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Our Product - Plotagon EducationPlotagon Education. Welcome to Plotagon Education, where you can turn ordinary writing into creative, collaborate multimedia expression.

Our Product - Plotagon EducationPlotagon Education

With Plotagon, there is no learning curve. Create characters and avatars using a simple interface, pick scenes from dozens of different locations, write your characters’ dialogue, record their voices, and watch your movies come to life in beautiful 3D animation. Teachers around the world are using Plotagon in their classrooms for topics like Language Arts, English Language Learning, Foreign Languages, Social Studies and even helping children with special needs understand and improve social skills. 10 Great Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers. May 26, 2017 Collaboration and team work are at the centre of meaningful learning experiences both inside and outside classroom walls.

10 Great Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers

How to Make a Pizza (2016): Next Vista for Learning. 10 Free Online Courses That Will Get You a Diploma. There was a time when online degrees were faced with skepticism by employers.

10 Free Online Courses That Will Get You a Diploma

When a job applicant shows a certificate for an online degree as part of the credentials, it’s not necessarily met with enthusiasm. Over the years, however, the popularity of online courses and MOOCs or Massively Open Online Courses has increased. Educational institutions like colleges, universities, graduate schools and even private companies are putting their resources towards offering free education online for those who’d like to take advantage of it. Anybody can now enroll in any of the hundreds of free courses available online. Not only can you enhance your knowledge, but your hiring potential can also increase as you earn online certificates. Read on to find out more about why it pays to take online classes, and which courses are the most useful.

Why Take Online Classes in the First Place? Online courses fill the void that traditional colleges and universities leave behind. 10 Useful Online Classes 1. 2. 3. Three Alternatives to Glogster. This morning I received an email from a reader who was looking for an alternative to Glogster.

Three Alternatives to Glogster

For those not familiar with Glogster, it was a darling of the ed tech world about six or seven years ago when it empowered users to make free multimedia collages. Teachers everywhere had students making multimedia collages to summarize topics, events, and books. Glogster was free for a while then shifted to a subscription model. Here are three tools that your students can use to create multimedia collages. Buncee:Buncee is essentially an online slideshow. Within Buncee there is an integrated image search which pulls images from Bing. Essediquadro: Home. FLIPBOOKS. Free Technology for Teachers. Cloudschooling. Usi di Google Drive in classe: eccone uno! - GRIMPO!

Innanzitutto partiamo dal capire, esattamente, che cos’è Google Drive.

Usi di Google Drive in classe: eccone uno! - GRIMPO!

Madrastra – a page of English. Calaméo - Pubblicazione Piattaforma per i documenti e Riviste. 6 strumenti per creare libri interattivi. My 35 Favorite Free Apps for Teaching. Schools around the country are undergoing a digital transformation.

My 35 Favorite Free Apps for Teaching

With iPads and tablets showing up in classrooms with greater frequency, trying to figure out which apps to use can leave a teacher’s head spinning. Last year, when my school debuted an iPad lab, I was thrilled, but as it turned out, I barely used it. I shied away from this new technology (which is definitely not like me!) Teacher Guides for Technology. Over the last couple of months, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been working diligently on a variety of educational technology guides for teachers and educators.

Teacher Guides for Technology

The majority of them have been posted here and, thankfully, have received a huge and unprecedented interaction from their readers. These guides come in very handy for every teacher looking to better integrate technology into his/her teaching. A Comprehensive List of Apps and Tools to Flip your Classroom. For those of you intent on employing the flipped learning model in their instruction, we have curated a set of important web tools to help you create the appropriate flipped classroom environment for your students.

A Comprehensive List of Apps and Tools to Flip your Classroom

Check them out below and as always let us know what you think of them. Enjoy 1- Explain Everything Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials using Explain Everything's flexible and integrated design. 2- Knowmia Knowmia is a great website that offers thousands of video lessons from great teachers around the world. It is also a platofrm where teachers can use simple and easy tools to create and personalize short video lessons for students of their own school. 3 Great Google Drive Tools for Grading Assignments. November 3, 2015 Below are three great tools to help you with creating, grading and distributing class assignments.

3 Great Google Drive Tools for Grading Assignments

While Chalkup is directly integrated with Drive, Flubaroo and Super Quiz are add-ons that you need to install on Google Sheets. 1- Flubaroo Flubaroo is a free add-on to Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Archivi di immagini libere da Copyright - Quinc... Top Tech Tool Infographic. OnFire. Home ~ Prof Digitale. Risorse didattiche in internet dalla A alla Z. 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2015. While doing research for my upcoming e-book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I have come across dozens of tools with pretty awesome potential for teaching and learning.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2015

These six are the ones I think are the most interesting and most useful right now. Wherever you fall on the technology spectrum — from newbie to experienced user — there’s probably something here you haven’t tried yet. Although most of these tools aren’t brand-new, they are all steadily growing in popularity, and each one can enhance teaching and learning in a unique, time-saving, or engaging way. For every tool, I provide a brief overview, my personal rating of its difficulty, a video that demonstrates how the tool works, and a list of suggested ways you can use it. Turn Hand-Picked Content into Your Own Online Newspaper. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from

Pagina invalida. The Best on the Web for Teachers. Home page. Utility. Software utili - la scuola sul web. Arrivederci Prof Digitale ~ Literacy in the Digital Age. Maestro Roberto - Tecnologie e didattica. Learning with MYMOOD. Download microsoft encarta kids free. Maestroalberto.

Code Maven and Game Maven Teach Kids to Program Their Own Games. Code Maven and Game Maven are interactive programming tutorials from Crunchzilla. Code Maven and Game Maven use the same style as the popular Code Monster javascript programming tutorial. That style is to present a piece of code with instructions on one side of the screen while providing a visual of the outcome on the other side of the screen.

Code Maven offers 59 lessons for students to work through at their own pace to learn programming fundamentals. After completing the Code Maven tutorials students are ready to move on to Game Maven where they can work through 37 lessons in which they will create three simple online games. Come usare un blog durante le lezioni di inglese - MLA blog. Sharing Learning. Learning Twigs. The idea of disintermediation ("cutting out the middle man") in terms of professional qualifications has been slowly but surely gathering steam in a variety of fields.

Take a look at a range of Position Descriptions for new jobs these days and phrases along the lines of Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline, or equivalent experience and expertise/skills are becoming more frequent. Private companies (as we might expect) have been quicker to apply this in practice rather than rhetoric compared to educational institutions, mired as most of them are in conservative paper-reliant processes for verifying applicants' skills, but even here we are starting to see change. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Come trasformare animazioni Flash (.swf) in HTML5. Tecnologie Didattiche - Tecnologie per Insegnanti Super-Impegnati. Error Page. Tecnologie Didattiche: Guida Essenziale.