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Donald Trump's China 'Currency Manipulator' Reversal and Other Flip Flops. During the campaign, Donald Trump published a “Contract with the American Voter,” and he may even have read it.

Donald Trump's China 'Currency Manipulator' Reversal and Other Flip Flops

He described the document as “my pledge to you.” If anybody had been listening, they might have learned from his former business partners what a Trump contract is worth and from his ex-wives what value he puts on a solemn pledge. I have some bad news, Sunshine: Ya got took. One of the items on Trump’s Contract with the American Voter was a reiteration of his vow to designate the People’s Republic of China a currency manipulator, which would enable the implementation of certain economic sanctions from the federal government. It was a dumb idea (every country that engages in monetary policy is a currency manipulator, “currency manipulator” being more or less Janet Yellen’s job description), but it was one that Trump stuck to — indeed, coming down on China for its economic policies is one of the few ideas to which Trump has consistently cleaved.

Can not believe how many trump trolls responded to this, so posting again. Must have hit nerve. It's his own words. #TheResistance. "There Are No Such Things As Facts" Says Trump Surrogate On NPR. Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes made an appearance on NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show on Wednesday.

"There Are No Such Things As Facts" Says Trump Surrogate On NPR

She made the incredible statement that, “There are no such things as facts.” “Well, I think it’s also an idea of an opinion. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: A Love Story. Donald Trump is definitely part of the same elite pedophile network.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: A Love Story

Trump probably doesn't actually know why he's running for president, other than being told he has to. Otherwise he will be exposed for his pedophilia. Epstein's job wasn't just running child prostitutes, he was also involved in blackmailing politicians & business men. He would debrief the child prostitutes after they had sex with high profile figures. Donald Trump on 12-year-old Paris Hilton: ‘Who the hell is that?’ He Tricked You: Trump Backtracks on 8 Campaign Promises in 9 Days. The FBI's Clinton Investigation Is a Lot Worse Than We Thought. November 3, 2016 | Alice Salles (ANTIMEDIA) The tree of crime bears bitter fruit, and Hillary Clinton might soon be able to confirm as much.

The FBI's Clinton Investigation Is a Lot Worse Than We Thought

At least, that’s what Fox’s Bret Baier’s recent report seems to suggest. Baier reported Wednesday that an ongoing FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is “far more expansive than anybody has reported so far,” adding that offices have been investigating claims of corruption separately. As the probe expands, sources told Baier, individuals who have already been interviewed by the FBI are being called back, helping agents to piece together the great amount of evidence they have collected so far — which continues to grow daily. David Cay Johnston : The Making Of Donald Trump. The GOP Is a Dying Party...(via Pegfleming) As a former Republican, I’m shocked that the party of Abraham Lincoln is nominating a man with a vision of America that doesn’t even resemble that of the party I once knew.

The GOP Is a Dying Party...(via Pegfleming)

And his vice presidential pick, Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana has left a record of division in his state, only makes matters worse. Despite the calls at the GOP convention in Cleveland for national unity, Donald Trump sees our country as a land of exclusion. He wants Americans to act as powerless serfs bullied by someone who says he will protect them.

Throughout world history, that has been the calling card of Big Government autocrats. Story Continued Below His character assaults are unbounded. I was the Republican governor of a very Democratic state. In Indiana, Governor Pence unwisely pushed a law that pitted religious freedom against the rights of gays and lesbians, and then backtracked on religious freedom. This is a decisive moment in the history of party politics in America. Trump Names Dune Capital's Mnuchin as National Finance Chairman - Bloomberg Politics. Just two days after locking up the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump is moving quickly to build a fundraising operation capable of reeling in hundreds of millions of dollars he'll need to win the White House.

Trump Names Dune Capital's Mnuchin as National Finance Chairman - Bloomberg Politics

Heading up the operation as national finance chairman will be Steven Mnuchin, a business associate of Trump’s and also chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP, the campaign announced on Thursday. “Steven is a professional at the highest level with an extensive and very successful financial background," Trump said in a statement. "He brings unprecedented experience and expertise to a fundraising operation that will benefit the Republican Party and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton.”

The campaign will sign a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee "in the very near future," said Mnuchin, who expects to raise more than $1 billion between Trump's campaign and the party. Politics. Trumped Up. ❌The rise of American authoritarianism/ via Clarelucy. The American media, over the past year, has been trying to work out something of a mystery: Why is the Republican electorate supporting a far-right, orange-toned populist with no real political experience, who espouses extreme and often bizarre views?

❌The rise of American authoritarianism/ via Clarelucy

How has Donald Trump, seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly become so popular? Press Releases. < All 2012 Articles Discovers President Obama Related to First Documented Slave in America Research Connects First African-American President to First African Slave in the American Colonies PROVO, UTAH – July 30, 2012 – A research team from (NASDAQ:ACOM), the world’s largest online family history resource, has concluded that President Barack Obama is the 11thgreat-grandson of John Punch, the first documented African enslaved for life in American history.

