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Magnetic generator – Infinity SAV. The drum of the Magnetic Generator consists of a rotor with neodymium rear-earth permanent magnets and a stator with copper-wired bifilar coils.

Magnetic generator – Infinity SAV

Permanent magnets are uniformly situated along the circumference of the rotor with the same-name and opposite polar poles. 'Free Basics' Will Take Away More Than Our Right to the Internet. As the TRAI decides the fate of Free Basics, Mark Zuckerberg is in India with ₹100 crore, in pocket change, for advertising.

'Free Basics' Will Take Away More Than Our Right to the Internet

Facebook’s Free Basics is a repackaged, or in other words, a system where Facebook decides what parts of the internet are important to users. Reliance, Facebook’s Indian partner in the Free Basics venture, is an Indian mega-corporation with interests in telecom, energy, food, retail, infrastructure and, of course, land. Reliance obtained land for its rural cell phone towers from the government of India and grabbed land from farmers for SEZ’s through violence and deceit. As a result and at no cost, Reliance has a huge rural, semi-urban and suburban user base — especially farmers. Although Free Basics has been banned (for the time being), Reliance continues to offer the service across its networks.

A collective corporate assault is underway globally. 95% of the cotton in India is Monsanto’s proprietary Bt Cotton. Talk about choice. Adidas baseia estratégia em influenciadores. 50 Best Board Games of 2017 - Best New Adult Board Games. Sagrada In Sagrada, you and up to three friends compete to design and craft historically marvelous stained glass windows.

50 Best Board Games of 2017 - Best New Adult Board Games

The basic mechanics underlying Sagrada are elegant in their simplicity. Each round, someone grabs a handful of multicolored 6-sided die from a bag and rolls them. Then, players take turns drafting and placing the die like shards of stained glass onto a personal 4x5 grid 'window', making sure to follow the game's simple placement rules: dice of the same color or number can't ever touch. As your window fills up, these restrictions can become absolutely crippling, so foresight is a must. Best of all, Sagrada is one of the extremely few games with a single-player mode (an increasingly popular trope for board game designers) that's actually worth your time. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Secret Hitler Secret Hitler is a deduction-focused party game like Mafia or The Resistance, but with significantly more jackboots and accusations of fascist behavior. Gloomhaven Ethnos. HSBC escaped US money-laundering charges after UK intervention.

The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against HSBC for allowing terrorists and drug dealers to launder millions of dollars after George Osborne and the UK banking regulator intervened to warn that prosecuting Britain’s biggest bank could lead to a “global financial disaster”.

HSBC escaped US money-laundering charges after UK intervention

On Monday, a congressional report published letters and emails from Osborne and Financial Services Authority (FSA) officials to their US counterparts warning that launching criminal action against HSBC in 2012 could have sparked a “financial calamity”. The House financial services committee report said the UK interventions “played a significant role in ultimately persuading the DoJ [Department of Justice] not to prosecute HSBC”. Instead of pursuing a prosecution, the bank agreed to pay a record $1.92bn (£1.4bn) fine.

“FSA has been on the phone for the criminal discussions,” officials wrote in emails released in the House report. “That’s what has caused the latest firestorm. Everything You Wanted to Know About the DoJ/AP Controversy. Since news that the Justice Department had secretly obtained journalists’ phone records broke, the story has been developing quickly.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the DoJ/AP Controversy

Here is a quick overview of the issues. Check back for updates. What Happened? On May 13 Mark Sherman, of the Associated Press reported : “The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the agency's top executive called a ‘massive and unprecedented intrusion’ into how news organizations gather the news.” The records listed outgoing calls made during April and May of 2012 from 20 phone lines at AP offices in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and the AP’s line in the House of Representatives press gallery. Why Did it Happen? Reports have suggested, and recent comments by Attorney General Holder seem to confirm, that this is part of an ongoing Department of Justice criminal investigation into leaks that led to an Associate Press story in May of 2012.

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