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Chill Out Point - Funny Images and Artwork Recent Chill Out's articles The Most Hilarious Roommate Notes Roommates are considered as family and for some people roommates turned into long run friendships and relationships. Here we have some hilarious roommate notes that show messages for their room fellows.

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ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night on February 13! New year. New Trivia Night!Join us on Thursday, February for our first Geek Trivia Night of 2014 at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA. Compete against your fellow geeks for the title of Geek Masters of the Universe and have a grand ol' time!Tickets go on sale 12pm ET Tuesday, January 21 on Brown Paper Tickets (link coming soon!). Stuff for Smart Masses
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- 绿色软件联盟 - 《绿盟:软件下载档案库》
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Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results. HoNLeague's Channel HoNLeague's Channel
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《首楞严经》资料站 2011-1 敬告 《首楞严经》专题资料网站 整体打包文件(CHM/RAR)下载 首楞严经资料站( 敬告 鉴于以下两个原因,2010年9月起本站运行方式为:仅提供网站整体打包下载,不再以动态网页方式运行。 原因一.本站2007年8月创建,至2010年8月,历经3年已基本完成《首楞严经》相关资料收集,并完成了繁体版经文的精确校对。此后,本站已无频繁更新的必要(因为本站重在收集古版资料,现代讲经等不是收录重点)。 原因二.在原经原典已具备的条件下,教观并进、深入学修便是行者终生事业。 《首楞严经》资料站 2011-1 敬告 《首楞严经》专题资料网站 整体打包文件(CHM/RAR)下载
禪心論壇 (香港正信佛教論壇) - Powered by Discuz! 分欄模式 禪心論壇 (香港正信佛教論壇) 今日: 588, 昨日: 425, 最高日: 1143 精華區 禪心論壇 (香港正信佛教論壇) - Powered by Discuz!
maba We welcome you and invite you to explore our site and visit our monastery to learn about the teachings that the Buddha has offered us so that you may find peace in your life. We offer weekly Sunday services, retreats and workshops, as well as special events and spiritual counseling. MABA is located on 60 acres of rolling hills and woodlands in Augusta, Missouri, about 45 minutes west of St. Louis. Please visit us for our weekly Sunday services. Weekly services are held every Sunday morning and includes classes, meditation, chanting, a dharma talk and a potluck vegetarian lunch. maba


“四禅八定”属于释家禅宗大乘功法。俗话说:“假传万卷书,真传一句话”。因此,下面以指明要领为侧重点,来简要地阐述一下两大阶段——小乘和中乘。 释家禅宗功法――四禅八定
耳根圆通法门(观音法门) - Qzone日志 一、前言 各种修行法门,由心识修行入门者,行者应需较具慧力,反之由观尘境修入者,较利於次机者;另由根性而修入者,慧、定两者均可兼具。然六根中以耳根圆通最能适应於一切上、中、下根基者。因耳根圆通法门有其特殊性,因其在修证过程中能定、慧兼顾。
Spirtual Enligtenment

開啟脈輪 This page is also available in your preferred language English. 脈輪冥想: 使用手印和聲音開啟不活躍之脈輪 這些脈輪冥想使用手印(特殊的手勢)以開啟脈輪。
A Cambodian Shiva head showing a third eye. In some traditions, such as Hinduism the third eye is said to be located around the middle of the forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. In other traditions, as in Theosophy, it is believed to be connected with the pineal gland.

Third eye

Opening Your Third Eye
Samuel Sagan
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