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Fstoppers - Photography News and Community for Creative Professionals

Fstoppers - Photography News and Community for Creative Professionals

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Instagram photos that capture common objects as works of art Last week, we challenged you to combine everyday objects with doodles to create unique works of art. This theme was inspired by Christoph Niemann, a world renowned artist who specializes in mixed media illustration. "It was a lot of fun to look at all those different submissions," said Niemann, who hosted our challenge. FUJIFILM Digital Camera X Series & GFX – USA The Curve tool. The Curve tool in Capture One Pro is unique for two reasons, the Luma Curve and the floating option. Being able to size up to fullscreen the Curve tool is a valuable feature. CS 178 - Digital Photography Course materials Course schedule (click here for the lecture notes) Course description (meeting time, units, prereqs, etc.) Course outline (textbooks, coursework, grading policies, etc.) Archive of class business (the "What's new?"

650+ Free Photoshop Patterns Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now The use of repeating patterns in Photoshop can help to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort, and of course patterns have other uses as well. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free patterns that are available. You’ll find some individual patterns as well as many packs of multiple patterns. Paisley Photoshop Patterns (8 patterns)

Strobist Lighting101 (Photo by Strobist reader Sam Simon) Welcome to Lighting 101. You may not realize it yet, but you have just stepped through a door that may change your photography forever. Over the past few years, over four million people from nearly every country in the world have begun their lighting education right here. And if they can do it, you can do it. Photography is literally writing with light. Get creative with household items for our next photo challenge This week, we're challenging you to combine common objects with your creativity to make unique works of art. Transform orange slices into bicycle wheels or turn hammers and wrenches into arms and legs. Take inspiration from household items, office tools and even your snack pantry. Our host will be Christoph Niemann, an artist who has made a name for himself in this style. You can find him at @abstractsunday on Instagram.

Post Tips: The Unsung Tool That Saves Colors We're continuing the Alpha Universe department about post-production workflow with Phase One Capture One with a primer on Luma Curves. As a Sony camera owner you get Capture One Express (for Sony) with your purchase. This series of articles will show you how to get more out of the software. Of course, you don’t have to be a Sony shooter to make use of these tips. They’re for anyone who wants to use Capture One.

The Photography Tips that 96 Photographers Wish They Would Have Learned Sooner Two weeks ago (I know, I’m slow…) on the Improve Photography Facebook fan page, I asked our community what photography tips they wish they would have learned sooner. I was looking for lessons that many photographers procrastinate learning and it ends up keeping them back from progressing as photographers. Over 96 photographers commented on that facebook comment with their hard earned lessons, and I grabbed the most popular lessons from the group to share here. I hope that this article teaches you many ways to save yourself from making rookie mistakes (like I still seem to do every day!). Lesson #1: Envision, plan, and then create There is nothing–at all-wrong with looking at great photography to get creative inspiration.

32 Brilliant Poster Design Tutorials In Photoshop Tutorials August 1, 2011 Posters are great avenues to showcase one’s creativity. They allow artists to express themselves in countless ways. Unlike other print media, posters do not limit designers with certain layouts and design requirements. You can even use any design element that you wish. Increase Your Portrait Revenue Here’s a few ideas that will actually increase your portrait revenue…. trust me these are tried and tested in the height of a recession! It’s not about the hard sell but you do need to be able to say no once and a while. Always charge a shoot fee. Even if you give it back as product credit you’ll still have the client financially committed.Raise your prices and throw away your old price lists. Don’t be tempted to offer old clients old prices. That was the old you…… you’re more experienced, spent lots more on bettering yourself and your product…… your prices should reflect that.PROJECT!

The Making of My Paris Kitchen (Photo by Ed Anderson) My Paris Kitchen is finally here! It’s taken me a few years to get to this day, and I thought I’d give you a little look behind-the-scenes of how the book was created. There’s a certain amount of conversation about blogs versus cookbooks, and since I have a foot in both, I am keenly aware of the connection between the two, but also what makes them different. There’s a lot of talk about whether food blogs are overtaking traditional cookbooks. Edit your image in Capture One like your Lightroom Preset I recently noticed that a lot of my peers and fellow photographer friends are looking into Capture One. Since Adobe released their newest update to their photo editing software Lightroom. People seem to be very upset about the direction Adobe is going with their subscription based approach. So there is where Capture One comes into play. This software was developed by the camera maker Phase One and was mainly a software for photographers with a medium format camera. But I see more and more photographers using Capture One as their main editing software.

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