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Literacy Nest. Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish. Brainscape vs Quizlet. Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Oh My! 4 Tools for Picting in the Classroom. We’ve all heard it before: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Oh My! 4 Tools for Picting in the Classroom

That famous idiom (or is it a cliche?) First appeared in a 1911 newspaper and has been widely used since. In today’s society, however, the phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. Using images instead of text to convey ideas—known as “picting”—is becoming the norm among today’s digital-first students. Picting by the Numbers Snapchat, a mobile app that allows users to capture video and pictures that disappear after a few seconds, has over 173 million daily users and the average number of Snaps per day hovers around 2.5 billion.

Is Picting a New Literacy? Technology is changing the way we see literacy. A new type of literacy is emerging, but rather than embracing it, most schools are shying away. As Kayla Delzer says in a recent EdSurge article, “social media is happening—with or without you.” How to Use These 4 Social Media Tools Instagram. Free Tech Tools Teach Social Emotional Learning in Classrooms. Netflix’s "13 Reasons Why" depicts fictional characters reacting to weighty challenges they encounter within their everyday lives, but provides little guidance to young viewers about how to process or handle these issues, including suicide.

Free Tech Tools Teach Social Emotional Learning in Classrooms

The National Association of School Psychologists, in an unprecedented response, issued guidance to school mental health professionals across the country on how to discuss "13 Reasons," stating “there is concern in the way that the suicide is portrayed and the buildup to the suicide . . . could trigger suicide contagion or copycat behavior.” Indeed, in a day and age ruled by unlimited data plans and on-demand television, it's impossible to separate the impact of the realities streaming on our digital screens from those in the real world. Whether a parent, teacher or family member, we have all come face to face with a young person who is struggling to identify how the images apply to real life challenges.

The New York Giants' Mark Herzlich.  5 Ways K-12 Teachers Can Make the Most of BYOD Policies. Empowered Digital Citizens. The MHMS Daring School Library Blog. The Daring Librarian. 100+ Ideas And Prompts For Student Blogging. Enthusiasm is typically high when student blogs are first set up.

100+ Ideas And Prompts For Student Blogging

Students often can’t wait to unleash their creativity and publish for an authentic audience on their own online space. Sometimes when the initial excitement wears off, students start facing ‘bloggers’ block’ or get in a rut of writing the same style of post over and over (eg. ‘My favourite…’). With a little guidance and encouragement, you can ensure your students reach their full potential as a writer, while extending themselves by exploring various genres and mediums. This post aims to provide prompts to inspire you and your students for a whole year of blogging.

This is a lengthy resource, but scroll down and you will find a PDF version that you can save, print or share! This post was originally published as 50 Ideas For Student Blogging And Writing Online by Ronnie Burt, on The Edublogger, in October 2015. Types Of Blog Posts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Common Formats Of Blog Posts The format of blog posts is evolving.

The Science Master: A Resource For Curious Students. Most teachers like to encourage the natural curiosity of their students.

The Science Master: A Resource For Curious Students

Sometimes, clever questions from students can leave us stumped. The Science Master is a wonderful resource that helps students draw their own conclusions about their burning science questions. What Is The Science Master? The Science Master website has been set up on Edublogs. Different Approaches To Using Student Blogs And Digital Portfolios. More and more educators are discovering the importance of having their students build some form of digital presence.

Different Approaches To Using Student Blogs And Digital Portfolios

Blogging is an excellent way for students to create their own online space, but what do you call this? Simply a student blog? Digital portfolio? ePortfolio? Learning showcase? Making Student-Centred Investments. Calling All Teachers: Tell Us About a Tool That Works! To do amazing work, teachers need the best tools.

Calling All Teachers: Tell Us About a Tool That Works!

Just as chefs use top-grade knives to create a delicious meal, or doctors rely on accurate, dependable medical equipment to care for patients, great teachers use high-quality tools and curriculum aligned to college- and career-ready standards to help their students succeed. 27 Meaningful (and Fun) Ways to Use Technology for Teaching and Learning. A Cavalcade of Inspiring Ideas for Kicking up Learning and Enhancing Engagement in Your Classroom! There are enough ideas, resources, and (mostly) free tools here to keep you exploring and learning all year long. Have at it! 1. Get Your Students Creating There is just no limit to the way that students can use the endless free resources available on the Web to create!

2. If there are devices at your student's disposal, using them to let students provide real time feedback has never been easier. Twiddla.