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With thousands of unrelated cases worldwide of people experiencing this, why would Wikipedia and the CDC both cite this affliction as delusional? For them to say otherwise would be an admission of guilt to the knowledge of its creation and subsequent dissemination via a multitude of vectors.

(1) Paul Stamets — How Mushrooms Can Save You and (Perhaps) the World. Exploiting Bacteria to Produce "Living Materials" A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have unveiled a system whereby bacterial cells are engineered in such a way that they incorporate specific non-living materials into their biofilms, creating a "living material".

Exploiting Bacteria to Produce "Living Materials"

Biofilms are generated when bacteria cluster together and stick onto a surface. Often the bacteria will secrete substances that assist in this adherence, such as proteins and carbohydrate polymers (called polysaccharides) which form a slime. (3) NASA BRAND MAN'S MORGELLONS HAIR. Morgellons Disease - Nano Genocide - Environmental Warfare. (1) MHS9: MORGELLONS HAIR AND GENETIC TRANSFORMATION. (6) Bases 68 Interdimensional Insects Part 1. Got Dust? Produced by GM Fungus associated with Morgellons?

MORGELLONS, LYME, and Targeted Individuals - The MISSING LINK is FUNGAL INFECTION. Morgellons disease: Analysis of a population with clinically confirmed microscopic subcutaneous fibers of unknown etiology. Properties and Applications of Silica Nanoparticles. Silicon dioxide nanoparticles, also known as silica nanoparticles, are promising for biological applications owing to their excellent biocompatibility, low toxicity, thermal stability, facile synthetic route, and large-scale synthetic availability.

Properties and Applications of Silica Nanoparticles

The particle size, crystallinity, porosity, and shape can be precisely manipulated, enabling the silica nanoparticles for various applications. Moreover, numerous available surface modifications of silica nanoparticles permit their control of surface chemistry to achieve drug loading, good dispensability, and site-specific targeting. These properties, if combined and developed appropriately, make silica nanoparticles a platform for biomedical imaging, detecting, therapeutic delivery, monitoring, and ablative therapies. With the design of diverse dopants, surface functional groups, and assembly techniques, multifunctional nanoparticles can be developed with theranostic applications. Properties Applications 1. 2. 3. 4. MRP Symptom Survey Results - Carnicom Institute. MORGELLONS: Time Release Implant. Morgellons~Candida Fungus~Nano-Technology. MHS12: TOXIC TO YOUR DNA. MHS 20: BIOCRIMES, BINARY BIOLOGY, PROTEOPATHY, MORGELLONS, MONSANTO NARRATED.

Jeff & Cliff Mickelson - Morgellons Nano Fibers And Nano Smart Dust. A Seaweed Derivative Could Be Just What Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Need. Nanomarkassimilation. Directory of info in regarding Assimilation and Mutation by NanoGentic Engineering Nano Aerosols These have been with us since the industrial revolution and since the early 50's these particulates were called ultrafine particles that were released into the environment~ and over the years through increased releasing of chemicals these particulate matter have interacted in the atmosphere producing chemistry that is not even listed in the periodic table. Fullerenes and NanoAssmebly These are constructs and templates that are utilized in several fashions to construct~ repair~ assemble~ and deliver it's program to a designated area to fulfil a building or an assembly of materials or to to deliver materials and or pharma agents to embed them further into the DNA of the host .

Nano Assimilation and Replication Solutions to Assist in the removal of the Nanopoisoning or restoration of the DNA. Morgellons Why All the Aluminium. Extremophile Hunter - Science Nation. Astrobiologist Richard Hoover really goes to extremes to find living things that thrive where life would seem to be impossible--from the glaciers of the Alaskan Arctic to the ice sheets of Antarctica.

Extremophile Hunter - Science Nation

"I have personally been to many of the most hostile and extreme environments on Earth," said Hoover. These so-called "extremophiles" are bacteria that have adapted to living in harsh conditions. They were unknown to scientists until just a few years ago. But then researchers started finding these hearty microbes flourishing in unlikely places--like inside the geysers of Yellowstone National Park, and within deep-sea hydrothermal vents, called "black smokers. " "Aside from the deep interior core of the Earth, microorganisms seem to be able to thrive anywhere else," said Hoover. Back at the lab Once Hoover harvests the extremophiles, the race is on back at his laboratory in Alabama to grow them.

