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Science Up Close. Physical Science. A Place In Time - Get Smart. RolloWeb. Science for Kids - Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online Games, Activities, Projects, Ideas, Technology. Because weather is awesome. Science Videos. Evolution activities - Charlie's Playhouse. Tree of Life Fly through a giant tree of life and click on creatures to see how we're all related.

Evolution activities - Charlie's Playhouse

Some creatures have cool 360-degree models. Devolve Me Upload a photo of your face and see what you would look like as a Neanderthal or other human ancestor. Freaky! Who Wants to Evolve? In this online game, you start with a bunch of little critters and see if they can survive in their changing world for one million years. CLIL. ARKive - Discover the world's most endangered species.

Web resources for Science teaching. Exhibits Collection. New Englanders have a saying: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.

Exhibits Collection

" Weather forecasts may be more stable in other parts of the world, but the basic idea stands. Weather is dynamic, the product of interacting forces we are only beginning to understand. Witness the weather extremes caused by El Niño in 1997 and 1998. El Niño raised water temperatures in the Pacific and the effects were felt worldwide: crop failures, disease outbreaks, excess snow, or too little rain. Progetto: Languages across Science (scienze, lingue, CLIL) Spazi, tempi e strumenti Il progetto si è svolto in gran parte a scuola, più precisamente: PRIMA della settimana della scienza (circa 2 settimane prima) nelle singole aule per brainstorming iniziale e prima presentazionein parte a casa per raccolta immagini e materiali necessari nelle singole aule in aula scienze/video per scambio/condivisione di lavori di gruppo e videoproiezioni DOPO (per circa 3 settimane) a scuola per fotografare i vari lavori appesi nei corridoi (affinché tutti ne potessero fruire) in aula computer per trasporre i lavori fotografati e scannerizzati in forma multimediale per creazione di semplice video con Photostory scaricabile gratuitamente e funzionante con windows ’98 e XP a differenza di Movie Maker non utilizzabile sugli obsoleti computer della scuola Strumenti utilizzati: computer e videoproiettore schede cartacee da completareschede cartacee informativemacchina fotografica digitale computer e scanner Diario di bordo riassuntivo delle attività.

Progetto: Languages across Science (scienze, lingue, CLIL)

Metamorphosis. Mr. Mejia's 5th Grade Classroom / Ecosystems: Science Games. Kid's Corner - Main Page on Animal Classification - Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians and Fish. Science. Early Theories of Evolution: Darwin and Natural Selection. Most educated people in Europe and the Americas during the 19th century had their first full exposure to the concept of evolution through the writings of Charles Darwin .

Early Theories of Evolution: Darwin and Natural Selection

Clearly, he did not invent the idea. That happened long before he was born. However, he carried out the necessary research to conclusively document that evolution has occurred and then made the idea acceptable for scientists and the general public. This was not easy since the idea of evolution had been strongly associated with radical scientific and political views coming out of post-revolutionary France. These ideas were widely considered to be a threat to the established social and political order. Darwin came to understand that any population consists of individuals that are all slightly different from one another. GCSE Bitesize: Evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution. Evolution activities - Charlie's Playhouse.

Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids. Why do clouds form at different heights in the atmosphere?

Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids

The characteristics of clouds are dictated by the elements available, including the amount of water vapor, the temperatures at that height, the wind, and the interplay of other air masses. How is fog formed? There are many different types of fog, but fog is mostly formed when southerly winds bring warm, moist air into a region, possibly ending a cold outbreak.

As the warm, moist air flows over much colder soil or snow, dense fog often forms. Warm, moist air is cooled from below as it flows over a colder surface. Cirrostratus clouds are thin, sheetlike high clouds that often cover the entire sky. Cirrocumulus clouds appear as small, rounded white puffs that appear in long rows. Science for Kids - Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online Games, Activities, Projects, Ideas, Technology. The Classical Genres Page. All About Animals for Kids - Sito nocivo. Geography Archives - Ourselves, Science, Key Stage 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Our BodiesFlash An excellent lesson on naming the parts of the human body.

Ourselves, Science, Key Stage 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Ourselves Science ClipsFlash For 5 - 6 year olds, this site looks at differences between living and non-living things, the names of the main body parts of humans and animals and how animals move in different ways. Healthy EatingFlash A series of superb interactive screens which introduce children to healthy eating. Make a Balanced PlateFlash Sort the foods on the plate to see which food groups they belong to. Unmuddle the MealsFlash A drag and drop activity where meals are divided into their ingredients. A Healthy LunchboxFlash Select items for a healthy lunchbox by dragging and dropping the various foods. Farm to Fork ChallengeFlash A game where children see if they know the stages that food goes through from the farm to their plate. Listen and MatchFlash A matching sounds game.

Sound and Hearing Science ClipsFlash The Hand Washing ChallengeFlash. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. About Animals - Your Guide to the World's Wildlife.