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Cerebrum Infotech is a software product development company and holds over a decade of experience in providing world-class business solutions.We are known for developing software products for diverse business segments. Businesses can kick start their digital transformation journey right away with our ready-to-market products. We help business owners to digitize their business and streamline operations in an automated and smarter way.

Reconnaissance for Food Industry During the Pre-Recession Period 2021. By Maria Huges Blogger, Content Writer.

Reconnaissance for Food Industry During the Pre-Recession Period 2021

The Best Framework for Making Mobile Applications. In this digitally-driven technology, mobile apps are crucial for business success.

The Best Framework for Making Mobile Applications

There are multiple ways to make a mobile app. Some prefer a native app, while others want a hybrid app. Times have changed, and new technology has emerged. Online Ordering and Delivery App. 9 Important features to Include in an On-Demand Application. On-demand apps have taken the world by storm.

9 Important features to Include in an On-Demand Application

They are hugely popular, and customers love them. People lead a very busy life, they have to give time to their careers and families, and there is no time left to handle anything else. How Online Food Delivery Apps Like Zomato And Swiggy Make Money? When you plan to run an online food delivery business, you need to have extraordinary organizational skills as you have to manage a variety of things and pretty good knowledge about the area you are looking to operate.

How Online Food Delivery Apps Like Zomato And Swiggy Make Money?

Consumer trends are different in different areas, so it would greatly help when you are aware of the taste of your area and serve customers accordingly. In 2020, it is not easy to start any business. However, food ordering app looks promising. Food Ordering App : Build App Like Zomato and Swiggy. The Latest Trends In Event Management Software That Can Transform Your Event.

In the new decade, the event management software industry is flourishing.

The Latest Trends In Event Management Software That Can Transform Your Event

With the increase in app-based online technologies, we see high standards in the event planning market. In the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the number of event software platforms, especially those that can be used on mobile devices. The Growth of Event Management Software in 2020 It is not surprising that in today's tech-driven world, the event management software market is growing. Planning To Start Your E-Learning Business? Here’s How You Should Go about It. Why you need fleet management software. All About On-Demand Home Services Apps. On-demand home services apps are gaining popularity as users are welcoming them with open arms.

All About On-Demand Home Services Apps

Today's lifestyle is fast, and everyone wants easy access to services at home, and that's why on-demand home services are becoming greatly popular. Before we go to the fundamentals of on-demand home services apps, let us see the exact services it provides. The on-demand services app acts as a platform where users can efficiently hire professionals for their household chores. It has all the required functionalities that make the whole process seamless. Got an electricity problem at home? We see companies like UrbanClap (now Urban Company), and Uber, etc. are hugely popular among the lovers of on-demand services. Though building these kinds of apps is still in the budding stage, there are already some established names in it.

Strategies that will help you grow as a top home service app provider: On-demand home services apps are gaining popularity as users. On Demand Home Service App Development Company. Where to Get the Best CRM Software In The Market. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Where to Get the Best CRM Software In The Market' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1886616'></script><p> From <a href=' For

Where to Get the Best CRM Software In The Market

Everything you Need to Know About Vehicle Management Software. Did ever this come to your mind that the big giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, and Uber manage their abundant vehicle, couriers, and the customers well?

Everything you Need to Know About Vehicle Management Software

What's the thing that made them capable of working precisely on a broader scale? In short, the answer is Vehicle Management Software. Custom Software Applications Cerebrum Infotech. Need to Get ahead of the Manual Process and opt for the School Management Software Company. With the onset of advanced technology, life is turning out to be digital.

Need to Get ahead of the Manual Process and opt for the School Management Software Company

You will find many schools that are remaining manual and obsolete in adopting the features of the school management Software Company or the whole of it. Infact, the schools are using old manual processes to store the record of the students' information. Have a look at the following reasons why the schools must switch to the digital school management software: Delivery Apps That Can Consider During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Wherever you are right now, it is inevitable that your life has been profoundly affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Delivery Apps That Can Consider During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Around 15 million people are affected by the coronavirus today and have known more than 6 lakh deaths till now. The numbers have just grabbed the pace i.e., increasing daily. It has just shaken the healthcare system in many countries. Staying indoors is the option we all have right now until the proper vaccine come out successfully. Starting from normal lifestyles, schools, universities, running errands, to the businesses, everything has been severely affected by this coronavirus pandemic.

Custom Software Development Services & Products. 15 Best Practices to Successful Implement School Software. Technology is at the forefront of everything, and it is a great thing that helps us to think differently, feel differently, and even enlightens our inner creativity to dream differently. Today, there is various automatic software available in the market that gives ease to manage the daily processes in quick minutes. Best Online Business for 2020- On-demand Medicine Delivery App.