German Biologist Presents Brilliant Lecture/Slide Show Exposing Weaponized Parasites Being Sprayed Via Chemtrails: Underscores Extreme Need to DETOX!!! David Rockefeller Created the Club of Rome in 1968 For Population Control Purposes He is Totally On Board With Their Aerosol Program To Exterminate Millions of People Under the Guise of the UN's "Treaty on Climate Change" A few days ago I had a call from a customer who has mites crawling under her skin, and draining her energy, laying eggs inside her body, and many misinformed shrinks tried telling her has "delusional parisitosis", but no intelligent person watching biologist Vella's erudite lecture and slide show here could possibly agree with such an insulting misdiagnosis.

German Biologist Presents Brilliant Lecture/Slide Show Exposing Weaponized Parasites Being Sprayed Via Chemtrails: Underscores Extreme Need to DETOX!!!

(Iconic 60s folk singer Joni Mitchell is on her death bed in a hospital in LA also suffering from this man made scourge, and she has also been insulted in the media which has had the nerve to call her "Delusional" but I and many others who know the truth stuck up for her in comments following this NY Times article. (Soon IABDM will have completed a three month study being conducted by Dr.

Know Your Enemy & How You Can Protect Yourself! Full Explanation of Stanford Universities Evil Patent Which Unleashed Morgellons Hell on the World. IAHF List: Previously I sent you this youtube created by a very bright Morgellon's sufferer who provides a tremendous amount of insight and understanding of Stanford Universities patented "ecdysone switch", which weaponized parasites such as callembola and others which are boring deep into our lung tissue threatening to destroy all of our health!

Know Your Enemy & How You Can Protect Yourself! Full Explanation of Stanford Universities Evil Patent Which Unleashed Morgellons Hell on the World

We have all breathed the weaponized, genetically engineered Morgellons parasites into our lungs. The extent to which we detox is the determining factor on whether or not we'll get full blown Morgellons the way Joni Mitchell and thousands of other people have including the woman with the horrible skin lesions shown in the photo above. In the following excerpt from my transcript below we will see what is CAUSING those horrible itching skin lesions shown in the cracked back of the woman in the photo above: There are 38 species of parasitic flies. The female lays eggs in unbroken wounds in unbroken skin in the nose or ears in food or water. Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study. The Discovery of Thiocyanates within the Cross-Domain Bacteria - Carnicom Institute. CDC Confirm Morgellons Is A Real Disease, – Nwo Report. Researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease.

CDC Confirm Morgellons Is A Real Disease, – Nwo Report

Millions of people worldwide suffer from Morgellons Disease – a disease characterized by weird biting sensations on the skin, painful skin eruptions, and mysterious fibers visibliy growing out of the skin. Most people within the medical community have dismissed patients suffering from the disease, labelling their symptoms as ‘delusional parasitosis’ or ‘delusional infestation’. reports: After thousands of complaints to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in January of 2008, the CDC paid researchers over $300,000 to conduct a 3-year study on Morgellons. IT'S IN ALL YOUR FOOD - NO ESCAPING THE NANO TECH. Kandy Griffin Vandawalker - A Comprehensive Review of Morgellons. THE MORGELLONS DOCUMENTARY. Episode #41: Morgellons with Dr. Ginger Savely, DNP. LAB RESULTS of Filaments falling from the skies over Wexford. Carnicom Institute - A Working Hypothesis - Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption. This paper seeks to identify a host of organic compounds that are likely to comprise the core physical structure of biologically produced filaments characteristic of the Morgellons condition.

