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Language(s) of schooling. Full text: Overview This document is directly linked to educational policies in Luxembourg and the challenges of multilingual school practices for subject teachers.

Language(s) of schooling

The vehicular languages are German and French with national regulations about language use in each class/ subject. The project presented here aims at enhancing teachers’ professional language skills as part of their general teaching proficiency as they have to cater for more and more linguistically diverse learners. The proposed course targets young secondary teachers, at postgraduate level, who are requested to confront concepts of learning and theoretical models with their own experiences in the classroom. The needs of teachers varying greatly, the areas for development are not equally relevant for all.

English Word Lists. WHOLE LANGUAGE: A NEUROCOGNITIVE APPROACH. Make Multicultural Paper Dolls. Transgressive learning in times of global systemic dysfunction: interview with Arjen Wals: Open Review of Educational Research: Vol 3, No 1. Transgressive Learning. Guide07 Executive 20Aug EN. From linguistic diversity to plurilingual education: Guide for the development of language education policies in Europe. 2007.

From linguistic diversity to plurilingual education: Guide for the development of language education policies in Europe

Jean-Claude Beacco, Michael Byram. This Guide is intended for those who influence, formulate and implement language education policy at any level. It presents approaches to the development of policies rather than policies as such, and is designed to accommodate the needs of different education contexts. The aim of the Guide is to offer an analytical instrument which can serve as a reference document for the formulation or reorganisation of language teaching in member states. Its purpose is to provide a response to the need to formulate language policies to promote plurilingualism and diversification in a planned manner so that decisions are coherently linked. Accordingly, the Guide does not promote any particular language education policy but attempts to identify the challenges and possible responses in the light of common principles. It constitutes one of the key documents for the development of (national or regional) Language Education Policy Profiles. Sprachbildung und Bildungssprache.

Alltagssprache und Bildungssprache Sprachbildung im Fachunterricht ist ein Thema für Lehrkräfte aller Schulformen, aller Fächer und aller Jahrgangsstufen.

Sprachbildung und Bildungssprache

Sprache macht den Menschen. Die Fähigkeit, Sprache erzeugen und verstehen zu können, macht den Menschen zu etwas Einzigartigem.

Sprache macht den Menschen

Doch nicht nur Menschen, auch Affen und Hunde können Wörter lernen. Wo liegt er also, der entscheidende Unterschied zu unserer menschlichen Sprache? Und wie entwickelt sich eigentlich dieses Medium, in dem wir sprechen und schreiben, denken und dichten? TU EDC Zeiberte EN. Youth Department of the Council of Europe.


Mediated learning and foreign language acquisition. 1Specialists in the area of motivation, Wlodkowski (1993) to name but one, argue convincingly that it is the root of success in any learning situation.

Mediated learning and foreign language acquisition

It is the root of success particularly in learning contexts such as ours where students who are specialists in other, frequently scientific areas, are not always as co-operative as one may hope. Doubtless, if many of our students find learning a foreign language just a little taxing to say the least, if they give the impression that minimum effort is the only approach, if it seems that they would rather be elsewhere, then there must be a reason. The reason is that they are not interested in the process, all they want is the finished product. They do not want to learn English, they would like to have learned English. 2Mainstream motivational psychology, even though it recognises the existence of extrinsic factors, invariably puts the onus on the actor.

Home - What teachers should know about learning science theory. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Skip to main content American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Advocacy ACTFL What are you doing in 30 min?

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Tune in to hear @MartyGAbbott talk about @LeadWLanguages and its goals. 16 hours 19 min ago. Latest News. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Wildlife Watch - Activity Sheets. Teachers & Parents - Fun Activities for All Topics - Kids' Science Challenge: Fun Educational Science Resources! Download these cool science project activities, with instructions you can follow at home or for your science fair project!

Teachers & Parents - Fun Activities for All Topics - Kids' Science Challenge: Fun Educational Science Resources!

