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Chronicling America. Directory of Journals. Welcome to the AHA's Directory of History Journals.

Directory of Journals

This database provides helpful links to peer-reviewed English-language journals that publish in all fields of history. Just choose a subject category from the list below and the journal's description and submission information are a mouse-click away. Of course, no one's perfect. With hundreds of journals in the discipline and a world of subjects to address, we probably left a few things out. That's why we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this service. Browse alphabetically:

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Images & Art. Maps & Geographic Data. The Online Books Page. Calisphere. The British Library Puts Over 1,000,000 Images in the Public Domain: A Deeper Dive Into the Collection. Every year for the past decade or so, we‘ve seen new, dire pronouncements of the death of print, along with new, upbeat rejoinders.

The British Library Puts Over 1,000,000 Images in the Public Domain: A Deeper Dive Into the Collection

This year is no different, though the prognosis has seemed especially positive of late in robust appraisals of the situation from entities as divergent as The Onion’s A.V. Club and financial giant Deloitte. I, for one, find this encouraging. And yet, even if all printed media were in decline, it would still be the case that the history of the modern world will mostly be told in the history of print. And ironically, it is online media that has most enabled the means to make that history available to everyone, in digital archives that won’t age or burn down.

One such archive, the British Library’s Flickr Commons project, contains over one million images from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Here, we have a striking illustration from an 1841 edition of The Cottager’s Sabbath, a poem… with … vignettes… by H. Related Content: Cambridge Digital Library - University of Cambridge. Digital Bodleian. Home - Trove. The Public Domain Review. Modern History Remixed & Remastered. World Digital Library Home. Collections Online - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. The Commons. News Archive Search.

Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM) Exceptional exhibits are highlighted each quarter.

Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM)

Selections from previous seasons are archived here. Please consider joining our MoOM Board of Directors won't you? You'll receive some nice swag and can lord it over your less civic-minded friends. While even the most daring critic would find it difficult to describe computer viruses as "art," there's a certain bizarre artistry mixed among the prankster-ism and the outright cruelty of their creators.

Computer Virus Catalog risks it all in order to capture these devious bugs, sharing what was likely the last image you saw before your hard drive was completely erased. Back in the day my brand was the TDK SA 90, although the Maxell XLII would do in a pinch. Between 1979 and 2010 Sony sold 400 million Walkmen and the compact design and engineering of these mechanically complicated and ingenious devices still feels relevant. Free Books : Download & Streaming : eBook and Texts : Internet Archive. These books are books contributed by the community.

Free Books : Download & Streaming : eBook and Texts : Internet Archive

Click here to contribute your book ! For more information and how-to please see Uploaders, please note: supports metadata about items in just about any language so long as the characters are UTF8 encoded Find books by language: Afar Books Afrikaans Books Akan Books Albanian Books Arabic Books Armenian Books Aymara Books Azerbaijan Books Balochi Books Bambara...

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