Carnicom Institute - A Working Hypothesis - Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption

A biological oral filament sample will be analyzed for the presence of candidate organic functional groups using the methods of infrared spectrophotometry. Potential health impacts from these same core structures are examined and compared to the observed , reported and documented symptoms (in part) of this same condition. Potential mitigating strategies, from a research perspective only, are discussed. A body of evidence, accumulated over a period of several years, reveals that the Morgellons condition is likely characterized by a host of serious physiological and metabolic imbalances. This paper will be divided into three phases: I. II. III. Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease.

Sharing what works. Viruses, Morgellons and Ebola Sprayed From Planes? - The ConTrail. Will Vaccines protect the Oligarchs and their supporters while you get sprayed?

Viruses, Morgellons and Ebola Sprayed From Planes? - The ConTrail

UPDATE last modified 11/18/2014: New article addresses the release of EBOLA, viruses and Bio-weapons from planes that could also be spraying “chemtrails”. More Evidence that Morgellons Disease is an Infection, not a Delusion. Fig. 10 Papillae projecting from the dermis into the subdermal plane ... 100X The medical profession must be careful when making a diagnosis …The consequences of such misdiagnosis include delay in appropriate treatment, worsening of the actual disease process, and punitive labeling of the patient as "psychiatric"…Edward Kilbane, MD London, UK (PRWEB) May 02, 2013 The prestigious F1000 Research journal has published yet another paper linking the controversial Morgellons disease (MD) to a spirochetal bacteria.

More Evidence that Morgellons Disease is an Infection, not a Delusion

Until recently, MD was widely believed in the medical community to be purely psychological in origin; however, this latest in a string of new publications strengthens the evidence that sufferers are anything but delusional. Internist/Dermatologist Peter Mayne of Laurieton, NSW, Australia is the principal author of the latest scientific article on MD, Morgellons: a novel dermatological perspective as the multisystem infective disease borreliosis. New research - Morgellons proven to be a real disease - Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease, and GMO Foods, All Connected? One of the worst Morgellons cases - GMO Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Syngenta Pesticide Mafia. On 17th December 2007 Monsanto was found guilty of contempt of the South African Advertising Authority (ASA) for publishing false claims about the safety of GM foods.

One of the worst Morgellons cases - GMO Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Syngenta Pesticide Mafia

In January,2007, Monsanto was fined 15,000 euros (US$19,000 ) in a French court for misleading the public about the environmental impact of herbicide Roundup. Morgellon's Disease - Unexplained Files. Nanofiber applications. Applications described below represent the main areas of nanofiber utilization in healthcare. Many other medical applications can benefit from the favorable properties of nanofiber materials as well.

Nanofibers for medical purposes can be spun from biodegradable polymers and allows various additives that bring intended functionality. Moreover the structure and size (close to human cells dimension) of nanofibers can be controlled, thus optimized for tissue engineering research. Drug delivery. Morgellons is a Bioweapon. The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising. Self-assembling nanoparticles. Spinning carbon nanotubes (2005) Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis. Boron nitride nanotube: Tiny tube with great potential. Nano Dust **It's inside all of us* Ulf Diestelmann from Montreal*

Rise of the Colloidal Machines. The shift from Darwinian to bioengineered evolution: Paul Wolpe at TEDxPeachtree. What nasa morgellons have in common gmo connection logo in fibers 23 – Morgellons Disease Is Silicone Nanotechnology! - It Is NOT A Parasite - Research How Polymers Are Being Used For “Chemtrails” Pateo TV with Harald Kautz-Vella on Anti-Natural Assimilation.

Morgellons Introduction. Note: The Morgellons fibers have purely nothing do to with Chemtrails, Aliens, Mars spores, self-assembling plastic fabrics, robots and nano-technology, or any delusional conceptions, nor they can be produced from mites, worms, flies, springtails, beetles etc. Most of such statements are just unprofessional and despicable!

The purpose of this documentary and independent research site is to attempt to answer the questions of many people worldwide about this new disease historically called "Morgellons Syndrome" or "the silent and hidden U.S. epidemic" in various reports. Despite all subsequent clarifications, the term “Morgellons,” also known as an "unknown skin disorder," somehow has become established in the public mind since 2002. Nano Poisoning/Morgellons Disease – Bye Bye Blue Sky. The objective of this attack is to deface our immune system. The adage goes; you are what you eat. If this is the case, we are now all veritable “circuit boards”. These pictures were taken from nano researcher Tony Pantalleresco with an 800 x scope all within the last six months.

