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Ai/psd. Photography II. Discover, Connect. Bizarre stuff, Photos, News and More... Photoworks: Commissioning and publishing photography. Achim Lippoth Photographer. home page - a resource for photoethnographers. Stan Strembicki's Photo Blog. Visualville: A Photographers Resource. Alexia Sinclair. Masters of photography. Detcher Photography. Flickr photostream update. One girl… one camera… endless possibilities. A Certain Slant of Light. The Mzungu Diaries. Lighting Mods. Photography Is Not A Crime. Magnum Photos. Nymphoto. I'm a Photographer, not a Terrorist. Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot? Is the title clear enough for you?

Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot?

If you don’t ever want to end up like Rocky with your face all swollen because some security personnel decided you were a national threat, or you want to be completely sure that you can take that shot of your favorite celebrity pissing in the garden, this guide is meant to give you some clarity over what you can and can’t do with your camera. Security is a mayor concern in the world these days. Authorities are constantly in a state of alert, which means that it is likely that free expression can be thwarted in the name of safety. Photographers DO have legal rights and as an artist you have to acknowledge them to have enough means to protect yourself against abuse. Rules vary slightly from country to country, but general notions apply universally. Can I take photos in a shopping mall? Award winning photographer Scott Rensberger was arrested last year for taking photographs in a west Virginia shopping mall.

Yes you can. You basically have two ways. NO. Yes. Tuvawinslow photography. This joy ride: poetry photos inspiration. Chris craymer. Juniper spring photography. Photography (cgittings StumbleUpon) Jkb photography. Photography instructables. Video Blog For Creative Professionals.

Flickrvision (beta) Beautiful black and white photography. Advertisement Today, in the era of digital technology black and white often awake nostalgic feelings of the 20th century, the good old times when the television was just invented, when people read colorless printed newspapers and when people were just imagining cell phones equipped with photo cameras.

beautiful black and white photography

But still, dozens of years later, many artists still use black and white photography for artistic purposes. It is one of the best and cheapest types of photography for the beginners to test their creativity. This showcase is a tribute to this often forgotten and underrated art of photography. In this post we present beautiful examples of black and white photography — an update to previously featured showcase of black and white photography. Beautiful Examples of Black and White Photography Milo Alterio Emir Ozsahin danielsantiagosalguero Philipp Klinger Simon Pais-Thomas Aneta Kowalczyk Running Nowhereby Julien Legrand MustafaDedeogLu Elliott Erwitt MisterKey Andrey Vahrushew Let it Snowby WWWest Drooper. Illustrated photography. Fine Art Photography - How To Information. Beautiful Photo! Landscape photography. Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot? Photographers.

Improve Your Photos in 60 Seconds. If you are tired of reading long explanations and confused by tricky photo techniques, here you can have it short and sweet. Arranged by topics, each subject takes less than 60 seconds to read. Once you’ve read the ideas and tips, picture in your mind some photographs you have already taken. Think of how they could have been improved by applying what you have learned here. Visualize how you might have taken your photos differently. Already your photography is improving! Light | Landscaping | People | Color | Composition | Being Ready Light Dancing with light Light from the side brings out shapes, textures and structures.

The color of color Mastering flash Balance the flash with day light for stunning results. Choosing your time Landscaping your photos Composition essentials It’s best to keep your horizons level in your photographs, otherwise your shots will appear crooked (unless that’s what you want!). Framing the lines Zooming around Prospecting the perspective Foregrounding Cool proportions Thirds. Your photos on your website.

Digital Photography Tutorials. Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens.

Digital Photography Tutorials

This is a complete listing of all tutorials on this site; click the drop-down links in the top menu to see particular topics. Photography is going through an exciting transition period as many film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities of digital cameras. While the fundamentals have remained similar, other aspects are markedly different. This is a great time to get involved with digital photography. These tutorials are rarely influenced by changes in image editing software and camera equipment — due to their unique concept-based approach. View in other languages: Português Русский Deutsch Français Italiano. 90 Online Photography Tools and Resources. Photos are everywhere on the web.

90 Online Photography Tools and Resources

From sharing with friends, to editing, printing, buying, selling, searching, remixing and free hosting, we've lined up a plethora of resources for photo fiends. Online Photo Editors Fauxto - Advanced online photo editor with an interface similar to Photoshop'sXmgImg- Image hosting service that provides an interface for users to manage, edit, and share their images online.OnlinePhotoTool - Edit pictures taken from your hard drive as well as images that are already on the Internet.MyImager - Upload images from your computer and from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the dozens of tools and filters available.SnipShot - Edit photos from your hard-drive, your Webshots account, or your Flickr account in one place, and then save them back to any of those locations.Pixenate - Online photo editor with many special effects.

Photo Sharing Free Photo Hosting Photography Blogs Mashups Mobile Photo Mixing and Slideshows Photo Printing/Book Creation Photo Search. Photography blog. Photography of Jacob F. Lucas. What’s the Difference Between JPG, PNG, and GIF? Classic and collectible cameras price guide. ISO speed - photography techniques. Film speed is the measure of a photographic film's sensitivity to light, determined by sensitometry and measured on various numerical scales, the most recent being the ISO system.

ISO speed - photography techniques

A closely related ISO system is used to measure the sensitivity of digital imaging systems. Film speed measurement systems[edit] Historical systems[edit] Warnerke[edit] The Warnerke Standard Sensitometer consisted of a frame holding an opaque screen with an array of typically 25 numbered, gradually pigmented squares brought into contact with the photographic plate during a timed test exposure under a phosphorescent tablet excited before by the light of a burning Magnesium ribbon.[3] The speed of the emulsion was then expressed in 'degrees' Warnerke (sometimes seen as Warn. or °W.) corresponding with the last number visible on the exposed plate after development and fixation.

Hurter & Driffield[edit] Scheiner[edit] DIN[edit] As in the Scheiner system, speeds were expressed in 'degrees'. BSI[edit] Weston[edit] ASA[edit] Photography. Photography. Photo interview. Street Photographer Martin Molinero: The Moment Catcher Street Photographer Martin Molinero: The Moment Catcher Street photography has always been one of my favorite genres.

photo interview

So today I’m excited to present on PhotoInterview street photography debut of the talented photographer from Spain Martin Molinero. ‘Moment Catcher’ — this is how I refer to Martin. There’s something magical in his photographs. Subtle Matters in the Portrait Photography of Tomek Jankowski Subtle Matters in the Portrait Photography of Tomek Jankowski When browsing Tomek Jankowski’s website, you may have a feeling that it belongs to at least four photographers.

The Pheetography of Tom Robinson The Pheetography of Tom Robinson Tom Robinson is a British travel photographer whose creative way to fill a family photo album has caused some buzz aroud the Web and in the press. Cally Whitham: New Zealand Beauty Cally Whitham: New Zealand Beauty Ami Barwell: Rock’n'Photo Ami Barwell: Rock’n'Photo Thomas Shahan: My Neighbor Spider. Photography. Exploring photography. Edward-weston. Ralph Gibson Photography.


Digital Photography Tips And Tricks: Free Photography Tutorials. Nature_photography. SHADES OF LIGHT. The World's Best Photos by christian gittings. Going Pro NOW: A Photographic Seminar for Emerging Photographers. Pick Chur. Photo Editing. Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot?