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No End to The War in Afghanistan (1/2) Junaid S.

No End to The War in Afghanistan (1/2)

Ahmad, Professor of Law at Lahore University says after fourteen years of occupation nothing has improved, none of the objectives have been met, the situation is far worse and the US is in greater threat - Transcript SHARMINI PERIES, EXEC. PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore.After months of discussions with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, President Obama has announced his plans to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan but reduce them from the current 9,800 to 5,500 before he leaves office in early 2017, essentially abandoning the commitment he made early in his presidency and during the 2008 campaign to bring the war in Afghanistan to an end. Families of 9/11 Victims On Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court. SM Gibson August 10, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) For many years, rumors have circulated regarding the U.S. government’s involvement in an active cover-up of a sinister connection between Saudi Arabia and the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Families of 9/11 Victims On Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court

In fact, 28 redacted pages from a congressional intelligence report are said to contain damning information that implicates the Saudis in the 2001 mass murder of American citizens. World News, Politics & Analysis. THE TRUTH ABOUT POLITICAL NEWS. Britain to face Arctic Winter as mild autumn triggers polar gales and heavy snow. CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist. How Monsanto Controls the Government. Agriculture and biotech giant Monsanto (MON) has become the poster child for genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

How Monsanto Controls the Government

The St. Louis-based company has led efforts since the 1990s to make GMOs part of the nation’s diet. It also dominates the market for genetically modified crops, supplying farmers across the world with its corn, soy, sugar beets and alfalfa seeds. According to freelance reporter Chris Parker, who recently wrote a 4,000 word expose of Monsanto in the Village Voice newsweekly, Monsanto’s seeds “cover 40% of America’s crop acres and 27% worldwide.” In an interview with The Daily Ticker, Parker describes in detail how connected Monsanto is to Washington lawmakers, a feat accomplished by spending $70 million in lobbying since 1998 and $10 million in campaign contributions in the past decade.

A Monsanto spokesperson provided this response to The Daily Ticker: There are a handful of companies like Monsanto that are trying to change the global food landscape. Source: Yahoo. Reality Zone Home Page. 10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011) Activist Post Many readers will expect to see Matt Drudge or Arianna Huffington on this list.

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

Although they both indeed have leading Internet news websites that cover some fringe stories and report on systematic injustices more so than the mainstream media, they primarily aggregate mainline news. Therefore, they are excluded from our “alternative media” label. The criteria we’ve chosen to base these rankings of the most influential alternative media figures are the following; people that have the courage to seek the truth no matter where the information leads them; those with the courage to question 9/11; those who don’t buy into the false left-right political paradigm;those who are grounded in peace and liberty;those with the communication skills and platform to affect real change. Significantly, each of the people who made our list is clearly driven by unyielding passion. 10.

. , and How the Economy was Lost . 9. . Natural Health News and Scientific Discoveries - UK News and Opinion - The Huffington Post United Kingdom. Financial War Reports. Prison ALEX JONES Prison Planet TV. RT. Progressive, Liberal United States and International News, Opinion, Op-Eds and Politics. We Need a News Network Independent of the Elites. TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay: Because we don't take corporate money or accept funding from either the Democrats or the Republicans, your donation is what makes The Real News possible - Bio Paul Jay, is CEO and Senior Editor of The Real News Network.

We Need a News Network Independent of the Elites

Prior to TRNN, Jay was for ten seasons the creator and Executive Producer of CBC Newsworld's flagship debate programs, counterSpin and FaceOff. Jay has produced and directed more than 20 major documentary films including "Return to Kandahar", "Lost in Las Vegas" and "Hitman Hart: wrestling with shadows", a feature length documentary, that was screened in 25 major festivals and won more than a dozen awards. It's been called "one of the most acclaimed Canadian films in years"(eye magazine), "A tale as bizarre as Kafka and as tragic as Shakespeare" (Ottawa Citizen) and "one of the best films of 1998"(Peter Plagens, art critic for Newsweek).

The Real News Network - Independent News, Blogs and Editorials. Smart, Fearless Journalism. English Russian news and analysis. WORLD NEWS. Activist Post: US Openly Approves Hong Kong Chaos it Created. Tony CartalucciActivist Post The "Occupy Central" protests in Hong Kong continue on - destabilizing the small southern Chinese island famous as an international hub for corporate-financier interests, and before that, the colonial ambitions of the British Empire.

Activist Post: US Openly Approves Hong Kong Chaos it Created

Those interests have been conspiring for years to peel the island away from Beijing after it was begrudgingly returned to China in the late 1990s, and use it as a springboard to further destabilize mainland China . (Image: The US now openly supports chaos on the streets of Hong Kong, this after condemning "occupy" protests in Bangkok earlier this year. The difference being in Thailand, protests sought to oust a US proxy, Hong Kong protests seek to put one into power.) Politics Political News and Anaylsis. TheSleuthJournal - Real News Without Synthetics. World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? - Investigation. Education. Accountability.

Open Your Eyes. World News, Politics & Analysis.