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African American History: Primary Documents. Primary Documents: Listed below are major documents that help explain the history of African America.

African American History: Primary Documents

Louisiana's Code Noir (1724) These laws were among the earliest and most detailed regulations on the North American continent designed to govern both slaves and free blacks. Emancipation Proclamation: Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress) Issued by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation declared "all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.

Emancipation Proclamation: Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

" » Fallout Shelters During the Cold War. Contents Some of the main things stocked in a fallout shelter were first aid supplies, food, and water.

» Fallout Shelters During the Cold War

It had to be enough to last two weeks. - Canadian Wartime Propaganda - Canadian posters. The Great War. Welcome to The GREAT WAR YouTube-Channel.

The Great War

If you are new here, watch this short introduction by Indy to help you get going. EU Referendum - We asked young people what they thought about Europe. European-union-teaching-resources - Active Citizens FE. Centenary of Britain's bloodiest battle. The Queen and senior royals will lead Britain in remembrance to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Centenary of Britain's bloodiest battle

Events across the UK and in France will tomorrow commemorate the start of the battle in 1916, a day that became the bloodiest in British military history with almost 20,000 dead. By the time the battle in northern France finished four months later, more than a million soldiers had been killed and wounded on both sides of the fighting. How Conan Doyle saved Tommies’ lives. Battle of the Somme centenary: How is it being commemorated and why was it so important? Letters of fallen Somme soldiers released to mark battle's centenary. On 30 June 1916 2Lt Percy Boswell, like many of his comrades, sat down to write a letter.

Letters of fallen Somme soldiers released to mark battle's centenary

The young officer in the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry knew roughly what was going to happen the following day, as he told his father. “The Hun is going to get consummate hell just in this quarter and we are going over the top tomorrow when I hope to spend a few merry hours in chasing the Bosch all over the place,” he predicted with jaunty confidence. “I am absolutely certain that I shall get through all right, but in case the unexpected happens I shall rest content with the knowledge that I have done my duty – and one can’t do more.” It was, he wrote, “a short note which you will receive only if anything has happened to me during the next few days”. Polish family's Plymouth home damaged in 'race hate arson attack' Image copyright Ewa Banaszak A Polish family are "scared to go out on the streets" after a racially motivated arson attack at their home.

Polish family's Plymouth home damaged in 'race hate arson attack'

Ewa Banaszak said her family wanted to stay but racist comments have "intensified" since the referendum. Police said the fire was started deliberately in a shed at the house in Plymouth and a "hate-filled letter" containing threats was sent. The Polish Embassy confirmed a consul would visit the city on Friday and said "we are very saddened by this attack". Insp Darren Green, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "I am appalled by this crime. More on the arson attack, plus more Devon and Cornwall news. iWonder - The Battle of the Somme: 141 days of horror. Kirk Douglas - Paths of Glory / Film HD [1080p]

Cartoons about relation UK-EU relation. Tower Of London Remembers - Remembrance Day. Heritage Explorer - Teaching Activity. "Je cogite donc je suis...": PREMIERE EURO. A l'heure ou l'Ecosse se prononce par référendum sur son indépendance du Royaume-uni, retour sur les nations de Grande Bretagne et d'Irlande à travers le sport et les hymnes.

"Je cogite donc je suis...": PREMIERE EURO

En Ecosse : Jusque dans les années 1990 l'hymne qui est joué lors des rencontres internationales du XV écossais est le God Save the Queen car l'Ecosse est une des 4 nations du Royaume Uni. Mais dans les années 70, des supporters écossais entonnent régulièrement un nouveau chant composé en 1967 par un groupe folk, les Corries : le fameux "Flower of Scotland". Il est d'ailleurs à noter que ce chant est pour la 1ere fois entonné dans un stade à l'occasion d'une tournée du XV du chardon en Afrique du Sud en 1974.

Nous retombons ici sur une problématique vue en classe concernant le nationalisme des supporters qui ne s'exprime jamais mieux qu'à l'étranger. Mais revenons à Flower of Scotland. Flower Of Scotland - Ecosse France 6 Nations 2008 par hyonel - En Irlande Le vent se lève (bande annonce) par harlem123. Europe's migrant, refugee crisis: The deadliest border. This week, 71 refugees were found dead in a truck in Austria, and scores of other migrants died off Europe's shores yet again.

