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Jan 2020

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You Can Now Play A Ginormous Version Of Twister At JFK - Secretnyc. Bravo Media Interactive Keyboard Projection. Best Event Marketing Ideas of the Week from Yahoo, Aflac, Freixenet, and More. Best Event Marketing Ideas of the Week from Goop, C.E.S., the SAG Awards, and More. Interactive office lobby. This Bubble Tea Shop In Queens Is Entirely Pink Including A Hot Air Balloon Couch. Prada Mode Paris. Prada presents the fourth iteration of Prada Mode, the travelling social club with a focus on contemporary culture that provides members a unique cultural experience along with music, dining, and conversations.

Prada Mode Paris

Set to align with the opening of Paris Haute Couture on 19–20 January 2020, Prada Mode Paris will occupy Maxim’s, the legendary, 1893 Belle Époque restaurant. For Prada Mode Paris, the iconic restaurant will be transformed by AI researcher and professor Kate Crawford and artist and researcher Trevor Paglen into an installation titled “Making Faces” which presents both a history and future of AI training images and take a critical look at current surveillance and policing systems, all mapped on the art nouveau interior of Maxim’s. The space serves as a reminder of the dark histories from which contemporary facial recognition systems have emerged. Inside Prada’s Pop-Up Private Club. The It bag may be more like an old hat these days — at least when it comes to fashion’s front row.

Inside Prada’s Pop-Up Private Club

But exclusivity is not exactly out of style; it’s just no longer symbolized by something you can swing from your arm. In 2020, partying with Prada is what counts. And it’s an experience money can’t buy. This week Prada Mode, the Milanese luxury label’s roving private member’s club, has hit Paris. Introduced in 2018, the club already landed in Miami and Hong Kong during Art Basel, and in London for Frieze.

Exclusive: Prada Mode Opening Party. 50,000-Square-Foot Garden Populates New Workspace, Making It the Densest Urban Forest in Los Angeles. Best Event Marketing Ideas of the Week from Yahoo, Aflac, Freixenet, and More. Fashion Designer Nafsika Skourti's the Invisible Room in the Desert. WADI RUM, JORDAN—Jordanian fashion designer Nafsika Skourti recently took the concept of dining al fresco to a whole new level, thanks to her art installation-slash-temporary venue called “The Invisible Room.”

Fashion Designer Nafsika Skourti's the Invisible Room in the Desert

“I wanted to create an invisible structure in the midst of magnificent nature, one that was only discernible when it was illuminated,” explained Nafsika who, along with her sister Stephanie Skourti, runs her eponymous fashion label. “I wanted to showcase the majestic landscape of Jordan and bring visitors close to the source of what is exceptional in this land. BizBash. Seed to Branch - Digital Marketing & LinkedIn experts on LinkedIn: #nike #productlaunches #retail. 11 Things That Shaped the Decade in Events. As the decade comes to a close, we're exploring the tools and trends that had the biggest impact on the event industry.

11 Things That Shaped the Decade in Events

Here's our (highly subjective) list of 11 things that have had the biggest impact on events, meetings, trade shows, and other live gatherings, from social media to event apps to yes, Donald Trump. What would you add to the list? Share you thoughts on LinkedIn or Twitter. 11. The rise of experiential marketing and face-to-face gatheringsAs technology continues to saturate every aspect of our lives, many brands this decade turned to in-person events as a way to stand out. The same concept applies to businesses. Further Reading:What This Fake Brand's Pop-Up Can Teach Us About the Power of EventsWhy Pop-Ups Are Getting Even More PopularPodcast: How Face-to-Face Events Can Change the World 10. Innovative Augmented Reality Book Merges Dance, Theater, Literature, and Technology. Miniature Figures Ski and Swim Through Mixed-Media Paintings by Golsa Golchini.

New-years-honours-list-in-full-a4322181. The New Year's Honours have been awarded with the focus, as usual, on high profile politicians, celebrities, sportsmen and women, and some controversial decisions.


But what about everyone else - the selfless community champions or those who dedicated a lifetime to public, military or emergency service? Well, here they are - the full New Year's Honours list: Bite Me: Packaging Insults Chewers as They Grab a Piece of Tooth-Shaped Gum. An outlook of 2020's biggest food and restaurant trends - Insider.

Insider spoke with two restaurant and culinary experts to explore up-and-coming food trends for 2020.Fermented drinks like kombucha and makgeolli will grow in popularity in 2020.Kids' menus will get more ambitious, with chefs incorporating more whole grains and global cuisine into their meals.Home meal kits will also become an increasingly popular restaurant alternative.Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

An outlook of 2020's biggest food and restaurant trends - Insider

The 2010s have been marked by avocado toast, kale, plant-based meat alternatives, and recently, cult-favorite fast-food chicken sandwiches. But with a new decade just around the corner, what's the next big thing we should expect in food? To find out, Insider spoke with Hudson Riehle, the senior vice president of research at the National Restaurant Association, and Allan Sherwin, a professor of culinary management at Michigan State University. The Food Trends Predicted to Take Over Menus in 2020. Start blending your beef burgers with mushrooms and clear your throat for some voice-command ordering, because 2020 is almost here.

The Food Trends Predicted to Take Over Menus in 2020

UI/UX Design Trends for 2020 - UX Planet. As technologies progress and give designers and developers these insanely powerful tools, the tech culture switches the conversation towards meaning and narrative rather than emotion and sensation.

UI/UX Design Trends for 2020 - UX Planet

Falter Inferno by Wild. A depiction of today’s living hell, daring you to take a look in the mirror. Gestalt theory implies that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we are solving a business problem with design, we are contributing to something bigger than a company’s wellbeing. Affecting people with products is a responsibility beyond judicial. The MTA Is Now Turning Subway Announcements Into Ads, Starting With Awkwafina. What Will Have the Biggest Impact on Events in 2020?

