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Lykke Initial Coin Offering Campaign - - The Digital Growth Agency of Zurich. Growth hacking during ICO Key highlights: Blockchain Exchange and Wallet Lykke Raised $1 Million at delivered a pitch presentation, including Slideshare design & YouTube video to explain a complex product in layman’s termsComplete online visibility on placements, aimed at cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain enthusiastsRapid content distribution across all channels available, from Slack groups, Reddit to YouTube Lykke Exchange is a blockchain technology enabled trading platform providing real-time liquidity, open and free access to all.

Lykke Initial Coin Offering Campaign - - The Digital Growth Agency of Zurich

Lykke Coins were made available during the Initial Coing Offering (ICO) that was taking place in Sept/Oct 2016. supported Lykke during the ICO by using growth hacks and digital marketing to deliver the ICO message to the target audiences. Main challenges: How to evaluate an ICO. AX Trading Network. AX Trading Network. Our Portfolio - NEXT Investors. Our Team - NEXT Investors. Mr.

Our Team - NEXT Investors

Fanzilli is an IT professional with 25+ years of executive leadership and hands-on experience. His board tenure includes PeopleSoft, Avaya, Interwoven, nLayers and several other software companies. Mr. Fanzilli currently serves as a corporate director of Commvault, Calypso, 1010data, and the Linux Foundation. Mr. Mr. Mr. Fintech Week London – Leading 7 Day Fintech Festival.

Credit Suisse fintech duo try to be more than just money. Log In. Japan’s largest Forex market opens Bitcoin exchanges to overwhelming demand » Brave New Coin. Bitcoin experienced a large correction last week, closing down about 25% from it’s all-time high.

Japan’s largest Forex market opens Bitcoin exchanges to overwhelming demand » Brave New Coin

This week, price has begun to recover and has broken the key 50% retracement level. China’s easing of regulations played an instrumental role in the continued bullish bounce. Credit Suisse fintech duo try to be more than just money. UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, Swiss Life and Ernst & Young launch a blockchain focused accelerator » Brave New Coin. Two Swiss megabanks, UBS and Credit Suisse, along with Switzerland's leading ICT provider, Swisscom, retirement and financial solutions providers, Swiss Life, and global consultancy firm, Ernst & Young (EY), have all joined forces to launch a FinTech accelerator program for early stage FinTech startups.

UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, Swiss Life and Ernst & Young launch a blockchain focused accelerator » Brave New Coin

The announcement was made by the five companies last week during the worlds largest computer expo, CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany. The partner companies aim “to put Switzerland on the map as one of the world's leading locations for establishing a FinTech start-up.” The initiative is supported by the two local FinTech associations, Swiss Finance Startups and the Swiss Finance and Technology Association. The first round will be located in Zurich, and runs from July through September. - Credit Suisse. FIVE REASONS TO LAUNCH YOUR ICO IN SWITZERLAND - Smart Valor. What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?


TEN REQUIREMENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL ICO - Smart Valor. ICOs are gaining increasing popularity as a way of financing blockchain projects.


The advantages over traditional types of funding are obvious: the process is faster and less time-intensive than traditional VC funding; it lets you focus on your business and technology rather than on perfect pitches and long road trips; and if you attract the right kind of investors, it can also provide you with an initial user base. But before you go down the ICO route, you need to take an honest look at whether you meet the requirements.

And if you’re planning to buy ICO tokens, it also makes sense to check your chosen company against this list. Points one to four are essential – if you’re not meeting these, there’s no point going any further. 1. Blockchain Based Funding and ICO News. Create Account. Smart Contracts. You have a clear game plan but need assistance on implementation.

Smart Contracts

New Alchemy. Tokencard. Enhancing Every Token TokenCard allows you to spend ERC20 tokens at debit card terminals around the world.


This is revolutionary: you can buy groceries in DGX, ETH, DAI or any other ERC20 token. You can even spend multiple tokens in a single transaction, and even autonomously maintain a desired portfolio allocation within your Contract Wallet while you do it. Always in Control You never have to deposit with us, ever. Your tokens are secured inside a contract wallet you control. Allowances to enable TokenCard payments are set by you and can be modified or even revoked at any time by you. Qu’est-ce que la preuve d’enjeu / Proof-of-Stake ? – FAQ par V. Buterin – Traduction française. Quelle forme juridique pour une DAO ? Nous initions ici une série d’articles dont l’objectif est d’éclairer les articulations possibles entre une gouvernance décentralisée qu’un programme informatique définit, automatise et impose — Decentralized Autonomous Organization, ou DAO -, et une forme d’organisation sociale reconnue comme personne morale et autorisée par la législation à contracter avec des tiers (société commerciale, association, coopérative, etc — intitulée PM dans la suite de cet article).

Quelle forme juridique pour une DAO ?

Pour aller vite, une DAO peut se définir comme une application décentralisée (et donc non susceptible d’être contrôlée par un tiers) et dotée de fonds dont elle use selon des règles prédéfinies. Le concept de DAO a été introduit par Daniel Larimer et popularisé par Vitalik Buterin, le fondateur d’Ethereum. Plus récemment, le projet TheDAO a été sous le feu des projecteurs. DAO.LINK permet aux entreprises de contracter avec des DAO. La DAO, organisation autonome décentralisée, est un concept qui s’inscrit dans la philosophie de la décentralisation que laisse entrevoir la technologie blockchain.