Europe's migrant, refugee crisis: The deadliest border

Indeed, the Mediterranean Sea is called the world's deadliest border because thousands of desperate migrants and refugees drown on unseaworthy boats trying to reach Europe from Africa and the Mideast. On land, 60 men, eight women, and three children were found dead in the abandoned truck on an Austria highway this week, and the victims are most likely Syrian refugees, authorities said. Joe Sacco : « Cette fresque essaie de montrer l'ampleur du massacre » Le | • Mis à jour le | Propos recueillis par Antoine Flandrin Auteur de BD engagées sur le conflit israélo-palestinien et la guerre en Bosnie, le Maltais Joe Sacco, figure emblématique du BD-journalisme, s'est penché sur les vingt-quatre heures les plus sanglantes de l'histoire de l'armée britannique (vingt mille soldats tués et quarante mille blessés, le 1er juillet 1916).

Joe Sacco : « Cette fresque essaie de montrer l'ampleur du massacre »

Le premier film d'un assaut. FILM - How the First World War Changed Movies Forever. I WAS face to face with the awful reality,'' the French filmmaker Marcel L'Herbier used to say of World War I, despite his never having come near the trenches. Posted to the Army Cinematographic Service, the young L'Herbier spent his war in Paris. Yet each day at work he found his life ''turned upside down,'' just as surely as if he had been in battle. ''Everything that was filmed at the front passed through our hands,'' he recalled. ''We cut, we spliced, we chose what could be shown. I watched scenes of horror; I saw soldiers who had been eviscerated, cut in two, decapitated. La bataille de la Somme.

Cet article consacré à la bataille de la Somme est extrait de l'ouvrage « La Première Guerre mondiale tome 1. Combats », publié chez Fayard en 2013, sous la direction de Jay Winter. Robin Prior revient sur cette bataille durant laquelle les armées britannique et française et l'armée allemande se sont affrontées durant plus de quatre mois, de juillet à novembre 1916. Dp_fresque_bd.pdf. Joe Sacco's 'The Great War' becomes a Paris subway mural.

This week marks the 98th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, and to note the occasion Joe Sacco’s magnificent single-panel panorama “The Great War” has become a mural in the Montparnasse station of the Paris Metro. “I'm delighted by this project," Sacco told the French daily Le Figaro. “I really believe in public art exhibition, because art is, by its nature, public.” “The Great War” is the culmination of a long-held aspiration to create a kind of modern equivalent of the Bayeux Tapestry, a medieval work that portrays the Norman Conquest.

“I’ve always loved medieval art and how medieval artists approach space and time,” he said in a Los Angeles Times interview late last year. “Space is metaphoric. Joe Sacco Somme mural to go on display in Paris. Joe Sacco's vast cartoon mural depicting the first day of the 1916 Battle of the Somme will go on display next month in Paris on the hundredth anniversary of the start of the battle.  Anglais Orléans-Tours : The British Immigration Debate. ⇒Lesson plan available here ⇐ Notion du programme du cycle Terminal: Espaces et échanges Thématique : La situation des immigrés au Royaume Uni et en Europe (début de terminale ) Problématique : Why do people migrate? What is referred to as Britain’s brain drain? To what extent is immigration to the UK positive? Explicitation de la problématique : Le Royaume Uni et dans une plus large mesure l’Europe sont considérées comme un El Dorado pour de nombreux candidats à l’immigration .Pourquoi existe-t-il dans le même temps un phénomène migratoire inverse de jeunes Britanniques vers d’autres pays appelé la fuite des cerveaux ?

A travers l’étude des documents, les élèves seront amenés à mieux comprendre les enjeux, y compris au niveau européen, et les différences idéologiques, y compris dans leur propre pays. Final task. PREMIÈRE SECTION EUROPÉENNE DNL History & Geography: GEOGRAPHY. What is a “region”? We can divide the earth into numerous areas (territories, spatial units, etc.). These areas or “regions” can be defined in numerous terms: directional, geographical, historical, cultural, administrative, political and economic. Historiography of World War One. Ways of writing and thinking about World War One have developed and changed over the past 100 years. Yohann le Tallec examines these differences in historical research and writing, focusing on the broad move away from military history towards an approach that places human beings at its centre. In all the countries involved in the First World War, ways of writing and thinking about the conflict have seen many changes.

Since 1914 and the outbreak of the war, thousands of books, novels and films have been dedicated to it. Paths of Glory clears a route through world war one's moral mudbath. Paths of Glory (1957)Director: Stanley KubrickEntertainment grade: A–History grade: C Trench warfare in the first world war (1914-18) involved intense hardship for soldiers and a massive toll of casualties (400,000-800,000 at Passchendaele; between 600,000 and a million at Verdun; perhaps more than a million at the Somme. Strategy The film begins on the French front in 1916. Proposition de programmation. The Help: A Teacher's Guide. Some of your secondary school students have read The Help and many more will have seen this summer’s film adaptation. This creates a critical teachable moment for educators.

This feel-good book and film only makes some people feel good.