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Google Glass: Artificial Unconscious? : Neuroskeptic. Google Glass is cool.

Google Glass: Artificial Unconscious? : Neuroskeptic

But could it be philosophically dangerous? 60 years ago, Ludwig Wittgenstein famously wrote : Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense. Goggles. Certaines choses sont difficiles à exprimer avec des mots.


Par exemple, lorsque vous souhaitez connaître le nom de l'artiste ayant peint un tableau. Pour ce genre de recherches, essayez Google Goggles : vous pouvez effectuer des recherches sur le Web à l'aide de photos prises sur votre téléphone mobile. Brings Facial Recognition to the Masses, Now with Age Detection: Interview With CEO.'s API now returns an age estimation for faces it detects in photos - seen here with some recognizable examples. Brings Facial Recognition to the Masses, Now with Age Detection: Interview With CEO

Looking at someone’s face can tell you a lot about who they are. Running a picture through‘s systems let’s you turn those instincts into cold hard data. The Israel-based company has made a name for itself over the past few years by providing some of the best facial recognition technology available on the web. To date, developers all over the world have used their API to find nearly 41 billion faces! More than just detecting and identifying faces, the API provides all sorts of great data: gender, presence of a smile, approximate mood, etc. How to camouflage yourself from facial recognition technology. The day when you’ll be able to hold up your phone and identify a stranger through a viewfinder is getting closer.

How to camouflage yourself from facial recognition technology

Google’s Goggles, a mobile app for visual search, has a facial recognition version unreleased to the public, while Israeli startup’s technology can tag people’s faces in Facebook photos. Facebook even released a basic version of face detection last night, although it doesn’t have recognition. So in a world where technology chips away at our ability to remain anonymous, how does one reclaim some semblance of control? Glass - Home. Watson.