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IM2GPS: estimating geographic information from a single image People Abstract Estimating geographic information from an image is an excellent, difficult high-level computer vision problem whose time has come. 15 Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff Advertisement Over the past months, we’ve written quite a few PDF manuals for you, on all kinds of diverging subjects, including BitTorrent, iTunes, iPhone, Twitter, Mac, Linux, Photoshop and several other topics. Freely available to MakeUseOf subscribers, there are now multiple manuals released every month, for everyone to enjoy. After releasing 15 manuals and nearly half a million downloads we thought it was about time to look back and review what has been published so far. Notebook As of July 2012, Google Notebook has shut down and all Notebook data should now be in Google Docs. As previously announced, in most cases we were able to automatically export the Notebook data, so please visit Google Docs. Also please update any bookmarks or links to Notebook so that they point to Docs instead. Here are answers to some questions about this transition.

Nokia Point & Find Mobile apps and services are truly powerful tools. They can educate, entertain, inform and inspire. And in doing so, they can help millions of people and thousands of organisations change things for the better – for individuals, communities and the planet we share. From raising awareness about environmental issues to helping reduce your carbon footprint, our green-themed apps and services offer an engaging and informative way to help protect the planet. You don’t have to be a dedicated eco-warrior to enjoy them… just someone who wants to do their bit. mental_floss Blog » 10 Ways to Game Up Your Home The first generation to grow up playing video games is now feathering empty nests, and plenty more gamers are buying and filling homes. Furniture and home decor companies keep adding designs catering to video game lovers, and those with a bit of time and creativity keep designing and building their own! A really dedicated gamer could furnish the entire house this way, but it's more likely you'd want to add just one or two game touches to your home to honor that side of your personality. 1. Space Invaders Couch

AdWords : Générateur de mots clés With Keyword Planner, we've combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns. That's why Keyword Tool is no longer available. You can use Keyword Planner to find new keyword and ad group ideas, get performance estimates for them to find the bid and budget that are right for you, and then add them to your campaigns. Android users prepare to have your minds blown with Lonely Planet’s new augmented reality Compass guide features. Lonely Planet, publisher of popular travel guides, has released embedded augmented reality features in to new, Android versions of its mobile city guide apps, overlaying place-of-interest information on pictures seen through travelers’ cellphone cameras. Currently Lonely Planet has five Android travel guides for U.S. cities using the new augmented reality Lonely Planet features, and is now rolling out the features for half of the 50-plus main city destinations it covers. According to the updated Android app page on the company’s site: “Lonely Planet’s Compass guides provide expert advice and recommendations – for seasoned travellers and fledgling explorers alike. Navigate a city like a pro with our trusted travel content and high-quality maps.

Outlets of the Future aka in-wall USB Charger 1. Plug the Mini USB chargers into the outlets. Because the USB ports are off center I decided to put them both toward the center. I think it looked better than having them the same direction or both on the outside. 2. Create a Template by placing tape over both chargers as shown in the photo, then cut the tae around the outer edge and don't forget to cut out the USB ports. is a unique web guide that helps people quickly locate places on the web that are difficult to discover on your own. Without typing or use of a search field, users can navigate the web with interactive icons & menu guides as well as crawl pages from my new Pearltree for Cloud exploration, or web discovery. Hope this anwers your question @ dutchital. by cloudexplorer Aug 1

Looked at your site cloudtops, looks neat, but can you tell me a bit more on what is actyallu does? Gr, Martijn by dutchital Jul 29

It's Ready @ Orgullitico, I'm gonna bring the icon buttons if people enjoy using the site more frequently. The url is if you wanna give it a spin. Enjoy!! by cloudexplorer Jul 28

Yeah, I does. Google rocks! Let me know about your CloudTops when it's ready by orgullotico Jul 11

Got into the beta of Google + and trying it out. Looks very promising! by dutchital Jul 7

Tnks Orgullotico, Google has definitely been working in powerful ways to infuse all the web can offer in amazing ways. My latest development CloudTops is actually in process of doing something very simillar too the +1 button. Our cloud logo is about to go global, the purple cloud icon has another color if someone sends you a white one it means the site's shared with him are positively safe too use. If someone sends a purple one that means to stay far from the location, due to malicious connections related to the site. The cloud is awesome indeed I knew this day would come. visit my latest triumph to see what I'm ranting about here. Tnks for the awesome! new google info man, I love the Idea of Google+. by cloudexplorer Jul 6

OMG, i went to the site its sooooooooooooooo amazing. I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by pearlypeep Jul 6

No, this one right here! It fresh an wasome! by orgullotico Jul 4

Which one Orgullotico, are you talking about the new Chromebook by cloudexplorer Jul 4

Have you seen their new product Google + project? by orgullotico Jul 3

Google is truly a world wonder! by cloudexplorer Jul 3

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