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We are proud to announce our latest project : Dubstep Studio allowing music lovers to easily drag-n-drop their way to making professional sounding, club bouncing Dubstep tracks. After the successful launch of our Electro-House Blender for Scion we are back at it bringing Dubstep to the people.The "Create a Mix" contest, in partnership with MOG, is giving users the chance to win a trip to Dubstep Fantasy Camp where they will hang with top Dubstep producers as well as a private NYE concert. (You can listen to the top tracks in the widget located top-right of this page.) Recently we have developed a project with MINI for their exciting new Clubman car entitled The Other Mix (now offline). This interesting project involved recording dozens of sounds from the Clubman in a remote location in Belgium and then using these sounds to create custom mixes.

looplabs. free online music mixing software. created by

looplabs. free online music mixing software. created by


Here it comes! All details are in place for the sixth edition of the Blip Festival New York, taking place May 25-27 at The Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. Come dance all night to the sounds and lights produced by: BATSLY ADAMS · BIT SHIFTER · BURNKIT2600 · CHiKA · CHIPOCRITE · CHROMACLE · :| kREW · DANIMAL CANNON · DEADBEATBLAST · DR. VON PNOK · ENSO · EXILEFAKER · FLASHHEART · GEORGE & JONATHAN · GRAFFITI MONSTERS · INFINITY SHRED · KRIS KEYSER · JEAN Y. KIM · KODEK · MINUSBABY · MISFITCHRIS · MONODEER · NO CARRIER · NULLSLEEP · OMODAKA · PULSELOOPER · RADLIB · SHITBIRD · WIZWARS · ZEN ALBATROSS 8bitpeoples
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eJAMMING AUDiiO – The Collaborative Network for Musicians Creating Together Online in Real Time
Find People. Make Music. Online

Find People. Make Music. Online

Indaba Music is an online community for musiciansand the best place to find opportunities for your music. We’re here to help you make music everyday. Connect with the best in the business. Compose, record, and remix songs for superstar artists and global brands.

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Music For Robots We, the contributors, love and support well-made music and make every effort to support the artists we love by purchasing their work (it is our policy only to post what we own). Through this site, we're simply trying to share good music with others who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. We encourage everyone to purchase music and concert tickets for the artists you feel merit your hard earned dollars. Also, if you own the copyright to one of these songs and would like a song removed, please let us know. Read Robot David B. elsewhere The Robot Mark has a tumblr.
LA BLOGOTHEQUE Quand on l’a rencontré avec Aelred, début décembre, après son concert aux Instants Chavirés, on savait déjà qu’ “Estampida” serait l’un de nos albums préférés de cette année 2013. On aimait la sérénité, le geste sûr et ample, les respirations et la grâce qui se dégageaient de ces neuf chansons pour voix et guitare espagnole. Ce disque avait le culot de venir de quelque part et de rompre la monotonie des parutions qui ressassent le même idiome, les mêmes figures, les mêmes obsessions, anglaises et américaines. Le plaisir d’écoute y était immédiat, mais on sentait aussi sous les belles évidences, le jeu, l’invention, et un appétit pour le monde et les autres peu commun.


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First Listen On January 20, Montreal-based producer {*style:<a href=''>*}Thomas White{*style:</a>*} is set to release his {*style:<i>*}Killah{*style:</i>*} EP via Hyperboloid, a record which will feature remixes from the likes of cyberculture-obsessed duo {*style:<a href=''>*}BWWWOYS{*style:</a>*}. Consisting of producers 1NTERNETBOY and GRADIENTKID, the Hyperboloid-affiliated outfit pushes a so-called "Internetghetto" sound, and it's an accurate description for "Missin You (BWWWOYS Remix)." The track forges a dark atmosphere with its minimal-yet-heavy beats built on pitch-shifted vocals and diverse samples of glass shattering, trickling water, and beyond. XLR8R | Accelerating Music and Culture

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