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A project management tool that grows with you. True Novelist - Write Your Novel. The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. Tools for writing the next best seller. Don't you wish you could write a novel?

Tools for writing the next best seller

I always did. It's such a daunting and convoluted undertaking. How can anyone even organize and keep track of all the plots and characters? I have started a few stories, but quickly abandoned them because I just couldn't seem to write anything cohesive that seemed worthy of showing to other people. I often wonder how authors like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Patricia Cornwell can come up with so many stories, believable characters, intricate plots, and put them together in books that are good enough for publication.

National Novel Writing Month While researching topics on writing inspiration and tools to use for writing, I came across NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo requires participants to begin writing a 50,000-word novel on November 1 and submit the product by November 30. Open source is mightier than the pen! Obviously, one needs a word processing program. Manuskript – Open-source tool for writers. Daypage. Fighter's Block! 750 Words - Write every day. Nuclino - Unleash Your Team's Collective Brain. Share, create and edit documents with other users in the cloud. NimbleNotes.

Daily Page: Become a better writer. 64 Online Writing Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Authors — The Writing Cooperative. Collaborative writing. OmPad: Free, beautiful, minimal and inspirational writing web app. Welcome to OmPad!

OmPad: Free, beautiful, minimal and inspirational writing web app

Free minimal writing app that helps you focus and concentrate on writing great content. Format your text with headings, bold, italic, links, images, lists, code and quotes. Customization: Change the theme, size, font and width by hovering over the OmPad logo (bottom left)Formatting: Select the text and a floating toolbar will show up.Images: Type in a URL, select it and click the image buttonHTML: Click the bottom right word-count You can start editing this text you are reading right now, go ahead, click here and start typing! Calmly Writer: The Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool. BlankPage. Escriba. Your Place to Write. Free Online Writing Application and Penpals Platform. — Hermit. LitLift - A FREE online novel and story writing application. Ilys. Love writing. Have fun again. Monkkee – the safest place for your thoughts.

Free Online Diary and Personal Journal. LibreOffice - Free Office Suite. Bibisco - we help you to write your novel. Write! - Distraction-Free Text Editor That Does Not Suck. Quoll Writer – focus on your words... Nimble Writer on Steam. Plume Creator – An open-source tool for novelist. Manuskript – Open-source tool for writers. Dramatica - The Next Chapter in Story Development. LanguageTool Style and Grammar Check. Instant Grammar Check. Ludwig - Find your sentence. Hemingway. — Interactive Writing and Grammar. Cliche Finder.

Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo. Storium. Story Wars. Playfic. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Atavist: Publishing & Storytelling Platform - Make Your Story.

Belletristica. Oinker · Chat, Connect and Grow Your Ideas. Typewrite - Simple, Real-time Collaborative Writing Environment. Hiro. Notes with Friends. Notion – Login. Mibba: Creative writing. Dark Poetry –Community of Original, Self-Published Poets. Gingko App. Omega : Get from Ideas to Execution. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. TaskBoard. Fargo. National Novel Writing Month. 750 Words - Write every day. WordKeeperAlpha - Set writing goals. Keep track of your Word count. Write. Every. Day. The Most Dangerous Writing App. Write or Die 2.

The Complete Novel Writing Software Guide. Let's start with the boring stuff: I do not claim to have tested all of the novel writing software listed below (I couldn't afford to do that even if I had the time).

The Complete Novel Writing Software Guide

Sure, I have road-tested the ones that really caught my eye - with a view to possibly using them for my own writing. But my more general aim in this section is simply to collect all the facts and figures in one convenient location to save you the trouble of doing all the research yourself. WRITING TOOLS. Character Pyramid Tool (PDF) Visualize your character’s FLAWS & associated behaviors (for a deeper understanding of this tool, please reference The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws) Character Target Tool (PDF) Organize and group your character’s POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES by category: moral, achievement, interactive or identity (for a greater understanding of this tool, please reference The Positive Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Attributes) Character Profile Questionnaire (PDF)


FreeWriter - Free Writing Software. Book Writing Software: How to Make Writing Easy. 15 Online Tools to Help Get You Through NaNoWriMo. You’re two weeks into NaNoWriMo and you’re feeling the strain.