"2020 is all about the eco/green event.

What Will Have the Biggest Impact on Events in 2020?

Everything is moving in the direction of being more sustainable—we're going paperless for invitations, stocking bars with biodynamic wines, designing with local flowers that don’t need to be flown in from overseas, and swapping material favors for more charitable gifts that 'give back' to the environment, like planting a tree or adopting an animal in your guest/host’s honor.”Melissa Andre, owner and creative director, Melissa Andre Events, Los Angeles “In 2020, KPIs are king.

Emerging technologies are allowing agencies to track the consumer’s path through an event, proving success (or lack thereof) through spatial analytics: real-time data on engagement, dwell time, frequency, and overall impact. Build and burn is being rethought as concerns about sustainability grow. More brands will ask for multi-use modularity of scenic and fabricated pieces, a ‘kit of parts’ that can scale across client’s programs. Time Out London on Instagram: “There's a brand new glowfest in town. @lightopiafestival has already appeared in Edinburgh and Manchester, and will make its way down to…”

Mastercard's single is a priceless moment in musical history. 2020 has begun, in marketing terms, with the thrilling news that Mastercard has released a single (Merry Go Round) that "builds upon Mastercard’s sound architecture in a way that gives new meaning and purpose to the brand".

Mastercard's single is a priceless moment in musical history

This bold initiative has already been described by Vice as a "dumbass project". Is that fair? GET REAL(ITY) SodaStream hosted a pop-up in the Square One shopping center in Mississauga to provide customers the opportunity to “live the brand in a live space.” As part of the event, the soda machine brand hosted an interactive VR experience that demonstrated the positive environmental impact of SodaStream usage.

Through a VR headset, participants were transported below the surface of the ocean where they could catch plastic waste as it floated into view. YouTube. LG Display's first-class airline displays are bonkers - Video. CES 2020: Riding Segway's S-Pod Is Like Zooming Into the Future. The Wheel Hubs of a Vintage Volkwagen Beetle are Reimagined as a Pair of “Volkspod” Scooters. Rombout frieling lab's interactive bus stop has rotating pods that serve as windshields. In order to reduce car usage, cities around the world are aiming to boost public transportation, incorporating electric buses and other means. in order to redesign the electric bus experience, the research institutes of sweden asked rombout frieling lab to design an experimental bus station which transforms the waiting experience, especially in the extreme climate of umeå.

McArthurGlen Pixel Artworks #GardenofLight. Sundance Festival Announces 2020 New Frontier Lineup. Infinitely Yours (Director: Miwa Matreyek) ― A live performance at the intersection of cinema and theater exploring what it means to be living in the Anthropocene and the time of climate crisis. A kaleidoscopic meditation that is an emotionally impactful and embodied illustration of news headlines we see everyday.

A Machine for Viewing (U.K. -Australia – Directors: Oscar Raby, Richard Misek, Charlie Shackleton, Producers: Richard Misek, Oscar Raby) ― A unique three-episode hybrid of real-time VR experience, live performance and video essay in which three moving-image makers explore how we now watch films by putting various ‘machines for viewing,’ including cinema and virtual reality, face to face. Portable Printer Directly Prints Designs On Clothes. Take to the Streets with a Free Font Inspired by Climate Activist Greta Thunberg’s Hand-Painted Protest Signs.

Painting With Code: UI Engineer Diana Smith Creates Baroque-Inspired Portraits with CSS. Chris Hooper on LinkedIn: #BloodyLegend #outofhomeadvertising. Experiential Marketing 2020: 10 Exciting Statistics. The power of experiential marketing is undeniable. Live events offer something unique that no other marketing channel can – authentic, personalized, and sensory-driven experiences that build human connections. Simply stated, the strategy has completely revolutionized the way brands and consumers interact and engage with one another. HP & Intel’s Digital Eden (Photo: Intel) To demonstrate the value of experiential marketing, we’ve pulled together 10 significant statistics that highlight the current state of the industry and where it’s headed in 2020. 10 Exciting Experiential Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2020 In 2018, experiential marketing spending in the U.S. reached $62.29 billion, a 7.5% increase from the year prior ($57.7 billion).

The Best of Japanese Dining and Design, Under One Parisian Roof. Zero-Waste Packaging for Liquids is Made Entirely of Soap. Deliveroo Christmas ad hails midwives as UK's 'best delivery service' Deliveroo has claimed that it is the second-best delivery service in the UK – behind midwives – in its first-ever Christmas campaign, which promotes its drive to donate funds to University College London Hospital this festive season. Golden Globes Go Vegan: We Want to "Send a Good Message" Google Brings Communities Together with Grow with Google Center in NYC. The new Grow with Google Center in NYC opens its arms to the community in an effort to provide technology courses for people in search of career advancements.

Google’s new Grow with Google Center in Chelsea is a free community venue that recently opened and provides the public with technology courses to help advance their careers. Tapped to bring the venue to life, experiential design agency Jack Morton Worldwide worked with Google to build an approachable space that playfully interweaves natural, analog design with its modern subject matter.

Every detail of the communal area achieves a level of functionality in its most simplistic form: a retro-inspired Oat Foundry split-flap display greets guests at the front desk; oak-hued murphy tables fold up into the wall with a simple latch; a painted mural decorates wall-mounted doors to create a ‘photo-ready’ moment; and green plants adorn every table and shelf.

Dorothy Di Stefano on LinkedIn: #LinkedInTopVoices #drones #dronedisplay.