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Sound Bites Growing up in the late '70s/ early '80s, I spent a lot of time in the car with my parents and the only radio station we could ever agree on was WRON in my hometown of Lewisburg, WV. The FM station was easy listening (way more horrible than the Lite FMs of today) and it's AM version which played the hits. And at the time, the hits were all pretty mellow. Barry Gibb was writing for everyone, the Doobie Brothers were huge, "You Light Up My Life" was unavoidable, and the Little River Band was the WV-approved version of Steely Dan. Despite the path my musical taste has taken since, I still have a soft spot for soft rock. (Yes, I own England Dan & John Ford Coley's Nights Are Forever on vinyl.)

hearsay » august 2011 mix Posted on Monday 8 August 2011 It’s been some time since I’ve posted on this blog and I am happy that topomodesto gave me the opportunity to put together a mix. In the face of algorithm driven mix generation I hope that there continues to be interest in crafting diverse listening experiences. What may start as a matter of convenience easily translates into common practice.

PopMatters-Reviews Wednesday, April 16 2014 Woods: With Light and With Love With Light and With Love is Woods' most cleanly produced record to date, and the brittle edges of their sound now melt around bright, bittersweet songs. Tuesday, April 15 2014 The Both: The Both

#352 Lapalux – Time, Patience, Everything sharon van etten: Lately, I have been obsessed with this band from Montreal called Automelodi. I work at a record label (Ba Da Bing Records) and my boss, Ben, is constantly getting new records in. He knows I have a soft spot for 80s/90s post punk/early electro, vaguely alternative music... and so one day, he put on a Wierd Records compilation. It was a vinyl set of like 4 pieces or something. There were so many good bands on there... however, Automelodi stuck out in my mind as being an authentic, genuine, NON-cheesy version of the 80s I wish I was a part of. The song in particular that gets me going in the morning is called "Schéma Corporel". mp3: automelodi - schéma corporel

Yair Yona: Remember Acoustic guitarist from Tel Aviv makes a statement Yair Yona is an Israeli guitar player whose album Remember is a collection of instrumental guitar tunes that showcase his impressive skills. “Remember” kicks off the album with a gently swaying slide guitar riff, while “Are You Smarter than a 35 Year Old TV Host?” sounds like an undiscovered gem from the Bert Jansch songbook, notwithstanding its jokey title. Whale in a Cubicle · CONCERT: Lia Ices and The Cave Singers in Bloomington Last Friday night we made it down to Bloomington for the first time in far too long to see Lia Ices and The Cave Singers at Russian Recording. Before I get into the show itself, I need to mention that Russian Recording might just be my new favorite venue in Indiana – it’s a recording studio they set up to serve as a club, and holy cow! It’s so great! It’s intimate, cozy, and of course, sounds amazing. After a particularly soaring coda to one of her beautiful songs, Lia Ices looked especially startled and pleased, saying something like, “that sounded really cool”.

Higher & Higher – Jackie Wilson (YUM YUM edit) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Your Love keeps lifting me higher & higher. Summers back, and while being in the mood for some sunny music i came across this Jackie Wilson classic, so i did this little re-edit this morning. will surely play it out the next time i hit the tables, but this weekend we all djs here at chromemusic have off, so have fun with this track and its summery, positive vibes, especially if your gf is called mary jane.

music is art » Blog Archive » Daze Away Mixtape DAZE AWAY is the second installment in the Days Away series. 1. Delorean – Seasun 2.

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