15 Online Tools to Help Get You Through NaNoWriMo

Perhaps the ten minutes you allotted to Facebook turned into an hour, or half the day flew by while you brainstormed a new name for your character. Yes, the clock is ticking and you have a goal to reach, but with the right tools you can still cross that finish line with time to spare. Evernote, OneNote, and Beyond: The 12 Best Note-Taking Apps. Ever feel like you’re struggling to remember everything?

Evernote, OneNote, and Beyond: The 12 Best Note-Taking Apps

You're not the only one—and that's why it's so important to take notes. As author Tim Ferriss says, “I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory.” Write something down, and you're certain to remember it. Best free software for writing: 10 programs to unleash your creativity. The best free software for writers Writers tend to make a very big deal of their tools, whether those tools are delicate pens or ancient typewriters.

Best free software for writing: 10 programs to unleash your creativity

Increasingly, though, they'll talk about their software. Even the most genteel literary event can soon devolve into a fist-fight between fans of Scrivener and Ulysses (both of which cost around £27, US$40, AU$50). Word is the default tool for many writers, but the latest version – Microsoft Word 2016 – will set you back £109.99 (US$109.99, AU$149) for the non-commercial edition. That's almost as much as the full Microsoft Office 2016 suite, and a hefty price for cash-strapped wordsmiths. The 11 Best Code Editors Available in 2015. I recently found myself looking for a new text editor for web development.

The 11 Best Code Editors Available in 2015

I’m new to development but I wanted to have a tool that I could become familiar with and “grow into” as I improved. Which would doubtless result in my spending a lot more of my time working inside said text editor. The result of my research is that I’ve got a pretty good lay of the land as to which code editors are the best at the moment and I wanted to share my findings with the community here at Elegant Themes. The 11 Best Code Editors Available in 2015. Story Generator. StackEdit – In-browser markdown editor.

Typora — a minimal markdown editor for Mac and Windows. MarkPad. Smart and Zen markdown editor for Windows. Booktrack Classroom. Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor. Byeink · Create professional ebooks. Simple eBook creation and publishing. Comicado_main. Comicado is an easy and lightweight graphic application for creating comics and other illustration works.


It combines many standard elements of digital illustration (layers, editable brushes...) with some new concepts like panels based artwork composition, which allows creation of editable comic layouts. Comicado provides tools and artwork elements for various phases of comic creation, from sketching to inking and coloring. Its flexible brush engine is well suited for drawing and painting. Panels - base artwork containers, which can be moved and transformed independently of each other. Layers - drawing and painting surfaces with standard features such as opacity, blending, masking and clipping. Comicado Lite The free version of Comicado. Create Beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.

An editor for academics. Screenshots. Simple, free, multiplatform.


Trelby is a free screenwriting application that runs on Linux and Windows. It automatically follows screenplay formatting guidelines and helps you write your story quicker. It has multiple writing modes, including a fullscreen mode that will hide away all other distractions from your screen. Notebooks - The only notebook app you need on iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC. A minimal Text Editor like Jotterpad X... but on Windows? Daypage. Reader. Understanding the world is the greatest gift. Cronycle - Collaboration Platform for Content. Live mobile storytelling. Imagine Easy Scholar – Imagine Easy Solutions. Telling the Math Story: Math in Literature The short story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson, has satisfying twist that most readers never see coming. It is a great example if the use of inference, a challenging concept for students to grasp.

Have students read the story, paying close attention to the details. Then, have them read it again, using the tools in Scholar to highlight and capture the following: Each infraction Laurie says he personally witnessed Charles commit.Each incident in which Laurie is rude to either of his parents.Each incident in which Laurie says Charles actually behaves and follows the rules.Any hints in the story that indicate Charles’ true identity. Students should use Scholar’s Annotation Tool to capture evidence onto the Notecards Once they’ve captured all the evidence, they should use color coding to organize their notes into four categories: Finally, have students create a mathematical problem that supports your argument. Create and Share Life Lists on Go Mighty. Professional Online Survey Software & Form Builder.

Save your Kindle Notes and Highlights - MyClippings.txt. Agile, Open Source, Free Project Management System. Criticl. Transpose: Your Solutions. Your Way. Silvrback. Svbtle. Typeform.