DAO.LINK permet aux entreprises de contracter avec des DAO

Mais en étudiant les caractéristiques d’une DAO telles que décrites dans cet article, un juriste identifie rapidement des problèmes de droit. L’un des plus significatifs est celui-ci : en l’absence de personnalité juridique, la DAO ne peut signer de contrat avec une autre entreprise, ouvrir un compte en banque ou agir en justice. DAO.LINK propose une solution originale à ce problème. Avant de décrire l’activité de DAO.LINK, un bref aperçu des problèmes que posent les DAO en droit. Une DAO sur la blockchain Ethereum, c’est en substance un groupement de personnes (ou d’entreprises) anonymes (des participants), matérialisées sur la blockchain par une adresse (0x7D1cD61f6153efd679963d101C5c49374989C7E7).

« Smart contract », où le contrat auto-exécutant. L’apport essentiel d’Ethereum, lorsqu’on la compare aux autres blockchain existantes, se résume dans sa capacité à être programmée à l’aide d’un langage dédié (Solidity). Ce langage est dit « turing-complete », ce qui signifie qu’il permet d’exécuter l’ensemble des fonctions utilisés pour développer une application moderne : c’est un langage de programmation « complet »[1]. La possibilité de programmer simplement des « contrats »… There is a relatively untapped audience of Bitcoin users whose primary income is derived from bitcoin. This can be through mining, freelancing, entrepreneurial endeavors, trading, or being an early adopter. Regardless of the source, these users are eager to spend their bitcoins rather than exchange them back into their local currency.

Or they would like to use these bitcoins to pay when they are travelling, and avoid the need of exchanging into foreign currency. However, brick and mortar adoption of bitcoin has proven more difficult than expected. This document aims to take a look at the state of the payment processing industry, bitcoin and their resulting mutual potential.

Tokencard. Monaco Token Sale: A crypto debit card for ETH and BTC - Smith + Crown. Project Description Monaco is joining TokenCard, Mycelium, and Plutus in the race to develop a crypto debit card. The Monaco card will have a number of features: Compatible with both Bitcoin and EthereumPayment through visaMobile app that provides real time price and conversion rate dataFree money transfers between usersBiometric identificationFree exchanges between USD and EUR According to the founding team, payments made in BTC or ETH are converted to fiat for a 1 percent fee. All currency conversions are processed by Monaco. Project Details Token Details Sale Details. $224.10 ETH Live Price - ETHNews.

Zug: Switzerland’s Crypto Valley - World The canton of Zug is a region of Switzerland that’s become known as “Crypto Valley” – a moniker allegedly coined (pun intended) by Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie. Ethereum Project. Ethereum Zurich (Zürich) Ethereum Zurich Rejoindre A group for developers, entrepreneurs, innovative finance professionals and enthusiasts to learn about Ethereum, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is a crypto-platform and programming language. About the Ethereum Foundation. Mission and Vision Statement The Ethereum Foundation’s mission is to promote and support research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols and tools to the world that empower developers to produce next generation decentralized applications (dapps), and together build a more globally accessible, more free and more trustworthy Internet.

Foundation Team Executive Director. About the Ethereum Foundation. Build software better, together. Whitepaper - Creativechain. In that sense, the platform has been designed to strengthen the relationships that are generated in the processes of collective creation, therefore, any payment or donation can be chained to reward with a percentage to all the authors that are aligned in a creative chain.When someone makes a payment to a work, a percentage is distributed to the entire chain of works that follow. Whitepaper - OneGram. Sharia Whitepaper English Whitepaper Russian Whitepaper Abstract About eight years ago, a pseudonymous cryptographer known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as a digital analog to gold: Limited in supply, but secured by modern cryptography, and made for the internet age. Following Satoshi’s footsteps, many tried to improve on Satoshi’s original vision, and thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies were born.

Despite significant recent developments and innovation, the market for cryptocurrencies remains very niche. Accueil - OneGram. LinkedIn. The UK Introduces The First Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency - What to Know Before Trading Monero. While hundreds cryptocurrencies have been launched and many have attempted to provide users with greater privacy, they have seen varying levels of success.

CoinDesk - Accueil. USD 53 Million Worth of Bilur Issued After Purchase of 1 Million Oil Barrels. This is a paid press release. Contract. PrivacyPolicy. Bilur: The next Generation Cryptocurrency. This is a paid-for press release. Bilur market. GeneralTerms. Monaco Visa Raises $3M in 3 Days, Announces Instant Cashback Program. This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material.

iExec Crowdsale Results and Kickoff Budget – iExec – Medium. This post reports on what the iExec team is going to do with the funds they raised and the RLC tokens they own. iExec Crowdsale Results and Kickoff Budget – iExec – Medium. ICOs: Why People Are Investing In This $380 Million Phenomenon. Smith + Crown // Cryptofinancial News, Research & Analysis. Webmail. Webmail. Campaigns.nex. Smart Contract Academy. Après le soleil : vient la pluie. J'espère que vous avez des reins solides :) #bitcoin #trading #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading. A Brief History of Coin Crowdsales: Winners, Losers, and the Future of the Internet. Disruptive Powershift and future trends of a networked & digital world.