviet military leaders temporarily forgot why nuclear bombing yourself was a bad idea. Anyone close enough to wonder why it was suddenly so windy and blinding were told the explosions were being set off at a safe distance. WikipediaAnd letting the fallout get blown off to the part that's not Russia. WikipediaThe Tsar Tank was to regular tanks what Ferris wheels are to regular tanks. Popular Mechanics. Ancient temple unearthed near Inca capital - Technology & science - Science.

Ancient warrior king statue discovered in Turkey. A newly excavated statue standing 5 feet (1.5 m) tall may have represented a Neo-Hittite king.Jennifer Jackson A column base excavated in southeastern Turkey bears a winged bull and carved sphinx.Jennifer Jackson A newly discovered statue of a curly-haired man gripping a spear and a sheath of wheat once guarded the upper citadel of an ancient kingdom's capital.

Ancient warrior king statue discovered in Turkey

The enormous sculpture, which is intact from about the waist up, stands almost 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, suggesting that its full height with legs would have been between 11 and 13 feet (3.5 to 4 m). Belize-Guatemala Territorial Issue - Chapter 1. Europe_1911.jpg (2243×1840) Full-length documentary. History of Religion. Holocaust Timeline.

Jump to: 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1933 January 30, 1933 - Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany a nation with a Jewish population of 566,000.

Holocaust Timeline

February 22, 1933 - 40,000 SA and SS men are sworn in as auxiliary police. February 27, 1933 - Nazis burn Reichstag building to create crisis atmosphere. February 28, 1933 - Emergency powers granted to Hitler as a result of the Reichstag fire. March 22, 1933 - Nazis open Dachau concentration camp near Munich, to be followed by Buchenwald near Weimar in central Germany, Sachsenhausen near Berlin in northern Germany, and Ravensbrück for women. March 24, 1933 - German Parliament passes Enabling Act giving Hitler dictatorial powers.

Terms of use: Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage only is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place. Mysterious Places: Explore sacred sites and ancient civilizations. Paris Now and Then (1940s) : Classic Photography. PBS film highlights Stanford scholar's research on how the U.S. saved a starving Soviet Russia. By Cynthia Haven Corn grits, cocoa, condensed milk, white bread and sugar.

PBS film highlights Stanford scholar's research on how the U.S. saved a starving Soviet Russia

This was America's menu for the starving millions in Soviet Russia during the 1921-23 famine – one of the greatest human disasters in Europe since the Black Death. The famine relief was spearheaded by Herbert Hoover, whose biographers credited him with saving more lives than any person who has ever lived. The story is featured in the PBS "American Experience" documentary, The Great Famine, which will be broadcast nationwide on April 11. The film will have a Stanford showing at 7:30 p.m. Bertrand Patenaude The film is based on Stanford researcher Bertrand Patenaude's The Big Show in Bololand: The American Relief Expedition to Soviet Russia in the Famine of 1921.

The world barely remembers the terrible famine – or the American charity that alleviated it, marking what was perhaps the first time that a large-scale relief was extended to an enemy. Hoover Institution Archives. Prisoner-of-war camp. North Korean and Chinese Communist prisoners assembled at the United Nations' prisoner-of-war camp at Pusan in 1951.

Prisoner-of-war camp

Detention of prisoners of war before the development of camps[edit] Before the Peace of Westphalia, soldiers captured by their enemies were usually executed, enslaved or held for ransom.[1] This, coupled with the relatively small size of armies, meant there was little need for any form of camp to hold prisoners of war. The Peace of Westphalia, a series of treaties signed between May and October 1648 that ended the Thirty Years' War and the Eighty Years' War, contained a provision that all prisoners should be released without ransom.

This is generally considered to mark the point where captured enemy combatants would be reasonably treated before being released at the end of the conflict or under a parole not to take up arms. Rare Historical Photos Pt. 4 [18 Pics. The Ancient Maya - A Commercial Empire. David Conrad The ancient Maya achieved compelling and impressive socio-economic complexity during pre-conquest period.

The Ancient Maya - A Commercial Empire

Extraordinary ancient cities such as Tikal and Caracol are scattered through out eastern Mexico and Guatemala. These economic centers exemplify the economic might and wealth of the ancient civilization. How did the ancient Maya attain such great affluence? Watch free documentary films & videos.