Space Cafe How would you create a system to hold together one complete meal in space? Upside-Down Food Science How can astronauts swallow in zero gravity? What Rot! Can you find ways to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer? Play this fun online game! Teach De-Sign Bilingual. Viele Schulen in Europa machen sich auf den Weg, ein bimodal-bilinguales Bildungsangebot für hörbehinderte Schülerinnen und Schüler zu implementieren.

Teach De-Sign Bilingual

Migration: MIGRATION. Ef0003. Multilingualism - an asset and a commitment This European Commission communication stresses the value of linguistic diversity in the EU.


It presents the steps that should be taken to ensure that multilingualism is mainstreamed into EU policies, with the goal of reaching the Barcelona objective (Europeans should be able to communicate in two languages in addition to their mother tongue). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions - Multilingualism: an asset for Europe and a shared commitment (COM(2008) 566 final of 18.9.2008). Multilingualism is important for social cohesion and worker mobility. This is a key point in the 2008 Council resolution that highlights an EU strategy for multilingualism.Greater focus needs to be placed on adults and those outside formal education, who are more likely to be monolingual.

Intercomprehension of Romance Languages. If you understand French and are interested in learning other Romance languages, the MOOC Enseigner l’intercompréhension en langues romanes à un jeune public might be helpful.

Intercomprehension of Romance Languages

This MOOC, or CLOM in French, begins November 10, 2015, and lasts 4 weeks. It is designed for language teachers and students or anyone who is interested in multilingualism. The concept of intercomprehension refers to the ability of users of closely related languages to understand each other thanks to linguistic similarities. It appears that this particular MOOC will focus on the six main Romance languages of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Romanian.

Since it is developed by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, the language used to teach about intercompréhension is French. Apic - L'INTERCOMPREHENSION. Intercomprehension: A New Way of Learning : Nadeau Barlow. Françoise Ploquin is the president of L’Association pour la promotion de l’intercompréhension (APIC) (The Association for the Promotion of Intercomprehension). According to Ploquin it is possible to read an Italian newspaper or listen to a song in Spanish without having to speak those languages because of intercomprehension. Ploquin discovered this method 15 years earlier while she was editor in chief of Le français dans le monde (French in the World), a magazine targeting French instructors. Interestingly, Claire-Blanche Benveniste, a linguist from the University of Aix-en-Provence, experimented with intercomprehension with French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese non-linguist students.

She observed that within forty hours, the students were able to read in the three other languages. ILTE - Introduction. From language teacher to teacher of languages or about transfer of comprehension from one language to another From language teacher to teacher of languages aims at offering tools for enhancing plurilingualism in the foreign language classroom. Intercomprehension is a key notion and development of language and cultural awareness an ultimate objective.

Thanks We would like to thank our consultants for invaluable help and support throughout the various stages of the work: Steve Bell, Scotland Yvonne Andreasson and Bo Lundahl, Sweden Michael Byram, England Tor Atle H. ILTE - The Report - 5.0 Intercomprehension, foreign language teaching and foreign language learning. 5.0 Intercomprehension, foreign language teaching and foreign language learning When the project first began, the following working definition of intercomprehension was formulated: a broad approach to language teaching and language learning which embraces a positive view of linguistic and cultural diversity and which aims to motivate pupils to recognize and activate their explicit and implicit linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills in order to develop their general language competence The definition includes both the teacher and his/her role as a motivator in the language classroom and the learner and his/her efforts to exploit his/her overall linguistic and cultural competence.

As the project progressed, and based on the findings in the classroom, awareness-raising was singled out as the most essential facet of intercomprehension. Learning by Design   Cope, Bill and Mary Kalantzis (eds). 2015. A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Learning By Design. Palgrave: London. | link Introducing the Learning by Design Project. The Knowledge Processes   Multiliteracies Theory. Utility knife © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. There is a new buzz-word out there and it’s called multiliteracies.

