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View News. NSE Named Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa 2016. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or The Exchange) has emerged the Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa 2016.

NSE Named Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa 2016

This award was presented to The Exchange by The Business Year Magazine on Monday, October 17, 2016 at the Stock Exchange House, Lagos. The Business Year Magazine Awards recognize different categories of players who have shown exemplary leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. These include stock exchanges, socially responsible companies, regulators, listed companies, investment banks, stockbroking companies,​ research teams and fund managers.

According to Andrea Bernaldo de Quiros, Country Manager Nigeria, TBY magazine “the Most Innovative African Stock Exchange in Africa award was given in recognition of NSE’s success in enhancing investor experience and transforming Nigerian market dynamics through the deployment of advanced technologies, innovative trading capabilities, and a new trading platform.” Speaking on the award, Mr. Malta Stock Exchange wins the Most Innovative Stock Exchange Award  —  — EXANTE. Most Innovative Companies 2016: Top 50 Businesses Leading the Way. Luxembourg: an innovative leader for the listing of new products. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) has always been at the forefront of the financial markets' and the securities industry's trends and evolutions.

Luxembourg: an innovative leader for the listing of new products

Over the years, it grew to become a renowned financial centre with one of the world's safest business environment, notably as a result of its financial, political and social stability and innovative approach of the financial sector. As such, issuers and investors in Luxembourg benefit from strong and stable regulatory and tax frameworks, in line with European Union directives and regulations as well as from the presence in Luxembourg of many cutting edge advisors (law firms, banks, consulting firms). Luxembourg also benefits from a typically quick implementation of European legislation by the Luxembourg authorities, which ensures a predictable and an up-to-date legal framework. The LuxSE was founded in 1928 and has from its inception offered an innovative marketplace for international issuers and for a large range of securities. World Exchange Congress 2017. Sedex.en. 01 13 31 專題二 協助特色產業進入資本市場—特色產業上市(櫃)審查及資訊揭露規範. Legal Requirements : Vienna Stock Exchange. Innovation and Market Value. The Case of Tourism Enterprises - Dawid Szutowski.

Investors - Pioneers - Startup Driven Innovation. 0002000095. a56. 「現有市場鼓勵上市公司自我毀滅!」《精實創業》作者成立「長期股票交易所」欲改寫華爾街規則|數位時代. 科技新創近年如雨後春筍出現,然而「首次公開發行股票(IPO)」市場卻相當冷清。


對新創公司來說,上市不僅需面對市場波動,緊接而至的是來自股東和市場追求短期利潤的壓力。 根據研究機構 Renaissance Capital,2015 年科技新創 IPO 的數量,不僅創下 2012 年以來最低紀錄,2016 年第一季甚至沒有科技公司 IPO。 (圖說:近兩年科技新創 IPO 市場冷清。 圖片來源:wikipedia) 為了鼓勵新創公司上市,創業家萊斯(Eric Ries)、同時也是《精實創業》(The Lean Startup)作者,創立「長期股票交易所(Long-Term Stock Exchange ,LTSE)」,試圖改寫美國證券交易遊戲規則,希望透過獎勵長期持股和長遠經營策略,讓企業和投資人著眼長期利益,避免企業在上市後因短視近利,陷入慢性自殺的窘境。 萊斯在 5 年前出版《精實創業》,提出有別於傳統認知的創業方法,例如先推出「最小可行產品(Minimum Viable Product,MVP)」以獲得消費者回饋,以及「轉軸(Pivot)」,根據消費者意見快速更新產品等概念,短時間內獲得熱烈回響。 其中,LTSE 的概念也首次在書中出現,認為應成立新型、注重長期表現的交易所,不過該想法在當時備受質疑。 (圖說:《精實創業》作者萊斯將成立新型交易所,注重企業長期表現,遏止投資市場著重短期獲利的不良風氣。 上市追求短期績效、遏止創新,加速企業自我毀滅 萊斯形容,當今的市場環境,其實是鼓勵企業自我毀滅,而這也是為什麼美國上市公司從 1996 年的巔峰,跌到現在只剩一半不到的原因。

他認為,問題的根源在於,投資人總在追求每季銷售、利潤、用戶量等數字是否成長,一旦公司達不到預期,投資者便撤資,股價也下跌。 0001000340. MiFID II: The regulatory barrier to innovation. Patricia Regnault, Europe head of asset management at Linedata, the leading international software and technology provider, responds to interim findings in the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study around barriers to entry, innovation and technological advances, ahead of next week’s (20 February) deadline for feedback: “Increases in the overall burden of regulation presents an ongoing barrier for those asset management firms looking to invest in product development or improve efficiency to keep up with fierce competition in the industry.

MiFID II: The regulatory barrier to innovation

There is no other choice but to dedicate time and money to implementing forthcoming regulations, which require both organisational and technological change to be compliant. “MiFID II has implications for processes through the entire value chain: from data requirements, to commission unbundling, and reporting. A Fintech offspring of MIFID II research unbundling; Alphametry. Image courtesy of “The Equity Research observer” from the Alphametry blog.

A Fintech offspring of MIFID II research unbundling; Alphametry

The market of equity research content is roughly around $15billion and when MIFIDII hits the market and makes it illegal to pay for research via trading commissions; the market will shrink. The consumers of research, the buy-side firms, will have to figure out how to pay the cost, since execution wont be an option anymore. The producers of research, will have to re-invent their product and delivery to keep their clients. And the intermediaries, the marketplaces, that bring buyers and sellers of research together, will have to also reinvent themselves to stay in the business.

Financial Innovation in Retail and Corporate Banking. 2017年2月奧地利維也納證交所股票週轉率為28.1128%@投資級經濟指標使用指南- STOCK-AI.COM. Interactive Brokers. 是NYSE - FINRA - SIPC的成员,受美国证监会(SEC)和商品期货交易委员会(the Commodity Futures Trading Commission)的监管。

Interactive Brokers

总部地址: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA 是加拿大投资行业监管组织{Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC))和加拿大投资人保护基金(Canadian Investor Protection Fund)的成员。 交易证券和衍生品可能会有高风险,投资人应该有准备承担损失全部投资和超出数额的风险。 Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.仅为交易执行经纪商,并不提供买进或卖出任何证券或衍生品的投资建议或推荐。 登记办公地址: 1800 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2106, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3J6, Canada. 经金融市场行为监管局(Financial Conduct Authority)的授权并受其监管. 是NSE,BSE和NSDL的成员 [ Regn. 商号:インタラクティブ・ブローカーズ証券株式会社。