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Drtimlomas. Six Seconds - The Emotional Intelligence Network. Cite This For Me: Harvard, APA, MLA Reference Generator. Becoming an Upstander - Together Against Bullying - Together Against Bullying. More Becoming an Upstander Becoming an Upstander.

Becoming an Upstander - Together Against Bullying - Together Against Bullying

Move from silence to action. Bystanders contribute to the problem. Upstanders stop the problem. Research shows that others speaking out or taking action stops bullying behavior over half the time within seconds! There are different types of bystanders. Progression from Inaction to Action It takes courage to be an upstander. Becoming an Upstander looks like this. Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease.

Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World. Read to Feed: A Unique Reading Incentive Program for Kids. Welcome to RE:Quest - the definitive toolkit for teaching about Christianity in R.E. RE - Islam Teaching Ideas. Story of Islam Colouring Book - A colouring story book telling the story of Islam.

RE - Islam Teaching Ideas

Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi. Islamic Place of Worship - A worksheet containing cloze procedure relating to mosques (answers are given on the activity page). The Five Pillars of Islam - Activities to teach the children about the Five Pillars of Islam. Wudhu - Learn about the Islamic form of ablution known as 'Wudhu' which is performed ritually before prayer. Cut out the images and the actions to be performed and stick them down in order making a display. Basic Islamic Teachings. HOW TO TEACH BUDDHISM TO CHILDREN - bl009.pdf. Learn Buddha's Teaching Through Songs. Barefoot Zen. NATRE Home Page. Excellence in RE. TeachRE - The teaching resource for RE Teaching recruitment. RE - General Teaching Ideas. Free Powerpoints for Church Sunday School - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives and Games. OnLine Religious Education Database. CITIZEN POWER.

Career Advice & Guidance Teaching Resources – icould. Are you a teacher, parent, carer, youth worker or careers professional?

Career Advice & Guidance Teaching Resources – icould

Many teachers, parents and others who support young people find icould a helpful starting point for talking about careers. With this in mind, we’ve developed a selection of resources to help when using icould with young people, either on an individual or group basis. Using icould icould features over a thousand videos of people telling their personal career stories in their own words. You can explore by subject, job type, or life decision; or by using the search wizard. We also have an accompanying range of articles, covering career-related subjects from CV writing to university admissions, while our Focus On section brings together videos and articles around themes, such as Choices at 16 or career sectors, including law, music and technician roles. Citizenship Foundation. Go-Givers - Go-Givers.

Homepage - PSHE Learning Resources - Christmas Activities. Playground fun. Youtwork Practice. Source: | 2000 Games, Ideas and more for Youth Workonly for private using What kind of communication occurs in a group?

Youtwork Practice

How do the group members coordinate and cooperate with each other? Who coordinates and who lets themselves be coordinated? How can good communication lead to a quicker goal? These games encourage working together, teach social skills and strengthen team spirit. Always in a Rectangle All players are blindfolded. Everyone stands facing in the same direction in a circle. Primary SEAL/PSHE citizenship circle-time talk time. Philosophy For Kids. Meditation and Mindfulness, For Children, By Children. PSHE - Developing Relationships. TES collection - Primary PSHE. Rating:4 average ratingLast Updated:25 November, 2012Section:Resources Friendship & relationships Experiencing friendships and developing an understanding of their meaning is crucial to children and young people’s sense of security and inclusion both in school and at home.

TES collection - Primary PSHE

TES resources has plenty of material to support learning and development in this area, as shared by the teaching community. Topics covered in our collection include respecting difference and diversity, bullying and developing confidence and responsibility. Assemblies. Rights Respecting Schools. Now in its second year, OutRight is about empowering children and young people at Rights Respecting Schools to play a role in the realisation of their rights and to speak out in support of all children's rights.

Rights Respecting Schools

OutRight celebrates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and takes place on the anniversary of the Convention on 20 November. What Kids Say About: Arguing. Listen People don't always get along, and when they don't, it's called conflict.

What Kids Say About: Arguing

We wanted to know more the arguments and disagreements kids have, so we did a KidsPoll to find out. Sorry. The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. These Are My Kind of Classroom Rules. Download Here: Reminder: To download from Flickr, click on the poster you’d like, then click the little magnifying glass in the top right.

These Are My Kind of Classroom Rules

Next, click “View All Sizes” in top right. Then select the size you want to save and download. For best print quality, go for the largest size. :) Jenny Mosley Consultancies. CyberSchoolBus Human Rights module. PSHE. Out on a Limb - A Guide to Getting Along. Kidscape - Preventing bullying, protecting children. Largest organization for teens and social cause. Peace One Day. Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids about Global Poverty. Resources and Lesson Plans for Edutopia Social and Emotional Learning. Kentucky's Jefferson County school district shares details about administration, school culture, professional development, and curriculum -- materials that you may adapt for your class or school. Click on any of the titles below to download a PDF of one of Jefferson County Public Schools' resources for success.

PDF files can be viewed on a wide variety of platforms -- both as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application -- with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. To download a free version of the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, visit Microsoft's Download Center.]