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Towards a New Urbanism

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Agrarian Urbanism

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change. Available for Purchase at Island Press Peter Calthorpe Solutions to the Climate Change challenge are often framed as lists of new, green technologies.

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change

Calthorpe argues that without a more urban lifestyle in the US, renewable technologies will have a hard time keeping up with exploding demand. This book puts forth an integrated approach, combining more compact patterns of growth with conservation and new technology. While “Cities are green” is becoming a common refrain, Calthorpe explains that a more comprehensive understanding of urbanism at the regional scale provides a better platform to address climate change. In this groundbreaking new work, he shows how regionally scaled urbanism can be combined with green technology to achieve not only needed reductions in carbon emissions but achieve many other critical economies and lifestyle benefits.

Urb-i - ideas & inspiration for better cities. 7 principles for building better cities. Future Cities - Home. #1 Green Building: Treehouse Eco-Resorts - OAS1S™ Alejandro Aravena: My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process.

CoHousing | Baugemeinschaften

Unbiased Streets. ...even though it is an urban street, with a rather dense mixture of uses, my measurements on Google Maps show that from a cross-section of the street, 68% of it is dedicated solely to cars with the remainder dedicated to trees, bus shelters, benches, and finally, walking.

Unbiased Streets

How can we say that our design does not influence behaviour when clearly 68% of the street has been designed just for cars? This is what I call a 'biased' street, because it is biased towards a particular mode of transportation. Even though Hoboken is a very walkable city and somewhat of an exception, I ran out and took this photo to prove a point that there is still, in America's most walkable city, a heavy bias towards cars. Is it possible to make a street that is unbiased? What would an unbiased street look like? Yes. Separating Streets and Roads First, we need to understand that streets and roads are two very different things. 11 Parklets You Wish Your City Had. The parklet idea has been reclaiming parking spaces and turning them into people spaces for a few years now.

11 Parklets You Wish Your City Had

Here’s a collection of 11 parklets that have been completed in recent years. 1. This parklet in San Francisco, California, designed by INTERSTICE Architects. Photography by Cesar Rubio 2. 3. Photography by Green Mobility Institute 4. Photography by Wells Campbell 5. Photography by Ed Butler and Mickey Lee. Wohnungsbau in Wien: Das Mieter-Paradies - Sonntag. Schöne Aussichten.

Wohnungsbau in Wien: Das Mieter-Paradies - Sonntag

Als sich die Tür des Aufzugs öffnet, fällt der Blick als Erstes durch die Fensterfront ins Grüne. Und dann auf die Gelse, wie die Stechmücke auf österreichisch heißt. Willkommen beim Hofhaus-Projekt. Creating Conscious Communities - Our Modest Efforts are Really the Only Hope. By Jesse D.

Creating Conscious Communities - Our Modest Efforts are Really the Only Hope

Palmer / It is easy to miss these opportunities and get distracted and bogged down by day-to-day hassles -- stuck in traffic, staring at the internet, emotionally numb, confused, and feeling disconnected from anything important. There are no easy answers about how to live our lives but we all make choices about where we put our time, our energy, and our passion. While you can never guarantee the outcome, if you aren't even putting time and energy on a daily basis into some kind of alternative to the mainstream economic / cultural / political / technological system, your tomorrow is going to end up similar to your today. By contrast, as tough, frustrating and scary as it can be, putting some of your life every day into the counter-culture and alternatives to the system makes a difference -- at least in the way you experience your own life. Mark Allen Population permaculture planning at the SLF 2016. Houseal Lavigne: A workflow for city planning in SketchUp.

After seeing samples of stunning city planning documents from Houseal Lavigne Associates, we were excited to sit down with Devin Lavigne, Co-Founder, to get an inside look at his workflow.

Houseal Lavigne: A workflow for city planning in SketchUp

Luckily, he was candid enough to show us an actual client project he was working on. Devin started with a blank SketchUp document and transformed it into one of their signature graphics. "It just has to be good. That's probably the only standard we have. " The plans they produce are as informative as they are beautiful, and it was interesting to see the variety of ways the team at Houseal Lavigne integrates SketchUp into their work. 7 Cities Transforming Their Rivers From Blights to Beauties. Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism. VERTIKALE GAERTEN.