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Switzerland Innovation

Themes. Equity market & innovation. 2017 The Economic Affairs in European Union, NCU. 中央大學西班牙文課 書籤. 28, Dec. Presentation. MUNers' talk. 全球科技產業與區域整合 2017. Macroprudential Regulation of International Finance: Managing Capital Flows and Exchange Rates. 陳所長提供之影片 – Google Drive. 國際財經新聞105 I 教案與書籤.

東華大學經濟系演講 20161021

DATA SCIENTIST. MUN 20160919. 數位消費者報告. 資料科學的第一堂課:心法、案例分析與團隊建立. SG. The added value of social media for business. The 2012 BCG e-Intensity Index. The rich are getting richer, but the not-as-rich are slowly catching up.

The 2012 BCG e-Intensity Index

Those are the two key messages of the 2015 BCG e-Intensity Index, a tool that measures the maturity of 85 Internet economies. The index includes all 28 members of the EU, most of Latin America and Asia, and 14 African countries. Since the publication of our first index, in 2011, the scores of the BRICI (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Indonesia), Latin American, and African countries have risen annually by 27%, 21%, and 21%, respectively. But given their relatively low starting positions, those economies will not catch up anytime soon to the EU15 or G7 countries, whose scores have been rising by 16% and 14%, respectively. Thailand and China improved their rankings the most.

中央大學經濟系國際財經新聞課程 書籤 BOOKMARKS for Journalism on Economics

PAPers. 2016 第21屆全國大專校院 資訊應用服務創新競賽 (International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2016) Brexit. %E5%8C%BA%E5%9D%97%E9%93%BE. Industry 4.0 工業互聯網的機會和挑戰 - 資誠 PwC Taiwan. 工業 4.0 一詞最早是在 2011 年的漢諾威展提出,2012 年 10 月由德國BOSCH公司的 Siegfried Dais 及德國科學院的 Henning Kagermann 組成的工作小組,向德國聯邦政府提出了工業 4.0 的實施建議。

Industry 4.0 工業互聯網的機會和挑戰 - 資誠 PwC Taiwan

2013 年 4 月工業 4.0 工作小組提出了報告,隨後列入德國政府施政主軸之一,2015總理梅克爾推動工業4.0標 準,同時獲得歐洲各國、南韓及中國…等國的支持。 「工業4.0」一詞是指第四次工業革命(圖一),第一次工業革命是瓦特發明蒸汽機後,利用蒸氣動力的生產模式,第二次工業革命則是使用電力為大量生產及組裝的工業生產,第三次工業革命則是自動化及第一代機器人的工業生產,第四次革命則是透過數位化資訊整合感應器、物聯網、大數據、互聯網 路…等數位科技,提供更智慧化及自動化的生產與供應鏈能力,新一代智能機器人應用將更為廣泛。 工業4.0訂有六大設計原則,分別為相互操作性(Interoperability)、虛擬化(Virtualization) 、分散式決定( Decentralization) 、即時能力( Real-Time Capability)、服務導向( Service Orientation)及模組化( Modularity),這將會顛覆目前多數生產線的設計與生產思維,除了創造效益及商機外,對台灣產 業而言,是機會也是挑戰。 機會: 歐盟預估未來五年每年將投資1,400億歐元,數位化服務商機,每年約1,100億元。 挑戰: Explicit cookie consent. Enlarge Print edition Mar 26th, 2016 Share The world this week Politics this week (3) Business this week KAL's cartoon (4) Leaders.

Explicit cookie consent

去年A轮融资的846家创业公司,现在快倒闭完了. 泡沫下的狼狈.


歐盟經濟議題 EU Economic Affairs

全球科技產業與區域發展. 醫學 v.s. 管理. FinTech. 台灣的創業....財經媒體的觀察. 紅色供應鏈. 從產業分析看媒體新態樣. 國際財經新聞--從財經資料中, 挖掘新聞. Renminbi Globalisation Index tracker - BeyondBorders. The Most Innovative Companies: An Interactive Guide. This interactive guide shows the changes to The Boston Consulting Group’s list of the most innovative companies.