Sequence specificity at targeting double-stranded DNA with a γ-PNA oligomer modified with guanidinium G-clamp nucleobases. Home. Transbiology. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck ... what is it? Strange things are happening in our world. Materials are emerging that have not existed before, and we're not talking about ducks. As geoengineering scientists the world over expound on their ambitious plans for meddling with weather and nature to address "climate change," the public goes about its business as usual. "Mess with the weather? CARNICOM INSTITUTE: Nano-sized Bio-Engineered Pathogen Filaments Sprayed From Planes « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon.

Lost Arts Radio Show with Host Richard Sacks – LOST ARTS RESEARCH. NonSpiral Borrelia Part 1 Explanation of Shape shifting and Form Metamorphosis of Spirochetes. Patent US20090280480 - Devices from Prion-Like Proteins - Google Patents. [0001] This application claims priority benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/689,783, incorporated herein by reference in its entirety. From The Morgellons Exposed Website of Jan Smith's (not a lot left better copy) This is so this information is not lost: Diary Of A Morgellons Parasite Disease Sufferer. Nanotech, BioAPI, Chemtrails and Mind-Control. Morgellons: A Nano-911 Foreign Invader. Who Made Morgellons? The Morgellons Test - Are YOU host to an ALIEN parasite? Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man.

I really do feel that Collembola do play a role in our itching and crawling sensations. In fact, I believe they are responsible for the majority of my crawling and biting sensations at this point. If I am correct, and I’m not sure I am, are they here to feed on fungi and or bacteria in my body? Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease. MORGELLONS U.S. Patent #, Creators' Names DISCLOSED. THIS VIDEO EXPLAINS WHY THE SWARMING BITING INSECTS! Agrobacterium and Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection? Morgellons Disease - Nano Genocide - Environmental Warfare. Link Between Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Crops And Morgellons?

By Barbara H. Documents citing US 6245531 B1 - Polynucleotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor -  The Lens. Making a Morgellons Scrubber. Bio-insects+GeneticMarkers. There has been much disagreement in the Morgellon's community about what this disease really is. Some people use the word "body bugs". Elana Freeland: Transhumanist Future, Space Fence, and Twilight Language.

Ecdysone Insect Hormone Switches on Disease ← MORGELLONS MYSTERIES. Uncontrollable Bio Climate Change!!! Morgellons Gene Sequence and Substrains!!! (Video) 2017 - THE END OF ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT SYMPTOMS - END YOUR TARGETING SYMPTOMS. A cure for targeted individuals and the nano-tech disease. 08.12.13 pantalleresco tony one. WHAT IS BINARY BIOLOGY? ← MORGELLONS MYSTERIES.

Shocking connection between Chemtrails, Morgellons, and GMO FOODS. Experts provide proof. "A Gathering Of Momentum Part 9" Harald Kautz Vella Shayne Benatter. Morgellons Disease - A Crime of Silence. Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary. Living with A Nightmare By Jan Smith-The horrors of Morgellons Disease are exposed. Morgellons: The Most Important Info You Will Ever Know. Vincent Freeman - Hour 1 - Chemtrails Pathogen, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria. Morgellons Disease: The Big Lie, The Ultimate Cover-up. ALEX JONES - Morgellons GMO Foods Nano Technology 4-19-11. Joni Mitchell on Morgellon’s Disease. Morgellons From The Floor "8"- Morgellons Symptoms. !!! Scientific study Links MORGELLONS Disease to GM crops, food !!! 'Fibers' contain plant GENES ! Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease part 1of 2. NASA's MORGELLONSA PROGRAM: NASA IS CHANGING YOUR DNA.

Researchers report progress in development of carbon nanotube-based continuous fibers. Carnicom Institute - A Working Hypothesis - Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption. Clifford Carnicom Morgellon's: What is the Source? MORGELLONS-Stimuli-pH Responsive Hydrogels-June 28, 2010.