This word has made its way into media, communication, the classroom; and it lends its way not only into how we interact but also how we learn. We want our learners to become successful critical thinkers and problem solvers in the context of their community, society, and culture—and multiliteracy paves the way. Teacher Education for Diversity - Related Documents - OECD. Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) - Brain and Learning - OECD. Is the current classroom model of learning “brain-unfriendly”? Why are students failing to master numeracy and literacy skills efficiently enough to be employable? Doku: Videospiele - Revolution einer Generation. What is Authenticity? An article on pragmatics by Donna Tatsuki.

Genuineness, realness, truthfulness, validity, reliability, undisputed credibility, and legitimacy are just some of the words that are used when we talk about authenticity. Frankly there is a lot of confusion connected to the idea of "authenticity". In 1994, David Taylor summarized some of the inconsistent views surrounding authenticity. Although twelve years have passed, it may be worthwhile to revisit his arguments. Cultural Insights. Rosemarie Tracy: Mehrsprachigkeit ist kostbar. Symposium. 10th International Conference on Multilingualism and Third Language Acquisition » Call for Papers. The Learner Autonomy SIG: At a glance. “The borders of my language are the borders of my world” (Wittgenstein) Process modeling and bottleneck mining in online peer-review systems. Pécsi Tudományegyetem. Intercom Site. Lingea dictionaries. Situated Learning Theory (Lave) Intercultural matters. This part of our web site is dedicated to aspects of intercultural understanding and education The Pestalozzi Programme organises and runs training activities on key concerns of the Council of Europe in the field of education such as education for democratic citizenship, human rights, multiperspectivity in history education, media literacy, etc. for education professionals from the 50 countries of the European Cultural Convention.

It also supports an online Community of Practice. The promotion of intercultural understanding is central to each training activity, whatever the specific topic being dealt with. Schoollang_EN. Programme Pestalozzi - Conseil de l'Europe. A platform of resources. Goals and purpose of the World Report on Cultural Diversity. Goals and purpose of the World Report on Cultural Diversity The World Report aims to address the manifold aspects of cultural diversity, critically review common notions and assumptions, and propose policy-oriented recommendations on topics as diverse as identities and dialogue, the future of languages and intercultural education, media pluralism and cultural industries, the business world, local knowledge, biodiversity, sustainable development, governance and human rights. New Media and the Coming Changes in Education. Untitled. CLIL Pyramid by Oliver Meyer « Teachingtoteach's Blog.

CLIL Cascade Network. Monate. Anekdoten03zopf. Hallo Haydn: interaktive Lernspiele  der HAYDNFESTSPIELE  EISENSTADT. Schule-mehrsprachig. Wissenschaftliches Kompetenzzentrum für Mehrsprachigkeit - Stichwort: Evaluation von Fremdsprachenkompetenzen. CEFR and English Exam Comparison Charts. Quora - Your Best Source for Knowledge. Überblick über die Komponenten - Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch ÖSD.

Vol. 19, No. 4 (2014) ListDocs_Geneva2010. Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen - Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Antragstellung. Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen - Erasmus+ Home. Distance calculator. Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen - Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Antragstellung. The role of language in education.


The Louvain Corpus of Native English Essays (LOCNESS) - Learner Corpus Association. Katharina Mewald. NLP Archives. James Heywood's blog. HOME - The Brain CompanyPlejaden The Brain Company. Parents > Home. CONBAT+ > The project. Abstract. ConBat+ EPLC. EPLC > Modules. Première séquence. CSIE current resources. Ulrike Jessner-Schmid. Sprachförderzentrum - Sprachförderzentrum Wien. LESEN und VERSTEHEN. SPRACHSENSIBLERUNTERRICHT. Learn Languages for Free with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Giving your opinion - Useful Expressions for Learning English. IDT 2013 - MERLIN.


Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class. Using Pattern Recognition to Enhance Memory and Creativity. 21st Century Skills Definitions. English Profile Journal. Vielfalt-lernen-Wiki. Mathematical Literacy.