The Most Innovative Companies: An Interactive Guide

In the Stories tab, explore four categories of change in the list over time: Steady Innovators. Companies on the list every year from 2005 through 2016Movers. Companies that advanced ten or more positions from 2015 through 2016New Entrants. Companies that first appeared on the list in 2016Returnees.


EU entrepreneurship. Empower Women. 政策研究指標資料庫 PRIDE. 中華徵信所企業股份有限公司. Économie : Toute l'actualité sur Le 關注技職與職業訓練議題的獨立媒體. Publications. Goodinfo!台灣股市資訊網. HTML5線圖_交叉匯率_外匯_金融中心_鉅亨網. 人民幣走勢圖-台幣對人民幣走勢圖. 人民幣(CNY) 對新台幣匯率走勢圖[每日更新]


El español Aprendido. Startup 必學行銷手法. Startup必學行銷術(進階)

台新 藝術 面向社會

ARTs online Marketing. Hackthon. A journalist's impression on Asian emerging countries. FBN. Latinos employment. Social Enterprises & social venture. 行銷選擇與獲利時代. 桃竹苗. Bwin 網路世代的歐洲新創ICT服務業. 「資本主義的胡士托音樂節」(Woodstock of Capitalism) CoKism. Strumenti per analizzare la crisi economica del debito. Computer Era. eBooks & ressources. Economic tools. 国际金融学. Capital Market. Visualization. 台灣研究. Venture Capital and Capital Markets.

Currency. Browse Top Level > Texts. Language and Writing. 商業服務業資訊網-首頁. 賀 中學智班 管中閔 任商研院新舵手 « 大華小學第二屆暨大華中學第七屆重溫舊夢. Europe in the age of global competition. Europe in the age of global competition 6 February 2005 Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, was the keynote speaker at an EPC dialogue, kindly sponsored by Hutchison Whampoa Limited, on "Europe in the Age of Global Competition.”

Europe in the age of global competition

Hans Martens, Chief Executive, European Policy Centre, introduced the following panel discussion with a brief discourse on “The knowledge base and global competitiveness.” The following panel discussion featured Susan Chow, Deputy Group Managing Director, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Malcolm Harbour, Member of the European Parliament and Michele Barsanti, Director of Government Relations, Honeywell. The meeting was chaired by EPC Senior Advisor, Pavel Telička.Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists and former Prime Minister of Denmark offered final remarks.

Event Report Ø recruitment, career and mobility of researchers; The Bloomberg Businessweek Tech 100. The top500 companies of Europe. Top 100 European software vendors companies ranking - software industry ranking. FT 500 The world's largest companies. The TechCrunch Europe Top 100. Global 500 2011: Annual ranking of the world's biggest companies from Fortune Magazine. Research Resources. Special Reports / FT500. Enterprise and Industry. Socio-economics.

Virtual Communities, Social Media & Virtual Worlds. Cchen. Eurozone. Expert: Journalists were caught off guard by Europe's economic crisis. Via Pedro Rivas Ugaz on Flickr, used with a CC-license. As Europe's economic crisis deepens, journalists covering the area are challenged to analyze, interpret, and above all, predict what will happen. "Journalism is a service to society. Journalists have to counter to political and economic powers and provide citizens with information to make democratic and freedom decisions," said Ramon Salaverría , professor of online journalism at the University of Navarra , He believes journalists are missing the mark, failing to analyze undercurrents that tell a more accurate story. Asia-Europe Foundation - Home. Self-Publishing the Immediate Future for Some Greek Journalists. Reporting the financial crisis: A media failure? The official website of the European Union. European University Institute - The State of the Union.

A Continent In Crisis: What Can We Do To Save Euro? Double dip recession is the most frequent phrase I usually encounter while reading news.

A Continent In Crisis: What Can We Do To Save Euro?

The stories developing in Europe are boring. Greece default, Greece default, Greece default and the need of contagion! It shouldn’t have made any headlines. In last article, I suggest only a new bold action will solve the crises in Eurozone. Jeremy Lin - NBA Linsanity! New York Knicks.