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20DollarBandit. Bug Out Bag Contents at a Glance. My first attempt at a 72 hour survival pack. Last-Ditch Survival Kit: Could You Survive With Just These Items? Permaculture. Food. How To Build a Homemade Compost Tumbler. Food is Free Project: How to Build a Raised Wicking Bed! Uncrate Lists ‘Bug-Out Bag‘ With Everything Needed for Apocalypse Survival ’Stuffed Into One Bag’ Bug-Out Bag.

Uncrate Lists ‘Bug-Out Bag‘ With Everything Needed for Apocalypse Survival ’Stuffed Into One Bag’

(Image: Uncrate) Uncrate, a magazine “for guys who love stuff,” has quite the all-in-one survival kit that it says has everything you may need to not only “survive” but “thrive.” But is it really the motherload of survival kits? Some have thoughts for modifying it. (Related: ‘Collapse’ preparations push skyrocketing survival gear sales) First, here’s all it lists: Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit ($40). Although this “Apocalypse PAK” or “Bug-Out Bag” is well-equipped, fans of Uncrate’s Facebook had some thoughts on the bag.

Earlier this year, author Brad Thor and Barrett Moore were on GBTV to discuss how to protect your identity and what you need to “prepare for a collapse.”


Water Collection. What's New Cage: (4QK35) Preppers & EDC Gear. Runt Clip ( 2 Sizes Back In Stock ) Neptune Spear Challenge Coin ( Back In Stock )

What's New Cage: (4QK35) Preppers & EDC Gear

Emergency Preparedness. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear and more... Conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary – Townhall.

Prepared Christian Being Prudent In Today's World.


Survival. $3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin. Joshua Zimmerman has a great project up on Instructables for turning an Altoids tin into a compact solar radio.

$3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin

All said, the entire project cost a whole $3. It seems like a project coming at a time when everyone is ultra aware of emergency situations, so it is both a fun and practical weekend tinkering project. It even comes complete with plug-in headphones. Joshua writes, "In honor of all my good friends still over in Japan I've decided to create an Instructable for a $3 Emergency Solar Radio. It's a great thing in case of tsunami, nuclear melt down, or zombie invasion. And he's right. With a project time of just under an hour, it's ideal for testing out your DIY skills on a weekend.

The full instructions are on Instructables, so you can get the details for putting this together yourself -- the steps don't look daunting, and it's a great learning project. Your Patriot Owned Survival Store & Home of the Genesis Garden Survival Seed Bank. Camping/Survivalist. First Aid Kits - Items in a First Aid Kit - First Aid Kit Items. Every first aid kit evolves to meet the needs of the person or family who created it.

First Aid Kits - Items in a First Aid Kit - First Aid Kit Items

Even kits that are purchased whole, with a collection of items bundled together in a convenient package, change over time. No matter what, here are some items that every kit should have. 1. Cellular Telephone There is no first aid kit that can contain every item necessary to take care of any situation. 2. About First Aid Kits. First Aid Kit - How to Make a First Aid Kit. Having a first aid kit is an important part of emergency preparedness .

First Aid Kit - How to Make a First Aid Kit

You should have a first aid kit for both your home food storage and (as a condensed version) 72 hour kits . Directions: Print the notes and list of first aid supplies. Homesteading. Homesteading Medicine & Health. Preparedness Nuggets Index. The original index page for these Preparedness Nuggets, online since 1999, practically a geezer as webpages go, was recently corrupted.

Preparedness Nuggets Index

Not sure how that happened, but so it did. So the original somewhat gaudily decorated page is replaced with this much more simple page. I will try to replace the summaries of each index as I get time. These Preparedness Nuggets are composed of information gleaned from various online discussions in 1998-1999. 10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn. S Homemade Soap Recipe by Robert Wayne Atkins. Grandpappy's Homemade Soap Recipe Copyright © 2007,2008 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.

All rights reserved and all rights protected under international copyright law. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article. Introduction During hard times sooner or later everyone runs out of soap. To make soap you only need three things: rainwater,cold ashes from any hardwood fire, andanimal fat from almost any type of animal, such as a cow, pig, goat, sheep, bear, beaver, raccoon, opossum, groundhog, etc. Soap is not difficult to make and it does not require any special equipment.

Soap is a "perfect consumer product" for the following five reasons: Soap is a legal product.Everyone everywhere uses soap.Soap is completely used up in a short period of time.When people run out of soap they want to buy more.Soap is relatively low in price so almost everyone can afford it. Long-Term Food Storage. Step 7.

Take the bottom piece of the can and start to ruffle the perimeter of the can with your thumb. (Figure 10.) You don’t want creases, just ruffles. Emergency Kits.

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Survival Tools. Information is Key. Prepare. Preparation. Survial.