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Appinventor. M. Hossein Amerkashi's Blog. Educator Resources. The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and ITU Child Online Protection Champion, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan celebrates the winning team of the just concluded Technovation Challenge in Nigeria.

Educator Resources

She applauded the feat of these young girls who developed a mobile app to track traffic offenders in Nigeria. The team were also presented to the European parliament( on 25th of April by the Secretary General of ITU, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré; who also presented them with the Tech Needs Girls Awards. AppInventor Awarded Funding To Democratize Computing. David Wolber and the University of San Francisco have been awarded a grant to launch the Democratize Computing Lab, an initiative to radically broaden and diversify the pool of software creators using App Inventor for Android.

AppInventor Awarded Funding To Democratize Computing

App Inventor is a visual programming language designed specifically for beginners. It allows you to create mobile apps for phones and tablets using visual blocks: If you want a quick programmer's introduction App Inventor see Getting started with MIT App Inventor. If you've been following the story of AppInventor you'll know that it started as a Google project when its creator Hal Abelson took a two-year sabbatical from MIT to create a mobile programming language together with five Googlers. When Google decided to drop App Inventor as part of its closure of Google Labs, the project was open sourced and handed over to MIT with some funding for the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, part of the MIT Media Lab.

The new funding of $200,000 comes from the W. More Information. Apps To Google Play. Every app you publish must have a VersionCode and a VersionName.

Apps To Google Play

You can set these in the designer under the properties panel for the Screen1 component. VersionCode is an integer value that will not be visible to Google Play Store users. It is used by other apps to check if your app has been upgraded or downgraded. It defaults to 1 and should be increased by one with every successive change whether it is a major change or a minor change. VersionName is a String which can be anything you would like. You will need to increase the VersionCode and change the VersionName of your application when you upload a new version to the Play Store.

Once you publish your application in the Google Play Store, other people will now be depending upon you to fix bugs and otherwise maintain your application. App Inventor. Get Started Follow these simple steps to build your first app.

App Inventor

Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to build all kinds of apps. Teach Teachers, find out about curriculum and teaching resources. Forums. 6.S198 Home. Modules Quizzes Each module includes: Lesson plans and lecture notes Tutorials and Video Screencasts Conceptual worksheets Creative projects Test Questions Assigned readings from the App Inventor book Module Pathways Module 1, "Intro to Event-Handling" provides an introduction to the App Inventor environment and the idea that an app is a set of event-handlers.

Conditional blocks are also introduced. Module 2, "Games", introduces the students to timing and animation and provides much needed work with manipulating properties and variables. Modules 4-6 focus on working with data, and this represents a significant conceptual leap as the programming becomes more abstract. Module X, "Software Engineering and Procedure Abstraction" is so named because different instructors will want to present it at different places in the curriculum. Teaching Methodology Each module follows a do-first structure that has worked well in motivating students to learn. Build It. Getting Started with MIT App Inventor 2.

App Inventor is a cloud-based tool, which means you can build apps right in your web browser.

Getting Started with MIT App Inventor 2

This website offers all the support you'll need to learn how to build your own apps. The App Inventor software, or "service" is at You can get there by clicking the orange "Create Apps! " button from any page on this website. Setup Instructions: How to set up your phone for live testing (or, if you don't have a phone, how to start the emulator).Designer and Blocks Editor Overview: Gives a tour of the App Inventor environment.Beginner Tutorials: Highly recommended as the best way to get started programming in App Inventor.Packaging and Sharing Apps: After you have built an app, you can package it for your phone and share it with friends.

What's different in the new version of App Inventor? Looking for the older version of App Inventor? Tutorials for App Inventor 2. Getting Started with MIT App Inventor 2. Democratizing App Building. App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL. Probably you want to read this first: What is MySQL and what is a relational database?

App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL

You can use this App Inventor example together with a php script on your web server to query your MySQL database on your web server. Shival Wolf already provided a nice App Inventor Classic - MySQL interface. I now "translated" his example into App Inventor 2 with a few adjustments. The example presented here uses the same SQL statements as used in my SQLite example. Example queries by James. Setup Put the PHP code on your web server Set the SQLKEY in your app and in the PHP code, they must match for this code to work Setup your database connection information in the php script Try out the code Special Notes.