Technology is altering the healthcare sector, and smart entrepreneurs are all set to rule the industry tomorrow. With the trending mobile-first consumer behavior, secured and flexible payment gateways, the world is rapidly switching to online medicine delivery. A recent report by BusinessWire suggests that in Europe, the On-demand Medicine Delivery business or online pharmacy market will grow by 14% CAGR during 2019-2025. The main factors that attribute the growth of the ePharma industry are: Increased smartphone ownershipFast and free Internet connectivityEasy ordering and quick delivery of medicinesPrioritizing and spending more on healthcareWidespread chronic diseasesChanging lifestyle due to Covid-19.

Approach a Custom Application Development Company for your Customers Business Enhancement. Custom Application Development Services. Conference & Event Management Software Development. Home Service Application: The Next Big Thing in the App industry. The Custom Application development company is booming like never before, as people wish to get all their tasks done, with just a few clicks. There is increasing demand from the consumer end, and hence investors are looking forward to gaining maximum benefits through it. In fact, according to the App Analytics Market Outlook: 2025, “The global app analytics market size was valued at $920 million in 2017 and is projected to reach $3,798 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 19.5% from 2018 to 2025.”

Ironically, the Home services App Development industry is at a nascent stage, and investors are looking for the best App Development companies worldwide. All the major public utility sectors, like cab booking, food delivery, courier services, banking, healthcare, etc., have undergone a tremendous transformation and turned to app-based service delivery services. On Demand App Development Company.

Future of Schools-Digitalized Solutions. Have you ever thought of the digitalization entering into your school atmosphere? As we all know, ratio of the cost to the effectiveness of education is abruptly depreciating in the present scenario of modernization. So, what students are getting within this cost? If we check upon the indicators, it reflects a trend going downwards. What Does an Ideal On-Demand Home Service App Look Like?

Custom Software Application Development Company. INTEGRATED EDUCATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. INTEGRATED EDUCATION  MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Education Managemet Suite - Cerebrum Infotech. Uber Insights: An in-depth Analysis of a Huge Revenue Model. Cerebrum Infotech was founded in Year 2000 as a product based company. The core competency of the team was in .Net and Java. Yet a small team, Cerebrum successfully launched Fleet Management solutions. The solution was created in .Net and served Fleet owners to manage fleets of Trucks. Cerebrum Infotech. Cerebrum Infotech. Cerebrum Infotech: Important Tips to Hire Web Development Services for Your Business. Making a website for any business is of utmost importance nowadays as you can exhibit your own, your products, and the nature of your business as well.

The presence of a site and its build-up increases the sites’ strength. Why Choose Professional Web Development Services? by Elizabeth Carr. Micro Apps: How Are They Beneficial for Your Business? How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Gym App Including all Necessary Features. 7 Things to Consider Before Developing Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018. Ensure Data Security Services With Mobile ERP.

Top 10 Steps to Take Before Launching Your Ecommerce Business. Everything is getting so exciting. You have carefully assessed your product idea and after a long search found an item to sell on the web. After searching and analyzing you’ve found your supplier, ordered samples and found that they’re superior to anything you could have expected. At last, you’ve submitted an order for your inventory and are simply waiting for it to come.

What now? Well, you still have a lot of work to do before launching your website. Launching your e-Commerce website without being prepared can be a formula for disaster, this is the reason we’ve collected these ten steps to take before launching your eCommerce business. 1. For some organizations, social media is the soul that brings a reliable flow of traffic and clients. Claim Your Name As a common rule of thumb, you’ll likely need to get into the two biggest social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Pick Your Social Networks Wisely After using Facebook and Twitter, you’ll likely need to join other key social platforms. 2. Top 7 Tips to Consider Before the Release of Your Mobile Application. Android App Developers Gird up Your Loins: Google Announces New Guidelines for 2018.

Top 7 IOT Trends That Will Transform the Businesses in 2018. Android 8 Oreo: Here’s All The Features You Need to Know - Broodle. Top 10 Steps to Take Before Launching Your Ecommerce Business. Top 7 Tips to Consider Before the Release of Your Mobile Application. TOP 7 IMPORTANT VIDEO MARKETING TRENDS FOR 2018. Top 7 Tips to Make Your iPhone More Secure. User Experience: The Best Web Design Practice for a Stunning Website. How To Decide On the Best Marketing Channels To Use? How to Assess a Mobile Application Development for its Services. New Technologies to Take Web Portal Development a Step Ahead. 5 Steps to Choosing the Best Web Design CompanyCompany. Buy Vs. Build: Five Steps to Make the Right Decision.