Press Releases

Remarkably, the connection was made through President Obama’s Caucasian mother’s side of the family. The discovery is the result of years of research by genealogists who, through early Virginia records and DNA analysis, linked Obama to John Punch. Can there be better evidence that T***p is a complete bullshit artist? This is just rank. Hillary Clinton Is Serious About UFOs. Mscornelius/iStock Once again, Hillary Clinton has pledged that she will discover as much as possible about government involvement in UFO research and share the information with the American people.

Hillary Clinton Is Serious About UFOs

Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show Thursday night, and Kimmel brought up the fact that he'd asked former President Bill Clinton about his efforts on UFO disclosure during his administration. The World According to Trump by Bernard-Henri Lévy. PARIS – The word “trump,” according to the dictionary, is an alteration of the word triumph.

The World According to Trump by Bernard-Henri Lévy

And because Donald Trump, the US presidential candidate, appears likely to become the nominee of the Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, we owe it to ourselves to ask in what sense and for whom he represents a triumph. One thinks of a segment of the American population angered by the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, a group that is now feeling vengeful. And one also thinks of the white supremacist, segregationist, nativist strain represented by former Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke, whose noisy support Trump was so hesitant to reject last week and for whose constituency Trump may be a make-or-break candidate. The Myth of the 'Reagan Democrat': The Idea that Donald Trump Can Convert White, Blue-Collar Democrats is Fantasy.

When pundits claim Donald Trump can win the presidency, they often evoke a fabled political species: “Reagan Democrats.” “Are Reagan Democrats becoming Trump Democrats?” Wondered CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord last fall in The American Spectator. “I think there’s a lot of Reagan Democrats waiting to vote for him,” declared MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in January. This almost certainly isn’t true. The more you examine it, the more far-fetched the claim that Trump can win the presidency by luring vast numbers of “Reagan Democrats” looks. This is your brain on Donald Trump - Mar. 26, 2016.

Something about Trump — his face, his voice, his message — generates "increased brain engagement," SBB Research Group CEO Sam Barnett said in an interview with CNNMoney. Barnett, a hedge fund operator by day and neuroscience PhD candidate by night, has been strapping electrode caps on focus group participants and showing them primary season debates. He worked with CNNMoney during the most recent GOP debate, which was televised by CNN on March 10, to screen and study a dozen viewers' reactions.

"The most intriguing result was that Trump generated more brain engagement than his rivals in almost every demographic category, even among Democrats and Independents," Barnett said. US Election 2016: Trump and Clinton win big in Arizona. Image copyright Getty Images US presidential front-runners, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, have continued their winning streaks, taking Arizona. The issue of immigration loomed large in the south-western state, the biggest prize in the latest round of contests. Polls showed that Mr Trump's anti-immigration message resonated with the state's conservative voters. Bernie's Rage Against the Democrat Establishment Machine.

Whether he wins the Democratic Party nomination or not—and his chances are increasingly viable—the candidacy of Bernie Sanders has already won, by vastly enlarging America’s political conversation and possibilities. Like Sanders himself, the significance of his campaign’s remarkable accomplishment should not be underestimated. Against the stultifying tidal wave of the Democratic Party establishment, a dismissive and persistently biased mainstream media, and a nearly 40-year party movement toward the center-right, Sanders has moved political mountains. Newrepublic/ On Ted Cruz (Click 2 read full article) Then Glenn Beck appeared—the crowd had been whispering he might be coming—and there was a widespread shift of disorientation in the room. Everyone went wild.

“Beck for VP!” Someone shouted. From Wallace To Trump, The Evolution of “Law And Order” Hillary Clinton lying for 14 minutes straight. (SFW Version) Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now. Presidential Candidates Must Focus on National Debt. Where the 2016 Republican candidates stand on climate change. Find your Congressional candidates. Via Clarelucy: Top U.S. Psychiatrists Confirm Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ‘Textbook Case’ « Donald Trump's position on waterboarding deserves a followup. Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts. Now Donald Trump will devour them.

Frank-rich-in-praise-of-donald-trump. Democrats crush Republicans in grammar; Chafee on top. Lincoln Chafee has something to smile about. (Rob Kim/Getty Images) Yes, these are fighting words, but here goes: Republicans mangle the English language at twice the rate of Democrats. According to a new study by the grammar-checking app Grammarly, supporters commenting on Democratic candidates’ Facebook pages made an average of 4.2 mistakes per 100 words compared to 8.7 mistakes for supporters of Republican candidates.

The Democratic supporters also showed a larger vocabulary, using on average 300 unique words per 1,000 words, while Republicans used only 245. The trend is starker when broken out by candidate: The five Democratic candidates — Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton — all get better Facebook grammar scores (in that order) than every Republican except Carly Fiorina, whose supporters posted the best grammar scores of any GOP candidate, tying her with Clinton. Bernie Won All the Focus Groups & Online Polls, So Why Is the Media Saying Hillary Won the Debate?

No, Internet, CNN did not delete its poll showing Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate. All of the Ways Last Night's GOP Debate Was Dangerously Wrong About Science. The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP. "He Was a Crook" by Hunter S. Thompson. HYPOCRISY LEVEL: RON PAUL.